New Moon in Pisces: Moving forward through Surrender

On March 20th there is a New Moon in the last degree of Pisces. New Moons are about beginnings, yet this New Moon, while still symbolic of beginnings has a number of factors that make it very unique. First of all it occurs at the last degree of Pisces, and Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. In Pisces we experience the energy of release. It is in Pisces that the boundaries of our experience dissolve away into the Oneness of Source Energy. We are very aware of the transient nature of reality as we surrender and let go
This New Moon is also a Total Solar Eclipse, meaning that that Moon blocks out the rays of the Sun, actually disrupting the magnetic field of the Earth. It is like a reset button on the computer. The Sun represents the present moment and the future, the Moon represents the past. With the Moon blocking out the Sun we come face to face with the past. The Moon is how we react and respond to life, it is our habitual patterns and our every shifting self image. It is through the Moon that we primarily experience our earth walk, as she waxes and wanes and reflects the light of Spirit (Sun).

Eclipses are powerful times, with long reaching consequences. They are often seen as 'wild cards'. It is very difficult to determine how an eclipse will manifest in your life.

There are two eclipse seasons per year, always 6 months apart. There is a South Node Eclipse Season which require us to release old out worn habit patterns. And there are North Node Eclipse Seasons which require us to move forward into the unknown future. The Eclipses that occur this spring (there is a Lunar Eclipse in Aries on April 4th) are South Node Eclipses. So the theme of letting go is quite prominent with this New Moon.

So how do we begin something, if we are being required to let go?

Pisces is the Realm of the Unmanifest, the Great Cosmic Sea from which all things spring forth. It is a fertile place full of potential. There is a plasticity to this energy, waiting for an intention to be planted. Intentions planted in this fertile sea are birthed through the archetype of Aries Because the New Moon occurs so late in Pisces, the Sun's ingress into Aries occurs on the same day as this New Moon. Bringing in even more energy to a highly energetic point in time.

Because the New Moon Solar Eclipse is a South Node Eclipse and we are brought face to face with our past, while given the opportunity to release out worn ways of being, this New Moon is the perfect time to release the past, surrender our egos and open up to Spirit. It is Spirit that will work through us to bring us the beginnings that best suit our evolution. Keeping your heart open to Source allows your highter spiritual self to be heard by the still small voice within.

We are now in the wave of transformation that is covering the planet and will continue to cover the planet for decades to come. We are creating as we go, more aware than ever that our thoughts, words and deeds have consequence. We are ready to release the past and to embrace a whole new way of being. Just days ago the 7th of 7 exact first quarter squares occurred between Pluto and Uranus, the Planet of Transmutation and the Planet of Transformation, respectively. We are building a New Paradigm from seeds planted in the mid sixties. Civil rights, equal rights, women's rights, the ecology movement, organic farming, the natural health movement to name a few.

The time is now to build heaven on earth, for each of us to work towards a more fair and equitable future for all beings with whom we share this planet. The Age of Aquarius is here, so let the Sun(Spirit) Shine In!

Full Moon in Virgo: The Awareness of the Necessity for Healing Love

Thursday, March 5th we have a Full Moon in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, so it's energy is practical and adaptable. Virgo is about perfecting things, helping us to be more efficient and useful. There is also a deep sense of service with Virgo. At the Full Moon the Sun is directly opposite the Moon. This Full Moon occurs at 15 degrees of Virgo with the Sun at 15 of Pisces. The Virgo/Pisces axis is the axis of healing both physical (Virgo) and spiritual (Pisces). When this axis is stimulated, as it is with this Full Moon, the awareness we garner is that of what needs healing. The Sun in this chart is conjoined Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is the archetype of the wounded healer, and in Pisces the wound is one of separation from Source/God/Goddess. It is also the wound of the separation of spirit and flesh, a very Piscean Age notion.

Since the inception of the Garden of Eden Myth, we have been told that spirit is holy and flesh is profane. We are both spirit and flesh and saying that our earthly bodies are profane is a no win scenario for everyone, we are being told that we are sinful because we have a body! Try living without a body! It is insane, and quite frankly psychologically splits us. It works against our ability to integrate, and become whole. This is also seen in the denigration of the feminine. In Astrology the two elements associated with the feminine are Earth and Water. Earth is our physical body and Water our emotional body. Virgo is an earth sign and Pisces a water sign. It is time to integrate our whole nature and balance the male (Fire/Spirit & Air/Mental) with the Feminine. Only in this can we become whole or 'wholey'.

