New Moon in Libra: The Challenge of Balance

There is a New Moon at 9 degrees of Libra on September 30th at 8:11 PM EDT. New Moons are times to plant a new seed of intention. Libra is the sign of relationship to the other. In Libra we learn how to relate as an equal. It takes balance and a willingness to work together through dialogue, compromise and strength. This New Moon is conjunct Jupiter, which just moved into Libra a few days ago after a year long journey through Virgo. While in Virgo we became very aware of what we needed to work on in our personal lives. Now that Jupiter is in Libra we will become aware of what needs to be looked at in our relationships.  Libra is often seen as the sign of balance, yet in truth, Libra is the sign in which we endeavoring to find balance. Libra balances it scales in one or two ways, either through small incremental shifts or through the extremes. Although the second is less preferable it is often how most of us learn the lessons of Libra. After all, if we were good at Libra our relationships would be peaceful and serene. There are a few challenges associated with Libra, namely codependency and projection. Libra will often give their power away in a situation just to keep the relationship going. Supporting the other in their dysfunction while denying themselves their own needs. This doesn't last forever, generally something happens to  throw the person back on themselves and they take an action to free themselves from the quagmire they find themselves in. This is a healthy expression of the opposite sign of Aries. In order to be a well adjusted and healthy Libra you must have a healthy sense of self (Aries). The other challenge with Libra is projection. How often do we find ourselves pointing at our partner complaining about something we are displeased with only to see, if we are willing to look that is, that whatever we are complaining about is something we ourselves do, are doing or have done. Judging another is simply self-judgment. This New Moon has larger ramifications than just our personal relationships. By fostering healthy relationships, being willing to see things for what they are, and being strong enough to leave a relationship that keeps us imprisoned (which incidentally we generally hold the key to) we will find the outer world shifting in the direction of more peace and harmony. And where on earth couldn't we use more of that? For folks born in 1974-75, this New Moon is close to your natal Pluto bringing soul lessons around relating to the forefront. Issues of power, powerlessness and misuse of power within relationships will all become very evident during this time. We are in this together folks, lets do our best to foster the promise of peace harmony and balance that Libra radiates in its most positive manifestations. Our future, depends on it.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo: The Hermit Revealed

On September 1st there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse at the 10th degree of Virgo. New Moons are powerful times to plant a seed of intention for the monthly cycle. When the New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse the seeds planted reach far beyond the monthly cycle. Wherever 10 degrees of Virgo falls in your natal charts a new seed of healing is being sown.

There are layers meaning for this Solar Eclipse that need to be unpacked in order to understand the magnitude of the energy shift we are experiencing. And I will try, in my best Virgo manner (I have Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo), to do just that.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? 2016 from the perspective of Numerology is a 9 Universal Year. The ending of a cycle that began in 2008. Nine years are about endings and tying up loose ends while keeping your third eye open for the seeds of the future. In the 9 vibration we look through the fruits of our labors over the last 8 years and pick out the valuable pearls or seeds and let go of the rest. The discarded fruits are then sent to the compost pile where they will return to the earth as fertilizer for the new beginnings we see in the 1 cycle.

If we look to the symbolism of the Tarot, the 9 vibration is seen in the Hermit Card, The Hermit card speaks to us of searching and seeking the answers to life's big questions by looking within. In many Tarot decks the Hermit holds up his lantern and inside the lantern we see a glowing 6 pointed star. The six pointed star or Star of David is the symbol of merging of the lower self and the higher self. In the Kabbalah, it is the symbol for Tipareth, the Sephorith in the center of the Tree of Life and the one connected to our Heart Chakra. Revealing the spiritual truth that we can only merge our lower and higher natures through love.

Astrologically the Hermit card is associated with no other than Virgo! So this year of 2016 has been awash in the energy of Virgo. With Jupiter in Virgo for 3/4 of the year and the North Node (the direction of our collective evolution) in Virgo, there has been no doubt that the best course of action is one of fixing what is broken in our lives.
Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo has 4 retrograde cycles all in earth signs in 2016. In fact two days before this solar eclipse Mercury went retrograde for the third time this year and this time in Virgo! When planets are retrograde it is time to review, reconfigure and renew whatever the planet symbolizes in our lives. And with Mercury we are talking about or minds. Because the retrograde is in Virgo we have to see how our minds effect our bodies and what do we need to change to become healthier on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

As most of us are probably aware we have been dealing with all manner of health and healing issues; from our personal health, to the health of the planet, to the health of our social systems, and the health of our Human Soul. I could go on...

