New Moon in Sagittarius: Calling All Starseeds!

New Moon in Sagittarius: Calling All Starseeds!

2012 has been a watershed year on many levels, starting with some very personal shifts at the beginning of the year, shifts in how we expended our energy, how we thought and what was truly important to us. In the late spring and early summer the shifts become more global and continued well into the late summer and fall. In less than a week we will find ourselves at the much toted, Winter Solstice of 2012: The End of the Mayan Long Count, our Sun’s movement through the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy, the end of the world as we know it, the birth of a new consciousness, Rapture, the Apocalypse, etc.…

Most of November was a journey through our deepest and darkest psychological underpinnings as the Sun and the inner planets moved through Scorpio. Always an intense time of year, made even more so because Saturn had just ingressed into Scorpio October 5th, where it will spend 2 ½ years. Saturn has an impeccable ability to make things concrete, so despite our best efforts our shadows came up quickly and in some very real ways. The New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th required us to let go of our baggage in order to move through the eye of the needle that is spiritual enlightenment.

Part of the Function of having our shadows uncovered is so that we can claim them, love them and thereby heal them. To quote an often used phrase, “If not us, then who?” and “If not now, then when?” And so the “Us” was tested in the “now”.

Once the Sun moved into Sagittarius, some of the emotional heaviness lifted, yet our shadow explorations where not over as both Mercury and Venus were still ensconced in Scorpio.

Sagittarius is about perspective, understanding, and belief. It is about having a guiding star to follow and the aspiration to get there (while Capricorn is about perspiration) This New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on December 13th at 3:42 AM EST at 22 degrees of Sagittarius.

Our beliefs have been through quite a testing period already and will continue to be a point of focus because for most of the month of December. Jupiter the planet of beliefs and the ruling planet of Sagittarius, has been in the cross-hairs of a Yod, or Finger of God configuration. Starting the month with Venus and Mars testing our beliefs around relationships and now, and for the rest of the month Pluto and Saturn asking for nothing less than complete death and rebirth of our beliefs!

In the Chart of the New Moon the New Moon itself is within 4+ degrees of an exact conjunction to the Galactic Center at around 27 degrees of Sagittarius.. It is through the emanations of the Galactic Center that we can connect with our Galactic heritage, our connection to the greatest of wholes. Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter is in the aforementioned Yod with Saturn in Scorpio which requires us to make adjustments in our beliefs we are most emotionally attached to that keep us from growing and evolving. And Pluto in Capricorn requires us to adjust our mental body so that it can hold new realizations and awareness.

A semisextile (30 degree) aspect between the New Moon in Sag and Mars in Capricorn, requires us to begin to build a root structure and a for our soul’s evolution.

Venus just off it’s yearly conjunction to the North Node (The direction of our collective evolution) in Scorpio further stresses the formation of a new set of values about the resources we share and the emotional commitments we make to each other.

This seed time of new understandings is brought to a whole other level as Uranus, the planet of Sudden out of nowhere flashes of insight stations direct on the day of the new Moon. Just a few hours after the exact New Moon, Uranus starts its direct motion after being retrograde since July of 2012. In Aries our divine right to be who we were born to be is activated. Uranus’ station direct acts like a set of booster rockets sending us into the stratosphere.

This time in our shared history is one of great crisis and opportunity. For those of us who feel called to action to build a world we can all live in, this New Moon is the clarion call to move towards our most cherished desires. Our galactic heritage strengthens us, our shadow work clears the way to re-membering ourselves into wholeness and Uranus gives us the proverbial kick in the behind to bravely go where no one has gone before!

New Moon in Scorpio: Through the Eye of the Needle We Go!

New Moons are always powerful times, within each New Moon, regardless of the sign it occurs in, there is the energy of Aries. This is the energy of beginnings. There is a sense of rebirth, or bursting forth onto the scene. The sign the New Moon falls in colors what type of bursting forth we can expect.

As the sign of, among other things, Death and Rebirth, Scorpio can be a terrifying specter for us. It is in Scorpio that we face powers that are greater than us. With Scorpio there is a sense of loss of control. This can be seen when we look to the Scorpio/Taurus axis which rules sex. Taurus rules the physical side of sex and Scorpio the emotional side of it. For most of us, unless we have been sexually abused, we don’t have an issue with the physical side of the sexual act, it is the emotional side that we often have difficulty with. The requirement to open your emotions up to another person that can be downright terrifying. Yet without that side sex can become a soulless commodity. Why is opening our emotional selves up to each other so scary? Simply put, emotional vulnerability. We can loose control of our feelings and delve into the darkness of those desires that we don’t always understand, or even wish to understand, Our compulsions and obsessions are all in the cauldron that is Scorpio.

