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New Moon in Libra: Relating in a New Way!

On Friday, October 4th there is a New Moon in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of relationship. Mostly seen as a partnership sign, Libra is associated with marriage, business partnerships, and open enemies. There is a sense of social order in Libra and hence Libra rules the laws of society that keep things running smoothly. As we come up to this new Moon we look around us and see that nothing is really running smoothly.

At it’s most basic level, Libra is the balance of opposites. It is the nature of opposition which is about awareness. Awareness of both sides of an argument, awareness of the light and the dark, the male and the female, the inner self and the outer expression of self, the personality and the higher self. In it’s essence Libra is how we relate to the ourselves, others, and the world around us.

On October 1st the Sun in Leo made a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Squares are highly energetic and drive us to change. This square was a last ¼ square, considered a crisis in thought: We question societal norms and the “business as usual” way of going about the business of life. We begin to see that perhaps there is a better way. Two days later the Sun made an opposition to Uranus in Aries. The Sun in Libra illuminates the integrative principle of relationship while Uranus in Aries drives us toward our individual destiny. With this aspect we had an opportunity to become aware of how our relationships either support our unique destinies, or how they do not. Both these aspects occurred within the last quarter of the lunation cycle which by it’s nature is a releasing cycle.

The Sun’s square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus activated the Pluto Uranus first ¼ square that has been creating much of the instability we are experiencing. These squares, 7 in all over a 4 year period are the engines of change that is shifting the landscape forcing us to move and do things in a different way. The 4th exact square of these two transformational heavy weights will be exact on November 1. So as the month of October proceeds, the level of energetic intensity will rise.

It is within this energetic soil we have the New Moon in Libra at 12 degrees of Libra. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “Miners are surfacing from a deep coal mine” and the keyword for this image is ‘Emergence’. The sense of moving from the darkness into the light is seen in this image. As if we have been living in hell but didn't know it until we could experience something else.

The chart of this New Moon has a grand cardinal square between the Sun/Moon in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter and Lilith in Cancer. Uranus in Aries is about freedom to be who we are. Pluto in Capricorn is about the transformation of Power and the structure of society. Jupiter in Cancer is the expansion and understanding of our emotional nature as well as issues of family, women and children and nurturance issues. Lilith is the archetype of the disowned and demonized feminine. As I right this the government of the US is “shut down’ due to the dysfunctional relationship (Libra) between the two parties (Pluto) mainly due to the Tea Party Republicans (Uranus) who refuse to compromise (Libra) because of Obama care (Jupiter in Cancer). Despite the shut down, the military is running, the pentagon is open but WIC, the program that gives milk and other essentials to growing children and mothers is closed. We can see in this example where the old paradigm has it’s values.

New Moon’s are seed times and so it is the time to plant the seed to a new way of relating to ourselves, to others, to our family (and nation) and those running the show. We are moving into a new paradigm and everything is up for transformation. If we want to live in a ‘kinder and gentler’ world we must focus on that and how to create it. Living your life on your own terms with a sensitivity to how our actions effect others is vital at this time. We are really just fighting ourselves here. We are in this together and each and every person mirrors back to us that which we love and that which we would rather not look at.

We create this world and if we don‘t like what we see then let’s do it differently. It’s not just an airy fairy suggestion, but an evolutionary imperative.

Evolve or perish, the choice is ours.

Fall Equinox 2011: In the Playground of life...

