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New Moon in Gemini: Start of the Eclipse Season

New Moons, as I have said in most of my New Moon articles, are times of beginnings, when the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree of a particular zodiac sign. This June 1st New Moon occurs at12 degrees of Gemini . When two planets occupy the same degree there is a blending of the energies of each planet. The Sun is our conscious awareness and the Moon is our subconscious or habitual reactions to life. In a natal chart a person’s Sun sign is the way they integrate their life experiences, while the Moon sign is the way they react and respond to life.

All conjunctions (when planets share a degree or are within 8 degrees of each other) imbue power. So New Moons are powerful times because the two major luminaries, the Sun and Moon are conjoined (conjunct), or on the same page, so to speak. This New Moon is particularly potent because it is also occurring on the nodal axis of the Moon. The nodal axis is a pair of points where the orbit of the Moon around the Earth and the orbit of the Earth around the Sun (the elliptic) intersect. These points are 180 degrees apart (as in all axes) and are called the North Node of the Moon and the South Node of the Moon. As the Earth travels around the Sun, this axis travels with it, so that there are two times a year that the nodal axis aligns with the Sun. It as this time when eclipses can occur.

Eclipses occur when the Sun , the Moon and the Earth are in alignment. There are two types of eclipses, Solar, when the Moon is located between the Sun and the Earth and the light of the Sun is blocked out by the Moon. (Figure 1) And the Lunar Eclipse, when the earth is sandwiched between the Sun and the Moon and the Earth blocks the light of the Sun and the Moon’s refected light is blocked. (Figure 2) Solar eclipses can only occur and New Moons, and Lunar Eclipses can only occur at Full Moons.

Figure 1 Solar Eclipse

Figure 2 Lunar Eclipse

There are two eclipse seasons a year, when the eclipse happens at the North Node of the Moon and when the eclipse happens at the South Node of the Moon. These seasons are 6 months apart from each other. Each year we can have 3-6 eclipses. Eclipses are historically harbingers of change. In ancient times primitive man watched eclipses with a mixture of awe and dread, as the life giving Sun suddenly became blotted out as seen in a solar eclipse, or the face of the Full Moon turned blood red, as seen in a lunar eclipse. Today, with our understanding of planetary orbits and geometry, much of the awe and dread has been replaced with passing curiosity. However, these times can be utilized for modern man, to come to terms with where we are going as a species, and where we have been.

Modern Astrologers have come to understand what Ancient Hindu Astrologers have always know, that the Nodes of the moon are some of the most important factors & points of power in a chart. The North Node is the point where our destiny lies, the South Node is where we have come from. The North Node is our growing edge, something that will bring us much success as long as we put in the effort. Because it is the growing edge of our evolution it is often difficult going because as part of the journey to the North Node we must move out of our comfort zones. The South Node is our comfort zone, it is where we find our talents and abilities, as well as our habitual patterns of being. We can utilize the strengths we have accrued in the South Node, but we cannot ‘live there’. If we stay within the familiarity of our South Nodes we stunt our own evolutionary growth. And in many cases our “comfort zone” is not a pleasant place. It is the habitual patterns that ultimately hurt us. The phrase “it’s better to stay with the devil you know, then the devil you don’t”, is something someone stuck in their South Node might say. There is also the sense of being a victim of your circumstances in your South Node, while the North Node is a place of being the captain of your own ship, choosing differently so that we can move onward and upward.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini is the start of the eclipse season of the South Node. South Node eclipses are about release. Gemini is about communication, the lower mind, duality and the media. Mercury the ruler of Gemini is the way we take in information. In mythology Mercury was the messenger of the gods, he was also a trickster god, ‘patron god’ of thieves and liars. One of the most insidious and, dare I say, dangerous tendencies of air signs in general and Gemini in specific, is their ability to rationalize. The ability to mentalize situations without accessing the spirit (the opposite polarity of air which is fire) which resides in our heart. Gemini is also the ability to separate out life into disparate parts, in an attempt to understand the whole by slicing it up into bite size information. This is necessary for us to come to an understanding of our environment, yet to only see things as separate is the very definition of duality. It is either this, or it is that. When in truth it is all part of a interconnected whole. And there is the opposite pole of Gemini which is Sagittarius, the sign of the transiting North Node. It is the balance of these two polarities that help us to understand our world from a detailed and holistic view.

