New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo: Doing what is Necessary

On Monday, August 25th there is a New Moon in Virgo. New Moons are always times of planting seeds for a new cycle of manifestation. In Virgo we are planting the seeds of discernment. As an archetype Virgo is the energy of making adjustments in a step by step manner to make things more perfect. There is a detail orientation in Virgo unmatched in the Zodiac. This New Moon comes at a time when we are witness to the breaking down of the old guard and an emergence of a new paradigm.

Virgo’s goal is to make things work more efficiently. No matter what the job, Virgo comes in with it’s checklists and informational manuals and gets to work on making it better. So this is a wonderful New Moon to start a new health regiment, begin to clean out your closets, whether metaphorical or actual and start making your life work better for you.

The Chart for this New Moon is quite potent. The Sabian Symbol for 3 degrees of Virgo is “Two Guardian Angels” , Invisible help and protection in times of crisis. A comforting symbol at a time when the old paradigm in breaking down and the new paradigm is being formulated as we go.

As we look around, Nations, leaders, and certain groups are acting in the same ‘old’ way, power over, victim/victimizer, destruction of the nature environment in the name of sovereignty and dominion. The folly of this is almost laughable, if it wasn’t so tragic. There seems to be no corner of the world untouched by violence, upheaval and strife. So what’s the answer? This New Moon has some suggestions.

In the chart of the New Moon is a Yod or Finger of God configuration. This interaction between 3 or more planets creates the necessity to make adjustments. The planets involved are Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Uranus in Aries, as the focal point of the yod, asks the question how can we become who we are uniquely meant to be. Aries requires ultimate freedom in order to function, yet Aries energy unchecked can create a very destructive atmosphere as everyone feels as if their way, is the right way.

Saturn and Mars are within arc minutes of their biennial conjunction, yet their relationship in this New Moon chart to each other is a balsamic one. Balsamic conjunctions ask us to let go, forgive and come to understand that we are all one. Asking Mars & Saturn, the planet of war & the planet of authority in the sign of death (Scorpio) to let go and forgive, may seem like magical thinking, yet it is exactly what we need in order to give each other the space and freedom to become our true selves.

Mercury in Virgo makes an opportunistic sextile to Mars and Saturn. This kind of sextile gives us the opportunity to reformulate our ideologies to create a more progressive equitable future. Mercury in Virgo is more than happy to work out the details of this! This does take some adjusting on both the part of Mercury, the mind, and Uranus, that drive to be free. So what mental constructs need to be released in order to make freedom for all a workable solution?

We are indeed in a time of crisis. Crisis brings into focus what is truly important. When we are in crisis we must function in the present moment , unconcerned with the past or the future. Yet it is within the present moment that we co-create our reality and determine our future. It’s time to truly figure out how to move forward in this time of great change. It will take time, patience, organization & discernment. So this Virgo New Moon is the perfect time to get started.

The New Moon in Virgo: Time to rollup our sleeves!

The Spring & Summer of 2011 have been seasons fraught with radical shifts; from the Arab Spring, to the magnitude 9.0 earthquake, tsunami & resultant nuclear meltdown in Japan; to the union busting shenanigans in Wisconsin & the manufactured crisis of the debt ceiling in Washington; to the riots in London & Palestine & the almost innumerable weather disasters; flood, tornados, wild fires, drought; the very fabric of our lives seems to be unraveling. Those of us lucky enough to be relatively unscathed, watch in wide-eyed disbelief, as one crisis after another drives home the issues we face in this interconnected global village of ours. We can no longer close our eyes to what is going on & yet the sheer magnitude & multitude of tragedy after tragedy overwhelm us. What can we do?   The last New Moon (July 30, 2011) in the sign of Leo, asked us to access our connection to higher realms (Higher Self, Higher Mind, Soul, Cosmic Mind, Great Spirit, Source Energy) to begin to consciously co-create our future. This latest New Moon at 5+ degrees of Virgo (August 28th-29th, 2011) is where the rubber meets the road.   Leo is about creative self-expression & Virgo is about the practical application of our creative spark. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, interactive & practical, its purpose, to a large extent, is to discern what fruits are worth moving forward with & what fruits are useless & need to be discarded. Separating the wheat from the chaff is a vital function of Virgo. Many depictions of the sign of Virgo is a young woman, presumably virginal (uncorrupted by relationship with the ‘other’, which occurs over the next 2 signs, Libra & Scorpio) holding a sheaf of wheat. It is Virgo’s function to harvest that which is useful.   In the New Moon (NM) chart, the ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is in the sign of creative self expression, Leo. Fresh off it’s retrograde phase (August 2nd- 26th) which began at 1 degree of Virgo & retrograded back into Leo where it spent the majority of it’s time, many of our inspired ideas, for those who chose to use the retrograde period as a time for introspection, rather than frustration, have been tested in the realm of the mind. Now with the Sun & Moon in Virgo these thoughts can be acted upon and made manifest. Not all of them will make the cut. Mercury in Leo is in aspect to both Uranus & Pluto. It is the square between these two outer planets that has been the engine of the winds of change that have been blowing so fiercely since 2010 & will continue to do so well into 2015. This particular aspect to Mercury from both Uranus & Pluto is called a sesquiquadrate or a sesqui-square (135 degree aspect). This relatively rare planetary configuration between three planets where two planets square (Uranus/Pluto) and simultaneously create a sesquiquadrate with a third planet (Mercury) can bring up the worse aspects of Mercury in a fire sign. According to Bil Tierney, in his seminal work on planetary aspects called Dynamics of Planetary Aspects “sesquiquadrates create an anxious effort to prove one’s significance through immature & self indulgent expression…an exaggerated self expression with the tendency to ignore or indirectly defy restraints imposed by the environment.” There will be lots of posturing by those who feel as if they have all the answers, so it looks like Virgo has her work cut out for her on this New Moon cycle.   To aid the potentially over-worked Virgo, there are many helpful aspects to this New Moon. The Sun/Moon are conjoined Venus in Virgo. Venus is the lesser benefic because of the beneficial influence she has on other planets she is in aspect to . Venus in Virgo is a shy position for the planet of Love, self-effacing, somewhat self-critical but always helpful. Venus in this sign is discriminating, which can act as a counter balance to the over-inflated Mercury in Leo.   The New Moon is also inconjunct (150 degree aspect) to Uranus in Aries. A mental adjustment is necessary. We are being nudged to break free from fear, anxiety, self-doubt, all negative Virgoan qualities. There is also an opposition to Chiron in Pisces which asks us to be aware of the highest aspirations of Virgo, service to others & service to humanity. The New Moon is also trine Pluto in Capricorn & Saturn in Taurus creating a grand earth trine. This gives us access to the transformative power and inner resources we may have not been aware we possess, but are none the less there. This energy can be utilized to fundamentally transform the structures of our lives, based on the resources available. This power can be used physically to release all the “things: we have been holding on to that bog us down.   This Virgo New Moon require us to roll up our sleeves and reminds us that we are the midwives of our creations, with discernment & humility we can collectively birth a New World.