In the Northern Hemisphere the Fall Equinox is the time of year when the Sun moves into the first degree of Libra, the sign of the scales. It is at the time of the equinoxes when the day and night are of equal lengths. During the Vernal or spring Equinox, when the Sun first moves into the Sign of Aries, there is also a balance point between day and night, but once that is reached the days become longer reaching their peak at the Summer Solstice (the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer). At the Fall Equinox, once the balance point is reached, the nights start to become longer, reaching it’s peak at the Winter Solstice (the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn).The Equinox points: Spring/Fall, Aries/Libra, Light/Dark and the Solstice points: Summer/Winter, Cancer/Capricorn, Longest Day/Longest Night are points on the Cardinal Cross. When mapped out on the circle (the Wheel of the year) they are at 90 degree angles from each other and metaphysically represent the four major turning points in life. Aries symbolizes conception, the beginning of individual existence. Cancer represents birth, the descent of the soul into the body. Libra represents marriage, the act of joining oneself with another. And Capricorn represents Attainment, the high point of the career. Death and the ascent of the soul out of the body. So Cardinal signs represent the clear unambiguous framework of existence.The light half of the year (Aries through Virgo) is the time when we express our sense of being-ness, putting ourselves forth somewhat unselfconsciously. It is during the dark half of the year (Libra through Pisces) that we endeavor to share our creations with the world at large. It is through this interaction with others that we come to better understand ourselves. The year can be divided in half with Aries as the starting point into waxing (increasing) and Libra the starting point of the waning (decreasing) periods of time. The point where we shift from waxing to waning occurs 180 degrees from the starting point ,180 degrees being the furthest two points can be away from each other on a circle.It is in the Sign of Libra that we have the most objective view of what has been wrought. It is the point we come together as individuals to work things out, that is why people with a lot of Libra placements in their charts are always finding themselves having to work things out with others. There are constructive and destructive ways to work within the Libra Archetype. Positively we can work together to find what unites us, this requires understanding, compromise, and a willingness to let go. Negatively, the Libra archetype can manifest itself as being the doormat or getting caught up in extremes. Being a doormat does not foster equality and extremism can create a balance if there are the same amount of extremists on each side of the scale. However this the kind of balance is tenuous at best and gives us no options for growth. If we move from our extremist positions the whole balance is disrupted. Every child knows that if you want to avoid the chance of being hurt from a ‘cherry bomb’ while on the seesaw, it is better to sit in the middle.This particular Equinox, which occurs on September 23rd at 10:05 EDT continues the theme of radical transformation that became part of the consciousness of most people in 2008 and will continue to become more and more evident as we move into 2012 & beyond. The interaction of the planets beyond Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are bringing transformational energies onto planet Earth in such a way that all the areas of life that define us are being shifted. Those areas of life symbolized in the Cardinal signs, who we are, where we came from (family of origin), who we relate to, and how we make our mark in the world are in a state of flux. Governments & financial systems once thought unshakable are starting to show cracks, in part to unsustainable practices & in part to our own awareness. As we begin to question what is valuable in our lives, what is necessary, where we choose to put our energy, the entire construct of society will have to shift. After all the powers that be are powerful due to consensus. It could be said that they are powerful because they hold all cards, they have all the money, but money is an energy. Money has value because we think it so. Something the power brokers know and use to their advantage. In the chart for the Fall Equinox the Sun in Libra is opposite to Uranus in Aries. In 2011 Uranus moved into Aries on March 11th the day of the earthquake & tsunami in Japan. It will remain in Aries for 7 years. Aries is the ‘I AM’ principle, the awareness of our divine inheritance to be co-creators with source. This co-creation is how we have created our world as it is. It could be said we have created “Hell on Earth”, which if we look at the apparent state of things few people could argue with. This is due to the unconscious nature of our co-creation. We create what we fear, conscious co-creation is an evolutionary ‘giant step’…May I? …Yes! You’d best consciously co-create!With the Sun 180 degrees away from Uranus, we can objectively discern what we’ve created up to this point. Pluto the planet of Transformation is making a 90 degree angle to both the Sun & Uranus. The square of Pluto to the Sun is a 270 degree square, a crisis in thought, and the square between Pluto and Uranus is a 90 degree square, a crisis in action. Pluto, the planet that is considered among other things, to be the evolutionary engine of our consciousness, is asking us to look seriously (dead serious, as a matter of fact) at how we are relating to each other (Sun in Libra/Pluto in Capricorn) & how we can consciously co-create (Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn) from a empowered, loving, & balanced place. Pluto, which entered Capricorn in 2008, is asking us to develop our sense of responsibility and to come to terms with the use and abuse of power. Capricorn is our place in the world, it is the power we wield. It is a balance of this energy and the energy of the opposite sign of Cancer, emotional self responsibility, our ability to nurture, our ability to take care of each other, that determines whether our power is grounded in what is important and life affirming (Cancer). Coming to a place of balance requires us to make small incremental adjustments in the way we think, feel, act & manifest. This is also evident in the Fall Equinox chart for 2011. This chart contains 6 major 150 degree aspects called inconjuncts. Inconjuncts are aspects of adjustment. So what is the Equinox chart pointing to concerning adjustment? ~The Sun Libra/Neptune in Aquarius what adjustments to our thinking need to be made to come to the realization that we are “All One”, that what happens to “the least of our brothers & sisters” (including the natural world) happens to us.~The Sun Libra/Chiron in Pisces what adjustments to our thinking need to be made to come to terms with the wound we suffer as a direct result of the separation of spirit & matter, and our disconnection from Source Energy (God/Goddess/All that Is).~Mercury in Virgo/ Neptune in Aquarius, what adjustments to our psychological or feeling nature do we need to make and release to come to terms with how our critical self evaluations keep us from loving acceptance of ourselves and others.~Moon in Leo/ Pluto in Capricorn, what adjustments to our psychological or feeling nature do we need to make and release to come to terms with how our ego’s need to be special interferes with our sense of internal authority and power.~Mars in Leo/Pluto in Capricorn, what adjustments in our psychological make up need to be released so that we can act from our hearts with passion & love to foster a sense of self-empowerment that is not based on ‘power over’, but rather from ‘power within’.~Venus in Libra/ Jupiter in Taurus, what shift in mental attitude must be made in order to come to terms with what is truly of value, which includes our relationship to money (Taurus) and the cost of War (Libra).There is a lot to ponder on this equinox as the light begins to fade and we are asked to weigh out what in our life and world is working, and what no longer serves us. Gratefully, there is help, as Libra also rules the Higher Self, the divine part of ourselves located within the heart of each and everyone of us, that knows the joy of unity and the value of working together to create “Heaven on Earth”. Reconnect with Source and reconnect with each other and miracles will surely happen!