This is the first New Moon in Scorpio that occurs with Saturn also in Scorpio. Saturn moved into Scorpio on October 5th. Saturn is the planet that makes things real. Bringing things into manifestation. In Scorpio our deepest fears can rise up and become very real. Scorpio is also the sign of coming up against forces that are greater than ourselves. The scariest of these is Death itself and whether we actually face death ourselves or the mere idea of death, the trepidation is real.

Yet what is truly dying? In some cases, the physical body, yet for most of us, it is something less tangible than that. For some it is the emotions that no longer serve us, feelings of victimization, guilt, fear, loathing. For others it is thoughts we had about how things should be, for others relationships that have reached their usefulness. No matter what, this New Moon heralds a time of a deep cleansing let go.

This New Moon in Scorpio is also a Solar Eclipse due to the fact that it occurs close to the Nodes of the Moon. This Eclipse is a North Node Eclipse, meaning that this is a time of moving forward towards our collective evolution. Yet how do we move forward when we are being required to let go of so much?

Imagine if you will, going on a long trip that you have packed for very carefully. You have packed warm sweaters, boots, shoes, and sneakers. With much forethought you chose the shirts and pants so you could layer your clothes, and look smart. You even bought two new packs of underwear! You get to the gate and the TSA person says you cannot get on the plane with any luggage. There has been a new procedure that just came down from Homeland Security: No baggage! You can only go with the clothes on your back.

That is what this New Moon Solar Eclipse is about. Letting go of even the things you’re sure you are going to need. And it doesn’t matter how carefully you planned, NO BAGGAGE is the new rule!

We are moving through the eye of a needle at this time in our evolution. In the bible Jesus told his disciples that it is easier for a camel to move through an eye of a needle than a rich man. The rich man Christ speaks of is the person who is attached to things. The other part of that story is the part where the poor woman puts her last coins into the offering basket, knowing in her heart that it is in giving that we receive.

To say this time requires a leap of faith would be an understatement. Yet that is exactly what we are being asked to do. So don your favorite traveling clothes, unencumbered by your stuff and take that step toward the most awesome and exciting trip you could ever imagine. Knowing where you’re going is immaterial, it’s just about going

New Moon in Libra: Planting the Seeds of your New Understanding!

Libra is the sign most associated with relationship, and over the last 2 ½ years Saturn has been transiting Libra until just a week or so ago when in October 5th, Saturn moved into Scorpio, where it will stay for the next 2 ½ years. Saturn is the planet of karma, the planet of ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. It is also the planet that evaluates how well something is working, A cosmic efficiency expert of sorts. And so our relationships have been front and center and in the hot seat for quite a while now.

Libra is an air sign, and so works in the realm of ideas. We have revaluated our relationships from the perspective of the mental body. What is fair, what is not. Is there equity in who puts the energy in the relationship and have we been pulling our own weight? Because of these questions and the answers we have gleaned, many relationships have ended and those that have not ended have had to shift out of necessity.. It is fair to say that if a relationship has made it to the end of Saturn in Libra it is, at least on paper, fair and equitable. Now that Saturn is in Scorpio, the other relationship sign, we will be evaluating our relationships from an emotional perspective.

In our society looking at things through the mental lens is promoted, even venerated. To look at a problem and not let ‘messy emotions’ spoil the solution is the highest form of success, yet it is only half the story. Now that Saturn will transit through Scorpio, many of our ‘ideas’ about relationship will be “sussed” out via our emotional body. Fair warning, those who were able to extricate themselves from an unfair relationship will now be dealing with the emotional ramifications of those decisions. And for those who have thought they dodged a bullet, the next part of our relationship saga begins and this time it is all about those messy emotions, as well as our motivations surround what drives us to choose with whom we relate.

This New Moon in Libra gives us the opportunity to try out many of the ‘new and improved’ ideas we have come up with during our ‘schooling’ concerning relationship over the last 2 ½ years. Saturn Scorpio is conjoined the Sun and Moon in Libra and points to the fact that we must apply our lessons immediately. Venus the ruling planet of Libra is in Virgo requiring us to practice discernment. Precision is of great value to Venus in Virgo so careful observation, correlation and synthesis will be needed.

