Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Scorpio: Through the Eye of the Needle We Go!

New Moons are always powerful times, within each New Moon, regardless of the sign it occurs in, there is the energy of Aries. This is the energy of beginnings. There is a sense of rebirth, or bursting forth onto the scene. The sign the New Moon falls in colors what type of bursting forth we can expect.

As the sign of, among other things, Death and Rebirth, Scorpio can be a terrifying specter for us. It is in Scorpio that we face powers that are greater than us. With Scorpio there is a sense of loss of control. This can be seen when we look to the Scorpio/Taurus axis which rules sex. Taurus rules the physical side of sex and Scorpio the emotional side of it. For most of us, unless we have been sexually abused, we don’t have an issue with the physical side of the sexual act, it is the emotional side that we often have difficulty with. The requirement to open your emotions up to another person that can be downright terrifying. Yet without that side sex can become a soulless commodity. Why is opening our emotional selves up to each other so scary? Simply put, emotional vulnerability. We can loose control of our feelings and delve into the darkness of those desires that we don’t always understand, or even wish to understand, Our compulsions and obsessions are all in the cauldron that is Scorpio.

This is the first New Moon in Scorpio that occurs with Saturn also in Scorpio. Saturn moved into Scorpio on October 5th. Saturn is the planet that makes things real. Bringing things into manifestation. In Scorpio our deepest fears can rise up and become very real. Scorpio is also the sign of coming up against forces that are greater than ourselves. The scariest of these is Death itself and whether we actually face death ourselves or the mere idea of death, the trepidation is real.

Yet what is truly dying? In some cases, the physical body, yet for most of us, it is something less tangible than that. For some it is the emotions that no longer serve us, feelings of victimization, guilt, fear, loathing. For others it is thoughts we had about how things should be, for others relationships that have reached their usefulness. No matter what, this New Moon heralds a time of a deep cleansing let go.

This New Moon in Scorpio is also a Solar Eclipse due to the fact that it occurs close to the Nodes of the Moon. This Eclipse is a North Node Eclipse, meaning that this is a time of moving forward towards our collective evolution. Yet how do we move forward when we are being required to let go of so much?

Imagine if you will, going on a long trip that you have packed for very carefully. You have packed warm sweaters, boots, shoes, and sneakers. With much forethought you chose the shirts and pants so you could layer your clothes, and look smart. You even bought two new packs of underwear! You get to the gate and the TSA person says you cannot get on the plane with any luggage. There has been a new procedure that just came down from Homeland Security: No baggage! You can only go with the clothes on your back.

That is what this New Moon Solar Eclipse is about. Letting go of even the things you’re sure you are going to need. And it doesn’t matter how carefully you planned, NO BAGGAGE is the new rule!

We are moving through the eye of a needle at this time in our evolution. In the bible Jesus told his disciples that it is easier for a camel to move through an eye of a needle than a rich man. The rich man Christ speaks of is the person who is attached to things. The other part of that story is the part where the poor woman puts her last coins into the offering basket, knowing in her heart that it is in giving that we receive.

To say this time requires a leap of faith would be an understatement. Yet that is exactly what we are being asked to do. So don your favorite traveling clothes, unencumbered by your stuff and take that step toward the most awesome and exciting trip you could ever imagine. Knowing where you’re going is immaterial, it’s just about going

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Awakening to the Future

New Moons are points in the cycle of the Sun and Moon when they share the same degree of the zodiac. This occurs on an average of once o month, (sometimes 2x's a month when New Moons fall at the very beginning and very end of a month.) The cycle between the Sun and Moon, from one New Moon to the next is 29 ½ days.

When the Sun and Moon is New we cannot see the Moon in the evening sky for it is moves with the sun along the elliptic and during the day the Moon is invisible because it is overtaken by the brightness of the Sun's corona, unless of course there is an eclipse and the Moon is in alignment with the Sun in such a way that it can block out part or all of the Sun. This is the case in partial and total eclipses of the Sun. It is during this time that the shadow of the Moon can “swallow up” the Sun. The study of eclipses and their effects is an deep and ancient study. The ability to predict an eclipse with accuracy was a great power to have in ancient days. If you happened to be the kings astrologer it could be the difference between living a respected life or literally loosing one's head. Or in some cases, this information was key for the wily astrologer to “get out of Dodge” before the eclipse happened due to the fact that often a Solar Eclipse would predict the fall of a leader, and in those days the messenger was often killed because of the message.