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New Moon in Cancer: How are you feeling?

New Moons in any sign are times when our inner self (Moon) and our outer self (Sun) are on the same frequency, and what that frequency looks like, or how that frequency expresses itself is determined by the sign the New Moon occupies. This New Moon, which occurs at 4:54 AM EDT on July 1st, is in the sign of Cancer. Cancer connotes containment. The symbol most generally associated with Cancer is the Crab. A study of the Crab gives us some idea of the tendency of Cancer. Crabs wear their protective skeleton on the outside, crabs are unable to walk in a forward direction, only sideways and backwards, Crabs would rather loose an arm then let go of something it has it’s pincers around and crabs live in the often tempestuous always changing shore line where water and earth meet., With the crab being constantly battered by the tides, who could blame a crab for being a tad self-protective and unwilling to let go. It’s a difficult life in the pounding surf, whether it be actual waves of water, or waves of emotion.

Cancer is also the sign of the Mother, ruled by the feminine changeable Moon. In Soul Centered astrology Cancer is considered the sign of incarnation. Souls are incarnated (contained or incarcerated in a body) through Cancer. In the body Cancer rules the stomach and the breasts, how we nurture ourselves and how we nurture our creations (children). According to world renowned astrologer Alan Oken, “The placement of the Sun in Cancer focuses one’s activities around the creation of an environment for nurturing and support.” (1)

This New Moon is also an Solar Eclipse. During a Solar Eclipse the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun. The Sun symbolizes the present/future, the Moon, the past. So during the eclipse we can get in touch with the past undisturbed by the light of day.

Last month I wrote an article about the Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse and described some of the more technical aspects of how eclipses occur. In that article I pointed out that this Eclipse Season was a South Node eclipse season. The South Node of the Moon deals with where we have come from, it is familiar, habitual, & connected to our ‘biological karma’. Because of the oppositional character of the North and South nodes (The Nodal axis, being an axis and therefore having two points diametrically opposed to each other) the Nodes always deal with relationships. North Node contacts deal with relationships that draw us to our future and South Node contacts deal with relationships we have had in past incarnations & relationships with family members. So there is no doubt that this eclipse will be dealing with issues around family due to the nature of the South Node & the nature of the sign of Cancer.