So with the South Node in Gemini this New Moon eclipse asks us to look at what mental constructs we need to let go of. What lies do we tell ourselves so that we can stay in our comfort zones? Where in our life are we rationalizing ourselves out of moving in the direction of our destiny? Where the New Moon falls in your natal chart will give you clues as to what area of life there themes will play out.

If we look at the New Moon chart drawn for Washington D.C., the New Moon falls in the 8th house of shared resources and debt. Mecury the natural ruler of Gemini is in the sign of Taurus money, values and resources on the cusp of the 7th and 8th houses (7th house is one to one partnerships and open enemies & the 8th house is sex, death, legacies, taxes and shared resources) Issues of money , how it is spent, what it is spent on are all up for review. In the US, Republicans are dead set on cutting entitlements and safety nets for those who are most vulnerable yet not wanting to tax the richest 1% and not cutting back on military spending. Companies like GE, the designer of many nuclear power plants including the Fukishima Daiichi plant in Japan are paying no taxes at all, while the quickly shrinking middle class is asked to make sacrifices. All these policies are up for review.

The Sun and Moon of the New Moon chart has one only one major aspect, a trine to Saturn in Libra. Trines give support to the process of the Sun/Moon conjunction. Saturn in Libra is located in the 12th house in the eclipse chart. This can be seen as help from the unseen as Libra is the sign of the Higher Self. However, the 12th house is also the house of hidden enemies and under handed dealings. The powers that be, the military industrial complex, big pharma, will be exerting it’s own pressure from the shadows as the country reviews who will get to share in it‘s resources.

Fourteen days after this new Moon on June 15th there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the second Eclipse of this active eclipse season. Full Moons are times of awareness, when the Sun (the conscious mind) and the Moon (the subconscious mind) are at their furthest point from each other, giving us the best perspective of how our unconscious drives line up with our conscious mind. Whatever still needs to be let go of, will be evident and another opportunity will present itself to let go of what must go.

This is shaping up as another summer fraught with change, as our emotional and mental makeup is tested. Be willing to look in the mirror with honesty and compassion. The direction of our mutual evolution is in the direction of an understanding of our place in nature, and finding a place that is mutually beneficial to humankind and the rest of creation.

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New Moon in Taurus: Nurturing the Seeds of Transformation

With all the wild activity over the last 2 months, due to a preponderance of planets in the initiatory sign of Aries, this New Moon in Taurus gives us an opportunity to begin to nurture the seeds of revolution in our lives. New Moons are always seed times, and therefore potent times for instituting new structures for our ideas to manifest.

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is a fixed earth sign. The most solid and immovable of all the signs. While the function of Aries is to is to use all it’s energy to push out of the soil to express the plant’s being-ness, the function of Taurus is to build a root system for he newly sprouted plant. To create a foundation to stabilize and increase the chances that the new plant (idea) will survive and ultimately thrive.

The sign of Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and speaks to us of our resources and values. So what we plant during this cycle must be in alignment with our core values and our available resources. With so many planets still in Aries, including Mercury (the conscious mind), Jupiter (the Higher Mind), Uranus (the Cosmic Mind), Mars (the energy that propels us to go after what we want) & Venus (what we want), there are ideas aplenty, from many different levels of our psyche. So the question is: Which ones can we truly nurture and have the resources to take care of?