This New Moon in Sagittarius at 1:10 AM EST on November 25th is in fact a Solar Eclipse because it falls close to the Nodal axis of the Moon which has been moving through the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini (The Nodes of the Moon are always exactly opposite each other by sign and degree) since March of 2011. There are two eclipse seasons a year, approximately 6 months apart, one season the Sun and Moon are New at the South Node and the other season the Sun and Moon are New at the North Node.

The last eclipse season occurred in June and July of this year (2011) with 3 eclipses at the South Node. South Node eclipses bring us an awareness of what needs to be let go of, what must be released so we can move forward on our evolutionary journey to come to understand ourselves and the world we have created.

This latest New Moon eclipse is on the North Node of the Moon and so our focus will be towards how can we co-create the future. The sign of Sagittarius, the sign of this New Moon, seeks to understand, to create a world view, a philosophy of life. Sagittarius rules philosophy, religion, the right or intuitive brain, as well as foreign shores. Sagittarians love adventure and traveling, as a fire sign it does not like to 'fenced in', it wants to explore the world, climb the mountain, fly to the moon, whatever can help it gain a broader perspective on the world. Sagittarius also rules nature and Natural Law. Natural Law is the Law of Nature. Observation of nature can 'school us' in understanding of these laws. For example the idea of taking more than we need, is against natural law. Defiling and polluting the very earth we depend on to sustain us is against natural law. Ownership is against natural law while being a conscious steward of the earth is in alignment with Natural Law.

The North Node is the direction of the future, the South Node the accumulated past, over the summer and through the fall we were asked to let go of many things, people, places, possessions, our ideas about relationship, authority, & what security is; all in an effort to pare us down to what is essential in our lives. In part that was a function of the South Node eclipses that occurred in the Summer in the signs of Gemini (thoughts) and Cancer (feelings). The North Node eclipse at this New Moon is asking us to plant the seeds for the future.

The Chart for the New Moon is very interesting and can give us some clues as to the energies we will be working with for the next 6 months at least. The Sun and Moon at 3 degrees of Sagittarius are in a stressful square to Mars in Virgo. Squares connote crisis, and crisis has a way of bringing us into the present moment to deal with our situation. Mars in Virgo is about working through the details, Sagittarius is the big picture, so the seeds we plant on this New Moon for the future, are not of the 'set it and forget it' kind, they will need constant care and oversight. Freedom, another Sagittarius theme cannot be lasting without attention to detail (that is why Virgo comes before Sagittarius in the zodiac). True freedom is hard won. And we will have plenty of time with details, because in 2012 Mars will go retrograde in Virgo and spend a whopping 8 months in the sign of Virgo (November 2011-July 2012).

Jupiter the natural ruler of Sagittarius, and for you astrologers out there, the ruler of the eclipse, is in Taurus retrograde. When planets are retrograde, it a time of review, a time to throw off any beliefs (Jupiter) about our resources(Taurus) that are not true (Sagittarius). Jupiter has been retrograde in Taurus since August 30, 2011 and within less than a month people began occupying Wall Street. And as the retrograde has continued we are becoming more and more aware of who holds all the money cards, incidentally Taurus rules money. This Taurus retrograde concludes on Christmas Eve and starts moving forward on Christmas. It will be interesting to see what our Christmas presents will be this year, as people come to terms with what is truly important in life. The archetype of Santa Claus is Jupiterian, all I can say about that is that the Universe has a great sense of humor!

Jupiter in Taurus is inconjunct (150 degree geometric relationship) to the New Moon. Inconjuncts are always aspects of adjustment. Both mental adjustments and emotional adjustments need to be made in our relationship to our resources. Jupiter in Taurus is also involved in a Grand Earth Trine (3 or more planets or points in a flowing aspect to each other creating a triangle of energy) with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo. Grand trines, such as this one work in the background as freely flowing energy it can be easily accessed but it must be accessed so we have to take the action. Transformation(Pluto) in the distribution of Money (Jupiter in Taurus) as long as we pay attention to the details and take small systematic steps (Mars in Virgo) can help us to create a new paradigm around money and resources. The simple act of moving your money from a large 'too big to fail' bank and putting it in credit unions or locally and state backed banks is a simple yet powerful step to reclaiming our power. In the US chart for the New Moon this Grand Trine is happening in the Water houses, the Water houses deal with our feeling nature and our emotional security, so as we take steps to transform the physical we are also accessing our inner selves. Ultimately we are being asked to evolve our emotional body and get in touch with not just our outer resources, but our inner ones as well.

