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New Moon in Sagittarius: Calling All Starseeds!

New Moon in Sagittarius: Calling All Starseeds!

2012 has been a watershed year on many levels, starting with some very personal shifts at the beginning of the year, shifts in how we expended our energy, how we thought and what was truly important to us. In the late spring and early summer the shifts become more global and continued well into the late summer and fall. In less than a week we will find ourselves at the much toted, Winter Solstice of 2012: The End of the Mayan Long Count, our Sun’s movement through the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy, the end of the world as we know it, the birth of a new consciousness, Rapture, the Apocalypse, etc.…

Most of November was a journey through our deepest and darkest psychological underpinnings as the Sun and the inner planets moved through Scorpio. Always an intense time of year, made even more so because Saturn had just ingressed into Scorpio October 5th, where it will spend 2 ½ years. Saturn has an impeccable ability to make things concrete, so despite our best efforts our shadows came up quickly and in some very real ways. The New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th required us to let go of our baggage in order to move through the eye of the needle that is spiritual enlightenment.

Part of the Function of having our shadows uncovered is so that we can claim them, love them and thereby heal them. To quote an often used phrase, “If not us, then who?” and “If not now, then when?” And so the “Us” was tested in the “now”.

Once the Sun moved into Sagittarius, some of the emotional heaviness lifted, yet our shadow explorations where not over as both Mercury and Venus were still ensconced in Scorpio.

Sagittarius is about perspective, understanding, and belief. It is about having a guiding star to follow and the aspiration to get there (while Capricorn is about perspiration) This New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on December 13th at 3:42 AM EST at 22 degrees of Sagittarius.

Our beliefs have been through quite a testing period already and will continue to be a point of focus because for most of the month of December. Jupiter the planet of beliefs and the ruling planet of Sagittarius, has been in the cross-hairs of a Yod, or Finger of God configuration. Starting the month with Venus and Mars testing our beliefs around relationships and now, and for the rest of the month Pluto and Saturn asking for nothing less than complete death and rebirth of our beliefs!

In the Chart of the New Moon the New Moon itself is within 4+ degrees of an exact conjunction to the Galactic Center at around 27 degrees of Sagittarius.. It is through the emanations of the Galactic Center that we can connect with our Galactic heritage, our connection to the greatest of wholes. Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter is in the aforementioned Yod with Saturn in Scorpio which requires us to make adjustments in our beliefs we are most emotionally attached to that keep us from growing and evolving. And Pluto in Capricorn requires us to adjust our mental body so that it can hold new realizations and awareness.

A semisextile (30 degree) aspect between the New Moon in Sag and Mars in Capricorn, requires us to begin to build a root structure and a for our soul’s evolution.

Venus just off it’s yearly conjunction to the North Node (The direction of our collective evolution) in Scorpio further stresses the formation of a new set of values about the resources we share and the emotional commitments we make to each other.

This seed time of new understandings is brought to a whole other level as Uranus, the planet of Sudden out of nowhere flashes of insight stations direct on the day of the new Moon. Just a few hours after the exact New Moon, Uranus starts its direct motion after being retrograde since July of 2012. In Aries our divine right to be who we were born to be is activated. Uranus’ station direct acts like a set of booster rockets sending us into the stratosphere.

This time in our shared history is one of great crisis and opportunity. For those of us who feel called to action to build a world we can all live in, this New Moon is the clarion call to move towards our most cherished desires. Our galactic heritage strengthens us, our shadow work clears the way to re-membering ourselves into wholeness and Uranus gives us the proverbial kick in the behind to bravely go where no one has gone before!

New Moon in Aries: Working within a New Paradigm

The New Moon in Aries occurs on March 22nd, New Moons mark the beginning of a cycle of experience that lasts around 29 days. Aries is the first sign of the natural zodiac. Any planet in Aries signifies the initiation of a new cycle of experience. Something new is being presented into manifestation. In fact New Moons, when the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree of the zodiac, have the energy of Aries within them, no matter what the sign the New Moon falls in. The fact that this is a New Moon in Aries at the beginning degrees of that sign (3 degrees) really stresses the initiatory instinctual nature of this archetype.

Adding fuel to this already hot fire is the planet Uranus which has been firmly ensconced in Aries since 2011 injecting the evolutionary intent of waking us up from our slumber. Waking us up to our innate power to both create and destroy. We are becoming aware of our co-creative abilities and with that awareness comes great responsibility, because if we are truly able to create our own reality, we no longer have the fall back position of being victims of circumstance. We create our circumstances individually & collectively.

Aries is the sign of war, historically many battles were begun once the Sun moved into Aries. Spring brought a melting of the snow and armies had greater freedom of movement . However, with our growing co-creative awareness we are coming to understand that the enemy is no longer inhabiting a distant land, but that the enemy lies within. It is our fears that drive us to hurting others.

Aries ruling planet Mars, is still in retrograde motion in Virgo. It has been in Virgo since last November and has been retrograde since January 24, 2012. Virgo is the sign that makes corrections, adjustments, cleans up the mess & tries its best to bring some order to chaos. On this New Moon Mars in Virgo makes an exact opposition to Chiron in Pisces.

Chiron is the archetype of the wound that cannot heal, in Pisces it points to the ultimate wound of abandonment by spirit. Before the universe become manifest all consciousness was within the Oneness of All that is. When manifestation occurred our souls were separated from spirit. The process of evolution is fueled by the desire to return to sprit. Yet spirit never left us, it has been buried within us & through the process of self-knowledge we can again access our spiritual connection.

Oppositions are times when we can become aware of something, something is revealed. After 6,500 years of patriarchal dominance ,especially the last 2,000 years of religious indoctrination and conditioning that has told us that spirit is separate from flesh. We were told all that is spirit is good and all that is of the flesh evil. This has separated us from our true natures. We are both spirit and flesh both are blessed.

Our wound around the separation of spirit and flesh becomes evident when we see how this type of thinking has effected our planet. Many feel as if the Earth is here to serve us, that we can remove from her whatever we wish without consideration for long term consequence. Yet we are of the Earth, this is our home, the only one we have at the moment. It is our responsibility to see that we are here to serve the Earth as much as she is here to serve us. We have a lot of catching up to do.

It is no coincidence that in America the conservatives are in the process of a full faced assault (an Arian way of dealing with things) on the reproductive rights of women. Forcing woman who want abortions to undergo invasive vaginal ultrasounds, asking physicians to lie to patients, and the constant pressure to take the rights of free choice. Woman have long been painted as of the flesh & evil, yet every one of those ‘talking heads’ came in the same way we all do, from between the legs of our mothers! That is a miracle of profound beauty. We need to love our Earth Mother as we love our birth mothers, for it is through the mother that we are gifted life.

We are in the throes of a great shift in consciousness, no longer can we create something without considering how it effects all of us. For what happens to the least of us happens to us all. If we are to survive and thrive through this time we must come from a place of love. Love connects us, fear separates us. And fear doesn’t just separate us from other people, it separates us from spirit. It closes our ears to that still small voice within that prods us towards oneness.

In this New Paradigm we find ourselves in it is our responsibility to move forward considering how our actions effect us all. This may cause us to feel that we are not getting anywhere, yet in truth we are already here. The key phrase for the sign of Aries is I AM. It is the beginning of all things. Decide what you are and proclaim it, then let the universe fill in the details.