While all this Virgo has been happening the mutable quadrant (Virgo is a mutable Earth sign) has been busy with the likes of the Neptune (in Pisces)/Saturn (in Sagittarius) square. This configuration has created a crisis in belief and a reevaluation of the structure of our social order. Squares are difficult because the require us to change and with Saturn, the planet of reality at 'war' with Neptune the planet of unreality, life on earth has become almost absurd side show that would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic! We are faced with images and stories of death and destruction which are actually happening somewhere fueling the fires of fear that just end up creating more destruction as people grasp at any semblance of normalcy, even if that normalcy is distorted caricature of the good old days. We feel powerless to change, despite our human need to aid other humans in distress (So very Virgo!).

Yet that's just the thing, the idea that we are powerless to change things is an illusion. We can change things, especially now as reality is very fluid. So how do we do it? Well the Hermit has few ideas!

First we must unplug from the fear mongering techno-sphere, It's not about hiding out, although an occasional vacation from reality can be helpful, it is about being discerning around what information you take in. Find reliable sources for your information, I watch Democracy Now and other alternative news sources that are not reliant on corporate sponsorship. We cannot 'escape' we need to face our situation (Virgo) and take practical, incremental steps to make our individual lives work better for us. For some this is new health regime, for others it's about cleaning out the clutter, for others it is about reworking the political systems. Whatever it is that you excel at you need to apply yourself. And whatever you need to fix, you need to fix it.

A new day is dawning, as to what that day will look like it is really up to us. This eclipse and the lunar eclipse coming in two weeks is a watershed point of all the work we have done over this year. All the analysis, all the de-cluttering, all the understandings, all the pain and suffering, all of it will serve, if we let the past go and move into the unknown future with a certainty that we can make a difference. It begins in little ways on your own personal journey and as each of us uncover the valuable seeds for the future and start the process of tending the soil for planting we are taking our power back, taking our world back and creating the kind of world we want to live in.

Full Moon in Aquarius: What the World Needs Now...

On August 18th we have a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. Full Moons bring awareness as the life giving Sun sits 180 degrees away from the Moon along the 360 degree circle. This is the furthest two points can be away from each other geometrically when moving along a circle. So whenever two planets are in opposition, as with the Sun and Moon during the Full Moon,we have that greatest perspective. And the theme of that perspective depends on the signs are being stimulated. the Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon are along the axis of Love. In Leo, the most subjective sign of the zodiac we come to love ourselves as we creatively actualize our individual talents, abilities and special qualities. In Aquarius, the most objective sign of the zodiac, we step back for the personal and move into the impersonal realm of humanitarian endeavor. In Aquarius it is not all about me, it is what is of value to the group and how can we disseminate to everyone equally the resources available to us. In Medical Astrology Leo rules the heart and Aquarius the circulatory system. The Heart pumps the blood, but without a system of distribution (arteries, veins, capillaries) there is no where for the life giving blood to go. And without the heart, there is nothing for the circulatory system to distribute. We need both sides of this axis to function properly.

The Aquarius Moon gets a real boost from Uranus in Aries. Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius so this makes this connection even more powerful. Uranus is the energy of revolution, out of the box thinking and in Aries it is about the potential of the individual’s I AM presence. Aries can also bring lots of anger to the party. Anger is courage without a healthy outlet. If you can find a healthy outlet your anger can transformed into a powerful engine for change. Yet this is not a free for all. Jupiter in Virgo actually connects with the Moon and Uranus in something called a Yod formation or the finger of God formation. Jupiter, the planet of expansion in the sign of practically applied service (Virgo) connects with this revolutionary spirit of the Moon and Uranus. The lines of communication are open for us to come up with practical solutions for he myriad of problems we face on this planet.

This may seem quite pie in the sky the rantings of a cock-eyed optimist, after all we know how hard it can be to change anything, especially entrenched ideas and systems that keep those ideas (patriarchy) in place. Yet there is another part of this Full Moon story that needs to be told. The Full Moon is simply a point of awareness. What has been going on during all of 2016 is the real story; a cyclical process that spans decades.

Saturn is now in a last quarter square to Neptune. Last quarter squares are crisis points where we become disenchanted with the structure of society as it is and we start to make changes that make more sense to our understanding of how the world works and how it could work better. This is part of a 36 year cycle that began in 1989 when Saturn was conjunct Neptune in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn is reality and Neptune is the dissolution of reality. The square between Saturn and Neptune is interconnected to the transiting nodes of the Moon. The Nodes of the Moon point out to us the direction of our collective evolution. The North Node is the direction forward, the South Node is the point of release. The North Node is now in Virgo pointing our collective evolution in the direction of fixing what is broken, using our discernment and being of service to the world. The South Node is in Pisces, asking us to let go of any outmoded ways of feeling that propagate victim consciousness, sadomasochistic relationship dynamics and martyrdom. Neptune is conjoined the South Node right now, dissolving away the past. And Saturn sits in an exact square to the nodes, half way between the South and North Node.