And lastly, but surely not least, the Planet Uranus aka the Great Awakener in Aries, is in a flowing aspect to the New Moon. Uranus holds the energy of revolution, Aries the energy of new beginnings so there is plenty of juice for us to create the changes that are necessary.

This New Moon is an opportunity to begin the process or self-responsibility and self-reliance that can move us forward into a more equitable future. A review of our actions, our values, our resources, and our relationship to the planet are all part of the picture. The seeds of transformation are sprouting, it is up to us to nurture them, for they shall feed us all, on all levels.

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New Moon in Cancer: How are you feeling?

New Moons in any sign are times when our inner self (Moon) and our outer self (Sun) are on the same frequency, and what that frequency looks like, or how that frequency expresses itself is determined by the sign the New Moon occupies. This New Moon, which occurs at 4:54 AM EDT on July 1st, is in the sign of Cancer. Cancer connotes containment. The symbol most generally associated with Cancer is the Crab. A study of the Crab gives us some idea of the tendency of Cancer. Crabs wear their protective skeleton on the outside, crabs are unable to walk in a forward direction, only sideways and backwards, Crabs would rather loose an arm then let go of something it has it’s pincers around and crabs live in the often tempestuous always changing shore line where water and earth meet., With the crab being constantly battered by the tides, who could blame a crab for being a tad self-protective and unwilling to let go. It’s a difficult life in the pounding surf, whether it be actual waves of water, or waves of emotion.

Cancer is also the sign of the Mother, ruled by the feminine changeable Moon. In Soul Centered astrology Cancer is considered the sign of incarnation. Souls are incarnated (contained or incarcerated in a body) through Cancer. In the body Cancer rules the stomach and the breasts, how we nurture ourselves and how we nurture our creations (children). According to world renowned astrologer Alan Oken, “The placement of the Sun in Cancer focuses one’s activities around the creation of an environment for nurturing and support.” (1)

This New Moon is also an Solar Eclipse. During a Solar Eclipse the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun. The Sun symbolizes the present/future, the Moon, the past. So during the eclipse we can get in touch with the past undisturbed by the light of day.

Last month I wrote an article about the Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse and described some of the more technical aspects of how eclipses occur. In that article I pointed out that this Eclipse Season was a South Node eclipse season. The South Node of the Moon deals with where we have come from, it is familiar, habitual, & connected to our ‘biological karma’. Because of the oppositional character of the North and South nodes (The Nodal axis, being an axis and therefore having two points diametrically opposed to each other) the Nodes always deal with relationships. North Node contacts deal with relationships that draw us to our future and South Node contacts deal with relationships we have had in past incarnations & relationships with family members. So there is no doubt that this eclipse will be dealing with issues around family due to the nature of the South Node & the nature of the sign of Cancer.

In itself, Eclipse season is an active changeable time. Eclipses act as ‘wild cards’ , easy to predict astronomically but because of their nature, difficult to determine how they will work out within an individual’s life. They are not unlike contacts with the planet Uranus, which loves to shock us, often spinning us off into a completely different direction than we planned on going in. The one thing that can be stated with certainty, is that the nature of the South Node Eclipse is one of letting go of old ways of being, feeling, and thinking. Letting go of habits that get in the way of our happiness and forward movement in life.

This eclipse, powerful in it’s own right, is supercharged due to it’s contact with three other planets, Saturn the Lord of Karma, Uranus the Great Awakener & Pluto the Lord of the Underworld.

Saturn in the sign of Libra, makes a stressful square (90 degree aspect) to the Sun/Moon. Of all the planets mentioned above the square to Saturn is the tightest aspect (within @1.5 degrees). All squares connote crisis. This first ¼ square is a crisis in action. We feel compelled to take an action. With Saturn in Libra, the sign of one to one relationships such as marriage, business partnerships, open enemies & legal matters, we may feel that we have no choice but to take an action to protect our interests. All squares rouse us out of our comfort zones, often comfort zones we tried very hard to maintain, and yet what must be done must be done, it may feel as if our life depends on it.

Uranus in the Sign of Aries, also makes a stressful square to the Sun/Moon. This square is different from the one with Saturn, in that it is a last ¼ square. The crisis we face with this type of square is a crisis in consciousness. The stress produced in this square has more to do with the conscious pressure of social responsibility. Aries is the sign of the I AM, it is completely self referential. It can manifest as childish narcissistic behavior, or as Self-empowerment, it depends on the level of conscious evolution of the individual. Last ¼ squares force change as well as first ¼ squares, but this change is a change in our thinking, a reorientation & a turning away from old patterns of behavior & attitude.