Venus the natural ruler of Taurus is, as previously stated, in the sign of Aries. Venus is not at all comfortable in Aries. Venus prefers to use the power of magnetic attraction to get what she wants. To have to take direct action to get her needs met makes Venus uncomfortable, and Venus LOVES to be comfortable. Saturn, which is within 3 degrees of an exact opposition to Venus, is in Libra, a sign it loves to be in, making it a stronger placement for Saturn. What this means, is that Saturn has more influence in Libra than Venus has in Aries. So our relationships (Libra) to each other, to life, and to our higher selves (Libra) must be taken into consideration. Saturn in Libra is also inconjunct the New Moon in Taurus, requiring us to transform some aspect of our emotional and psychological attachments. How our needs are met and how their fulfillment affects others are all up for review.

This New Moon also makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, creating a harmonious flow to the energy of transformation (Pluto) of structure (Capricorn). Capricorn is a power sign, ruling the ‘powers that be’ which includes our own sense of authority. Since Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 many of the structures we have come to depend on have begun to crumble, and as they do, long hidden secrets are revealed. The dark side of power is brought to the surface which can bringing up feelings of powerlessness for those of us not ‘in charge‘. However, with all the Aries energy stressing “being” we can tap into our own inner authority and not allow the darker forces to usurp our sense of what we want to become. This New Moon affords us an opportunity to plant a seed based on our changing relationship to power, our own personal power and our relationship to those in power. It is truly a time to take responsibility for our own life and how we are going to go about making it work for us, in alignment with the available resources and our changing sense of what we really need to be happy.

This past February the New Moon in Aquarius fell upon the pagan holiday of Imbolc, one of the cross quarter days of the Pagan Wheel of the Year. At that time the New Moon fell in the middle of winter (Imbolc is the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox). This new Moon in Taurus also falls on the cross quarter day known as Beltane (the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice). Cross quarter days fall within the middle degrees of the fixed signs, the most fixed point of the fixed signs and so these points act as foundational pillars for our relationship to power, sex, & money, in other words, our desire nature. The Pagan festival of Beltane is a fertility celebration, when the Great Goddess and her consort God perform the Great Rite. It is the coming together, literally and figuratively of the male and female polarities to bring forth new life and blessings on the land. This reminds us of the sacredness of the earth and the miracle of life we all share upon the planet.

May this New Moon be one in which the seeds of love are planted. Love for the Planet (Taurus/Capricorn), love for each other (Libra), and love for the self (Aries).

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New Moon in Aries April 3, 2011 10:32:30 EDT

New Moons are times of new beginnings, when the Sun and Moon share the same degree of the zodiac. Aries is the sign of new beginnings and with 6 planets in Aries on this New Moon literally explodes onto the scene. The Sun and Moon and 13 degrees 29 minutes of Aries is in a tight conjunction with Jupiter in Aries. Opposite this triple conjunction is the planet Saturn at 13 degrees 54 minutes of Libra. Saturn and Jupiter are fresh off their last exact opposition (March 28th) keeping us from getting too carried away with our grand plans. Saturn reminds us of how our actions affect others. Mars, the ruler of Aries , is in Aries conjunct Uranus at 1 degree creating an explosive combination. Mars wants forward motion and Uranus blows up whatever impedes progress. Because this conjunction is so close to the Aries point, these actions will have world wide repercussions.

Mercury, the last planet in Aries is actually in retrograde motion. According to Soul Centered astrology Mercury is the ruler of Aries. Mercury being a direct connection to spirit and so with Mercury retrograde answers come from within. Our Souls are speaking to us, it is time to listen.

The day after this New Moon on April 4th, Neptune the planet of Unity Consciousness dips into the mystical waters of Pisces (April 4th -August 5th, 2011) furthering the theme of new beginnings.

The energy of this New Moon can create further chaos and upheaval or it can open doors to higher levels of consciousness. The mere rapidity and scope of the changes that have occurred just since the last new Moon in Pisces on March 4th, points to the speeding up of our conscious evolution. According to Carl Johan Calleman, a scholar of the Mayan Calendar and the author of The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, we are moving through shifts in consciousness every 20 days which began in February of this year. Shifts in consciousness that would take a generation (20 years) to be realized, began to speed up from 1999-2010 to 360 days, has now further accelerated to 20 days. So we are experiencing major energetic shifts within our lives every 20 days. At this rate of change it is near impossible to do anything besides bear witness and become aware. Many of the challenges we face seem to be “out of our hands” but are they really?