Saturn is now in Sagittarius. Saturn is the tester. Sagittarius is about our belief systems and what we believe to be true. Sagittarius rules religion and faith. We are all going through a process of having all of our most closely held beliefs tested. We are all at a cross roads and it it is time to restructure our beliefs so that we can live on this planet. The old paradigm, the paradigm of death can be transformed. We can live differently, we can relate differently. In fact it is not only a moral imperative, it is an evolutionary necessity. It’s all about choice. It is time to chose life. It is time to chose love. Not just for some, but for everyone.

New Moon in Leo: Miracles!

On August 2nd there is a New Moon in Leo. Leo is the archetype associated with creative self expression and self actualization. Leo is the sign associated with the pinnacle of the ego self. New Moon's are times of beginnings, and in Leo this can be the start of a new creative project, a new love affair or a new act of will. Where 11 degrees of Leo falls in your natal chart will determine what area of life this new creation will take seed.

The Sun/Moon conjunction (New Moon) is making a very close supportive (trine) connection to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn brings structure to any situation, so there is a great chance that whatever is planted will in fact grow as the ground has been prepared. Saturn in Sagittarius tests our beliefs and we have been pondering what we believe to be true for quite a while, so there is more certainty that usual with this New Moon.

Simultaneous to the trine to Saturn there is another close connection to Neptune, however whereas the Saturn connection is supportive the Neptune connection is anything but. The energy of this interaction (waxing inconjunct) is one of humbling. An interesting energy when combined with the energy of Leo, the least humble of all the signs. Neptune's energy is one of dissolution of boundaries. Our ego self is a boundary that is created by Saturn so that we can function in a 3 dimensional reality. With Neptune's influence any creation will have to be one with the intention of bringing the power of compassion to whatever seed you are planting on this Leo New Moon.

It would be easy for this seed to become an exercise in self-aggrandizement, because whenever Neptune is in the picture it is easy to fool ourselves, yet ego expanding energy of this sort will not end well. The last quarter square between Neptune and Saturn is especially strong at this time (making it's last of 3 exact squares in September). The old ways no longer work, and even if initially it seems like the old ways do work, time will prove this to be just an illusion.

Planetary energy is energy, it doesn't make moral decisions, we do. It is up to our choices as to whether this New Moon is an opportunity to plant something that will work within the New Paradigm, or whether it will be one grand illusion/delusion. We are all capable of being fooled here.

So it is be best to plant the seed, nurture the seed with compassion and step back from getting attached to any particular outcome. There is a leap of faith that is necessary at this time. Focusing on positive outcomes gives us a better chance, yet again there are no guarantees.

On a personal note, this article has been difficult to write. I feel as if I'm writing it backwards and with my non dominant hand. I think this exactly the type of experience we will all be having as we move forward. Yet persistance pays off and even those things that seemed near impossible will in fact become possible. While Neptune/Saturn can create havoc, it can also create miracles. Here's to the miracles!

New Moon in Cancer: Planting The Seeds of Love

On July 4th there is a New Moon in the sign of Cancer. When we have New Moons the Sun and Moon are found at the same degree of a sign. This New Moon occurs at the 13th degree of Cancer. Besides the Sun and Moon, Mercury and Venus are also in Cancer, giving us quite the Cancer line-up, so one thing for sure, this will be a very emotionally sensitive time for us all. Cancer, the sign of the crab is first and foremost a water sign, meaning that it works through our emotional body. As the first water sign of the zodiac it is within this archetype that we learn about feelings. It’s not unusual for a Cancer not to know what their feelings are all about. They need time to take them in and digest their meaning. So we may be flooded with feelings at this New Moon that we don’t yet understand. Take the time to digest your emotions, and give others the same courtesy.

Cancer is concerned with security of all kinds, but especially emotional security. In the chart for this New Moon, Pluto is in an opposition to the all the planets in Cancer. Pluto represents many things, powers greater than ourselves, death and rebirth, transformation and as well as our unconscious desires. In Capricorn we are dealing with the structure of our society, in the guise of government, banking, and large institutions of all stripes both secular and religious. Pluto has a way of bringing all that is rotten to the surface to be exposed to the light. A necessary evolutionary step, but one that does not engender any sense of security.
As humans we have built many of these institutions to create security in our lives, yet as with all systems, the reason for the system’s existence becomes secondary to the perpetuation of the system and that which was their to keep order begins to imprison us. And if that sounds a tad conspiratorial to you, the reality that we outgrow even the best of systems is also a fact we live with. The only constant is Change and things are certainly changing.

With Pluto opposition the all the Cancer placements we come face to face with this fact. So if you are feeling a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach (Cancer rules the stomach) then you are not alone. We are all being faced with the realization that all of the systems that we have come to know as unchangeable are in fact changing. Pluto isn’t just about total destruction it is also about rebirth. Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 to 2024 so this transformation is not over for quite a while. Plenty of time to build new structures that reflect our growing understanding of ourselves and our innate power of manifestation.