And the last major player in this configuration is Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. The nature of Pluto is one of transformation. Capricorn is about authority, both inner and outer authority. On a worldly level Capricorn deals with government, big business, nuclear energy, infrastructure, all of which are under a great deal of pressure to transform. Personally Capricorn deals with our relationship to power. The aspect between the Sun/Moon conjunction and Pluto is an opposition. With oppositions the energy is seen as separate to the self, as if someone or something is interacting in your life in a way which is contrary to what you want. The psychological defense mechanism associated with the opposition is projection. This can be seen easily in the rampant anti-government sentiment and abundance of conspiracy theories flooding the air waves. It is important to come to the understanding that projection comes from within. The shadows you see are your own feelings, so if you think the Illuminati is taking over the world, or the government is trying to enslave you, this is in part a reflection of your own sense of powerlessness. You are giving that which is outside of you the power over you. And this is not to say, that there is no truth in any of these theories, history is replete with atrocities, yet that is the past. The future is created in the present. If we focus on fear then we just end up creating all those things we fear. Why do we do this? Because we co-create unconsciously.

We are moving into a period of Conscious Co-creation. We are starting to wake up to the fact that we can create our own reality. It depends on what we choose to concentrate our minds and hearts on. If we stay in fear, we disconnect from Source Energy, call it God/Goddess, Universal Intelligence, Great Spirit, the mighty I AM. If we reside in a place of LOVE we can access Source and start creating a New Earth.

If we look at the chart for the New Moon Eclipse in Cancer we would see in the middle of the chart a square. This square is created by the aspects between the Sun/Moon, Saturn, Uranus & Pluto. This is a Grand Square configuration, in the Cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are about initiation and action. To the eye of someone who is unsure of what all the lines in the middle of a chart means, it looks like a door. And so it is, a doorway to another way of being, to a higher dimension of reality. This summer will be one of much tumult and change, it is important to understand that what is lost during this time is no longer necessary. It is important to understand that sometimes before we can receive we must first let go. It is important to understand the power of counting your blessings while residing in the Present Moment, the only moment of Power.

We are being asked to let go of the illusion of our powerlessness, the evolution train is thundering down the tracks…time to get on board!

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New Moon in Gemini: Start of the Eclipse Season

New Moons, as I have said in most of my New Moon articles, are times of beginnings, when the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree of a particular zodiac sign. This June 1st New Moon occurs at12 degrees of Gemini . When two planets occupy the same degree there is a blending of the energies of each planet. The Sun is our conscious awareness and the Moon is our subconscious or habitual reactions to life. In a natal chart a person’s Sun sign is the way they integrate their life experiences, while the Moon sign is the way they react and respond to life.

All conjunctions (when planets share a degree or are within 8 degrees of each other) imbue power. So New Moons are powerful times because the two major luminaries, the Sun and Moon are conjoined (conjunct), or on the same page, so to speak. This New Moon is particularly potent because it is also occurring on the nodal axis of the Moon. The nodal axis is a pair of points where the orbit of the Moon around the Earth and the orbit of the Earth around the Sun (the elliptic) intersect. These points are 180 degrees apart (as in all axes) and are called the North Node of the Moon and the South Node of the Moon. As the Earth travels around the Sun, this axis travels with it, so that there are two times a year that the nodal axis aligns with the Sun. It as this time when eclipses can occur.

Eclipses occur when the Sun , the Moon and the Earth are in alignment. There are two types of eclipses, Solar, when the Moon is located between the Sun and the Earth and the light of the Sun is blocked out by the Moon. (Figure 1) And the Lunar Eclipse, when the earth is sandwiched between the Sun and the Moon and the Earth blocks the light of the Sun and the Moon’s refected light is blocked. (Figure 2) Solar eclipses can only occur and New Moons, and Lunar Eclipses can only occur at Full Moons.

Figure 1 Solar Eclipse

Figure 2 Lunar Eclipse

There are two eclipse seasons a year, when the eclipse happens at the North Node of the Moon and when the eclipse happens at the South Node of the Moon. These seasons are 6 months apart from each other. Each year we can have 3-6 eclipses. Eclipses are historically harbingers of change. In ancient times primitive man watched eclipses with a mixture of awe and dread, as the life giving Sun suddenly became blotted out as seen in a solar eclipse, or the face of the Full Moon turned blood red, as seen in a lunar eclipse. Today, with our understanding of planetary orbits and geometry, much of the awe and dread has been replaced with passing curiosity. However, these times can be utilized for modern man, to come to terms with where we are going as a species, and where we have been.