Venus is in a square aspect with Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter and Venus are traditionally benefic or helpful planets. Yet the square denotes some stress between these two “nice guy / nice girl’ planets. The square, a first ¼ one at that creates the energy for action. Jupiter in Gemini, the sign of ideas is quite willing to throw out ideas and with Venus also in a Mercurial sign it will be easy to get caught up in the details, yet with Saturn in Scorpio we will not get too off tract before the cosmic 2X4 comes knocking.
There is another aspect of Libra that is often overlooked, and that is the idea that in Libra we meet up with our higher selves, that part of us which is eternal. Our ‘god particle’ if you will, the spark of the divine that resides within us. So this New Moon is an excellent opportunity to connect with our higher selves. This will aid us in navigating through the tumultuous waters of our unresolved shadows (Scorpio) that will rear up like sea monsters from the sea of our unconscious. Coming to terms with these monsters and bringing them to the light of day will take courage, fortitude and perspective. And it through our connection to our higher self that we can acquire this perspective.

To feel is to heal and feeling with a higher view will aid in the healing of all of us. So plant your seeds of understanding that Saturn’s sojourn through Libra has distilled through the experiences of the last 2 ½ years and watch them grow!

Spring is Here! Riding the waves of change....

The Sun’s ingress into the sign of Aries marks the start of the zodiacal year and in the Northern Hemisphere it coincides with the first day of Spring (First day of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere). At the equinox the day and night are of equal lengths. For those of us who experience this time as spring the days start to lengthen and nature begins to wake up after it’s winter slumber.

The energy of Aries is initiatory and instinctual, the seeds that have been germinating beneath the Earth start to poke up through the ground as the landscape turns from browns and grays to green. So as the Sun inhabits Aries we too feel the stirrings of the new, the promise of spring as the seeds we have been germinating over the winter begin to poke out of the metaphorical ground that is our life.

This Vernal Equinox is somewhat muted however, the get up and go we experience at this time is a bit slow starting. One reason, among many for this is that the ruler of Aries, Mars, is in retrograde motion. This apparent backward motion of the Red Planet in the sky, takes the point off of Aries sword. The normal “fools jump in, where angels fear to tread” modus operandi of Aries is ‘off line’. With Mars retrograde we are being asked to look before we leap and to practice considered action. And with Mars in the sign of Virgo, we are also being asked to clean up the details that still need cleaning. It’s almost like this time around we have to act with maturity, instead of childlike folly.

The chart for this Equinox has a Moon in Pisces, the sign before Aries and the last sign of the zodiac. The Moon symbolizes our emotions, so although our heads may be looking to the future our hearts remain in the past. There are emotional issues that we are still working through. So as the Equinox chart is one that carries it’s influence throughout the season, Spring will be balanced between moving ahead and looking back. We cannot expect a different world if we continue to be driven by the same emotional wounds we’ve had in the past. This is not merely an opportunity to heal the past, it is an imperative.

Besides the Sun being in Aries, both Mercury and Uranus are in Aries, tightly conjoined to the Sun. Mercury is our left brain, our conscious mind, Uranus is our individuated unconscious. Uranus holds the keys to the past, both our most recent past (that connected to the present incarnation) and our past lives. It also contains the blueprints to the future. So flashes of intuition are bound to come through, memories, visions and the like pop up like Jack in the boxes, surprising us, scaring us & in some cases delighting us. These flashes have somewhat of a destabilizing effect to the generally ordered left brain. It is important to let these flashes move through us and not get into fear concerning their meaning. Evolution unfolds in it’s own time. Although it’s fair to say that evolution is on the fast track. Keeping centered during this process is a challenge, yet it’s a challenge worth taking. Some of these flashes can create crisis, which always brings us into the present moment. If we practice presence already it may not be necessary for the crisis to occur.

The grand earth trine that has been in effect for much of March continues to influence us this spring. There is powerful energy of manifestation available to us, however there is a caveat. The caveat being, that if we want to bring abundance into our life, we must be willing to let go of past emotional patterns that tie us to our wounds. A hand that is closed cannot receive, and so we must first let go to gain.

The last thing to mention is that all the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars), those planets that deal with our everyday mundane existence, are being influenced through aspects to the Transpersonal Planets (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto). The Transpersonal planets also called Ambassadors of the Galaxy by seminal astrologer Dane Rudhyar, bring the unconscious evolutionary forces to bear upon us. There is not a single part of our lives that is not being touched by these transformational forces. There is no fighting this shift, we are here to bear witness to it, move through it, and work with it.

Through acceptance of what is, we can help ourselves at this very transformative time. Evolution will occur with or without us, we may as well go with the flow and ride the wave of change, instead of getting pummeled by it’s fury.