In itself, Eclipse season is an active changeable time. Eclipses act as ‘wild cards’ , easy to predict astronomically but because of their nature, difficult to determine how they will work out within an individual’s life. They are not unlike contacts with the planet Uranus, which loves to shock us, often spinning us off into a completely different direction than we planned on going in. The one thing that can be stated with certainty, is that the nature of the South Node Eclipse is one of letting go of old ways of being, feeling, and thinking. Letting go of habits that get in the way of our happiness and forward movement in life.

This eclipse, powerful in it’s own right, is supercharged due to it’s contact with three other planets, Saturn the Lord of Karma, Uranus the Great Awakener & Pluto the Lord of the Underworld.

Saturn in the sign of Libra, makes a stressful square (90 degree aspect) to the Sun/Moon. Of all the planets mentioned above the square to Saturn is the tightest aspect (within @1.5 degrees). All squares connote crisis. This first ¼ square is a crisis in action. We feel compelled to take an action. With Saturn in Libra, the sign of one to one relationships such as marriage, business partnerships, open enemies & legal matters, we may feel that we have no choice but to take an action to protect our interests. All squares rouse us out of our comfort zones, often comfort zones we tried very hard to maintain, and yet what must be done must be done, it may feel as if our life depends on it.

Uranus in the Sign of Aries, also makes a stressful square to the Sun/Moon. This square is different from the one with Saturn, in that it is a last ¼ square. The crisis we face with this type of square is a crisis in consciousness. The stress produced in this square has more to do with the conscious pressure of social responsibility. Aries is the sign of the I AM, it is completely self referential. It can manifest as childish narcissistic behavior, or as Self-empowerment, it depends on the level of conscious evolution of the individual. Last ¼ squares force change as well as first ¼ squares, but this change is a change in our thinking, a reorientation & a turning away from old patterns of behavior & attitude.

And the last major player in this configuration is Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. The nature of Pluto is one of transformation. Capricorn is about authority, both inner and outer authority. On a worldly level Capricorn deals with government, big business, nuclear energy, infrastructure, all of which are under a great deal of pressure to transform. Personally Capricorn deals with our relationship to power. The aspect between the Sun/Moon conjunction and Pluto is an opposition. With oppositions the energy is seen as separate to the self, as if someone or something is interacting in your life in a way which is contrary to what you want. The psychological defense mechanism associated with the opposition is projection. This can be seen easily in the rampant anti-government sentiment and abundance of conspiracy theories flooding the air waves. It is important to come to the understanding that projection comes from within. The shadows you see are your own feelings, so if you think the Illuminati is taking over the world, or the government is trying to enslave you, this is in part a reflection of your own sense of powerlessness. You are giving that which is outside of you the power over you. And this is not to say, that there is no truth in any of these theories, history is replete with atrocities, yet that is the past. The future is created in the present. If we focus on fear then we just end up creating all those things we fear. Why do we do this? Because we co-create unconsciously.

We are moving into a period of Conscious Co-creation. We are starting to wake up to the fact that we can create our own reality. It depends on what we choose to concentrate our minds and hearts on. If we stay in fear, we disconnect from Source Energy, call it God/Goddess, Universal Intelligence, Great Spirit, the mighty I AM. If we reside in a place of LOVE we can access Source and start creating a New Earth.

If we look at the chart for the New Moon Eclipse in Cancer we would see in the middle of the chart a square. This square is created by the aspects between the Sun/Moon, Saturn, Uranus & Pluto. This is a Grand Square configuration, in the Cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are about initiation and action. To the eye of someone who is unsure of what all the lines in the middle of a chart means, it looks like a door. And so it is, a doorway to another way of being, to a higher dimension of reality. This summer will be one of much tumult and change, it is important to understand that what is lost during this time is no longer necessary. It is important to understand that sometimes before we can receive we must first let go. It is important to understand the power of counting your blessings while residing in the Present Moment, the only moment of Power.

We are being asked to let go of the illusion of our powerlessness, the evolution train is thundering down the tracks…time to get on board!