Modern Astrologers have come to understand what Ancient Hindu Astrologers have always know, that the Nodes of the moon are some of the most important factors & points of power in a chart. The North Node is the point where our destiny lies, the South Node is where we have come from. The North Node is our growing edge, something that will bring us much success as long as we put in the effort. Because it is the growing edge of our evolution it is often difficult going because as part of the journey to the North Node we must move out of our comfort zones. The South Node is our comfort zone, it is where we find our talents and abilities, as well as our habitual patterns of being. We can utilize the strengths we have accrued in the South Node, but we cannot ‘live there’. If we stay within the familiarity of our South Nodes we stunt our own evolutionary growth. And in many cases our “comfort zone” is not a pleasant place. It is the habitual patterns that ultimately hurt us. The phrase “it’s better to stay with the devil you know, then the devil you don’t”, is something someone stuck in their South Node might say. There is also the sense of being a victim of your circumstances in your South Node, while the North Node is a place of being the captain of your own ship, choosing differently so that we can move onward and upward.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini is the start of the eclipse season of the South Node. South Node eclipses are about release. Gemini is about communication, the lower mind, duality and the media. Mercury the ruler of Gemini is the way we take in information. In mythology Mercury was the messenger of the gods, he was also a trickster god, ‘patron god’ of thieves and liars. One of the most insidious and, dare I say, dangerous tendencies of air signs in general and Gemini in specific, is their ability to rationalize. The ability to mentalize situations without accessing the spirit (the opposite polarity of air which is fire) which resides in our heart. Gemini is also the ability to separate out life into disparate parts, in an attempt to understand the whole by slicing it up into bite size information. This is necessary for us to come to an understanding of our environment, yet to only see things as separate is the very definition of duality. It is either this, or it is that. When in truth it is all part of a interconnected whole. And there is the opposite pole of Gemini which is Sagittarius, the sign of the transiting North Node. It is the balance of these two polarities that help us to understand our world from a detailed and holistic view.

So with the South Node in Gemini this New Moon eclipse asks us to look at what mental constructs we need to let go of. What lies do we tell ourselves so that we can stay in our comfort zones? Where in our life are we rationalizing ourselves out of moving in the direction of our destiny? Where the New Moon falls in your natal chart will give you clues as to what area of life there themes will play out.

If we look at the New Moon chart drawn for Washington D.C., the New Moon falls in the 8th house of shared resources and debt. Mecury the natural ruler of Gemini is in the sign of Taurus money, values and resources on the cusp of the 7th and 8th houses (7th house is one to one partnerships and open enemies & the 8th house is sex, death, legacies, taxes and shared resources) Issues of money , how it is spent, what it is spent on are all up for review. In the US, Republicans are dead set on cutting entitlements and safety nets for those who are most vulnerable yet not wanting to tax the richest 1% and not cutting back on military spending. Companies like GE, the designer of many nuclear power plants including the Fukishima Daiichi plant in Japan are paying no taxes at all, while the quickly shrinking middle class is asked to make sacrifices. All these policies are up for review.

The Sun and Moon of the New Moon chart has one only one major aspect, a trine to Saturn in Libra. Trines give support to the process of the Sun/Moon conjunction. Saturn in Libra is located in the 12th house in the eclipse chart. This can be seen as help from the unseen as Libra is the sign of the Higher Self. However, the 12th house is also the house of hidden enemies and under handed dealings. The powers that be, the military industrial complex, big pharma, will be exerting it’s own pressure from the shadows as the country reviews who will get to share in it‘s resources.

Fourteen days after this new Moon on June 15th there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the second Eclipse of this active eclipse season. Full Moons are times of awareness, when the Sun (the conscious mind) and the Moon (the subconscious mind) are at their furthest point from each other, giving us the best perspective of how our unconscious drives line up with our conscious mind. Whatever still needs to be let go of, will be evident and another opportunity will present itself to let go of what must go.

This is shaping up as another summer fraught with change, as our emotional and mental makeup is tested. Be willing to look in the mirror with honesty and compassion. The direction of our mutual evolution is in the direction of an understanding of our place in nature, and finding a place that is mutually beneficial to humankind and the rest of creation.