New Moons are times to plant seeds for a new way of being. In Cancer it is about finding new ways of fostering emotional security within this transformational fire storm. We are not left adrift in this storm however, there is help. Neptune, the planet of Source Energy is trine this New Moon, meaning we have direct connection Source and to the awesome power of Imagination.

Imagination is the red headed step child to reason, often overlooked and maligned, yet just as powerful. Imagination is a feminine power, based on our feelings and our ability to connect with our intuitive faculties. We can imagine a better world and it can be everything we want it to be. Yet those whose power is on the wane, will not give up with a fight, and they have a very powerful weapon on their side, Fear. Yet it is only powerful if we allow it to harness the power of our imaginations. Those in power know how powerful imagination is, that’s why they fill our heads with stories of fear and loathing. Imagine if we no longer agreed to this contract and began instead to focus on love and brotherhood? What kind of world could we build?

There is another powerful planetary configuration worth mentioning in this New Moon chart. A mutable t-square with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune is as tight as it will be all year. A tight planetary pattern gives it more intensity. The gist of this t-square (two planets in opposition to one another (Jupiter and Neptune) squared by a third planet (Saturn) is a that of a spiritual crisis in belief. Frankly we no longer believe what we are told and we are handing the Kool Aid back to its purveyors. We are starting to think for ourselves and moving toward a more inclusive and progressive mindset. And this is not pie in the sky socialist agendas we are talking about here, we are talking about the natural cycles between planets. The two social planets, Jupiter and Saturn which determines how society grows and developes is at a crisis point as is the cycle between Saturn the structure of our reality and Neptune the dissolver of structures. This Saturn/Neptune cycle began in 1989 when these two planets conjoined in Capricorn seeding the spiritualization of matter . Another potent omen that the structure of life as we know it is shifting.

In this time of transformation much light is being expressed and not unlike your shadow on a cloudy day, once the Sun comes out the shadow only becomes darker. And we get to stand within this light aware of the shadow we cast. Focus is our friend, if we choose to focus on making this world a move loving place. The Old Guard is destined to fall and the feminine is rising, the world will change, how much pain we have to endure is up to us.

Plant seeds of love on this New Moon for even the smallest light diminishes the darkness and if we all shine our little piece of the Divine spark we can truly change this hell on earth, into heaven on earth.

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Yes we must!

On June 20th there is a Full Moon in the Sign of Sagittarius. With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sag our attention is being directed to our ideas and our beliefs. Full Moons are culmination times when the seeds planted at the New Moon are revealed ready to be disseminated among the people.

This Full Moon is especially potent for a number of reasons. We have a another grand mutable square with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune which challenges the ideas and beliefs that structure our reality. Does the old world view still make sense? Is it time to stop the fear mongering and start to work together toward unity, exploring those things that unite us instead of divide us?

Mars which is for all intents and purposes standing still, is making a trine to Chiron in Pisces. This connection is one of the dissemination of knowledge. What do we know to be true around issues on wounding and sexuality? Are we seeing the patterns and the ways to heal those patterns? There is no coincidences that those societies who have the most unhealthy relationship to sexuality are often the most violent and misogynistic.

Mars is also in an inconjunct to Uranus and Eris in Aries. Uranus and Eris made the first of 3 conjunctions back on June 9th. Uranus is the unexpected, the revolutionary and the explosive. Eris is the energy of Discord, Feminine anger and revolution. The last time these two planets conjoined was 90 years ago (also in Aries). The feminine is rising, she will not be denied her rightful place next to masculine. We can no longer live in a world where half of the population has no voice. Even in first world nations like the US, women's rights are not guaranteed. In fact they are being eroded by the old boys network that is terrified of the power of the feminine. Why else would they care what a woman does with her womb?

In plain speak this Full Moon is a powder keg of revolutionary energy. It will not be easy to keep your balance at this time, although do the best you can. Issues of victimization will come to the forefront.

In case you haven't heard, the old ways are falling apart, they can no longer sustain themselves. Naturally those in power don't want to let go of power and they will go kicking and screaming. Yet fear and conspiracy theories will not serve us. Feeling powerless against anything is the old way. We will never go back to the way things were. We are living in a new world, in that fertile time when the old is almost gone but the new is still in it's infancy.

Our choices will determine our future. It's time to write our own stories, don't let them tell you peace is a pipe dream and taking care of one another is an evil socialist agenda. We are our brothers and sisters keepers. We are stewards of this beautiful planet. Let's all grow up, take responsibility for ourselves and our situations and work towards a world we can all live with and live on!