The Mantra for Aries is I am. This new moon can be the birth of the I AM consciousness within each and every one of us. When we become aware of the I AM we can only inhabit the present moment. It is not the ‘I was’ or the ‘I am going to be’, it is the simply ‘I AM’. With 6 planets in Aries: The Sun, our self-consciousness conjoined to the Moon, our subconscious or biological consciousness, conjoined Jupiter our Higher Self. Mercury, our conscious mind, retrograde asking us to go within for answers. And Mars, our drive to be conjoined Uranus, Cosmic consciousness, brings forth a new awareness of who we really are. What explodes on the scene of this New Moon is our realization that if we work within the present moment with the realization that we are all one (thanks to Neptune moving into Pisces) we can co-create a New Earth. Giving birth to a New Paradigm of Conscious Co-creation. Knowing from the deepest and highest parts of our selves that we can in fact create our own reality through our thoughts, feelings and actions.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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Hope Springs Eternal

When the Sun makes it annual arrival into Aries, a new astrological year begins. This year’s Vernal Equinox is made is made even more potent by the presence of the planet Uranus, which moved into Aries on March 11, 2011, where it will spend the next 7 years. Aries is about power, the power to be. It is about forward motion that is initiatory, sometimes startling, and unself-conscious. The last time Uranus moved into Aries for a prolonged stay was January 1928, so we have a very different world than we did back 84 years ago. That change was in part to many of the scientific discoveries that come to light during Uranus’ last 7 year cycle through Aries.

Besides the Equinox, and Uranus moving into Aries there are other energies making themselves felt at this time. The day before the Equinox there is a full moon at the 29th degree of Virgo. Full Moons are times of awareness, when our conscious experience (the Sun) is at it’s furthers point away from our subconscious experience (the Moon), this gives us perspective on how our internal and external worlds line up. Virgo and Pisces are the earth/water axis of the mutable signs. Mutable signs deal with mental domain., (Cardinal with the physical and Fixed with the emotional domains). Earth deals with the practical side of living and Water the emotional side. And so during this Full Moon we are becoming aware of how our thoughts , emotions and the way we interact with the physical plane creates our world. And because the Virgo/Pisces axis concerns among other things service/healing, we are also becoming aware of how we can be of service to heal the world in which we live.

Carl Johan Calleman, one of the pre-eminent scholars of the Mayan calendar points to this time in our evolution as a shift into Conscious Co-Creation. We are coming to an understanding that we have always created our reality, that the circumstances that we find ourselves in are in fact self-made. Most of what we have wrought has been the product of unconscious co-creation. We are starting to wake up to the fact that we can choose to create something different.

Humanity is at a crossroads. As I write this Japan is attempting to stem a nuclear disaster, as they dig their way out of one of the strongest earthquakes and most destructive tsunamis in their history. The Middle East is rife with revolution, as NATO attempts to dissuade Libya’s leader to stop bombing his own people. The United States is nose deep in debt as we continue to pour money into Military projects while taking social programs away from those in the most need. Our prisons are overcrowded as our schools fall into disrepair. Our planet is being ravage by our need for resources, with little care for the long term effects. The Media bombards us with stories of grief, despair, violence and man’s inhumanity to man. Ratcheting up the fear quotient to hysterical proportions. It is time to Wake up. This is our doing and the way to change it is to stop doing it. Instead of a culture of death, let’s move into a culture of life.

As Uranus moves through Aries the sign of new beginnings, let’s have a new beginning of our own. It starts with Awareness and progresses through choice. Gandhi had it right when he said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It isn’t too late. Let’s just get started right

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