Along with the conjunction of the Sun to Chiron, the Sun/Chiron conjunction is part of a Yod or 'Finger of God' configuration in this chart. The Yod requires us to make adjustments. The Sun/Chiron is in an opportunistic sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. The lines of communication are open for us to talk about our wounding through a sense of powerlessness (Pluto in Capricorn). How can we be empowered if half of our being is not being valued? The third point in this yod is Jupiter, the planet that the finger of god is pointing at. Jupiter is in Leo retrograde. Jupiter is the planet associated with our understanding, our philosophy of life, which includes our religious philosophies. Leo is the sign of both leadership and creativity. In the body Leo rules the heart. It seems that 'God' is asking us to look within our hearts, to open them to each other, to come to the realization that we are all one (Pisces) and that we must be in service to healing each other (Virgo) body, mind, feelings and spirit.

We are in the New Paradigm, the more conscious you are, the greater influence you have. We cannot get caught up in fear, we must move into our hearts and love each other and facilitate in healing each other. The atrocities we see played out in the world come from a place of separation, of alienation and of a heart closed to compassion. It is time to open up to the Love and only through love can we heal, ourselves, others and the planet.

New Moon in Aquarius: The Border between Order and Chaos

There are times in our life that we feel as if we are on the edge of something, not really sure of what lies ahead, yet sure that the we can no longer look to the past for answers . One of my teachers, John Demartini, taught me that evolution occurs as the border of chaos and order. We are at that border, just look around, or better yet, feel around. What is it you see and feel?

On February 18th there is a New Moon at the very last degree of Aquarius, that is 29 degrees 59 minutes of Aquarius and seconds after that New Moon both the Sun and Moon shift into the next sign of Pisces. This is very rare, I’ve never seen this before and I’ve heard from other astrologers who have been doing this much longer than me, that they have never seen this either.

Now lunation cycles (the relationship between the Sun and Moon) are relatively short lived cycles, so perhaps this is not as ground shaking as all that, except we are at the precipice of the great unknown. How so? Well, Pisces is the sign of the great unknown first off, yet on a grander scale we are less than a month away from the Last of the 7 Pluto/Uranus first quarter squares, that have been disrupting the status quo since 2012.

These squares are part of a long term cycle that had it’s origins in the mid 60’s when these two transformational heavy weights conjoined in the sign of Virgo three times between 1965 and 1966. Now 50 years later we find ourselves at the crisis point concerning what seeds were planted at that time.

Those initial stirrings changed everything. Evidence if you would, using America as an example, the shift in culture from 1960 to 1969. It was an instinctual seemingly out of no where and spontaneous shift. The next stage of this journey is going to have to take action and that is what the 7 Pluto/Uranus squares are requiring us to do. We are breaking free from the ghosts of the past, working towards survival and eventual ‘thrival’. Growing those seeds planted in the 60’s; the seeds of the Civil rights movement, the Woman’s movement, the organic movement, the natural health movement, The Anti-war movement and buying on credit just to name a few. So what things do we keep, what do we change and release and how do we build for the future? These are the questions we face for the next decade or so.

The Sabian Symbol for the last degree of Aquarius is: A field of Ardath in bloom: Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light o of a unanimous consciousness, is revealed to one who has emerged successfully from his metamorphosis. The Keynote: The ability for the person with an open mind and a deep feeling for self-transcendence to come in contact with higher forms of existence.

This symbol talks of a person who is open to the guidance of a very ancient ‘soul group’ where many minds converge to shed light. In the 1965-1966 the seed was planted, yet it wasn’t until 1967-68 and into the early 70’s that the real battles begun. Over the next few years, well into 2020 we will be rebuilding our world, Opening to the Ageless Wisdom, Universal Laws and Principles and Natural Law (the Law of Nature) is the light that will lead us forward. We are already in the process and things will only get faster and more intense from here. This New Moon is the quickening and the powerful potential of what our world can be. Co-create consciously, focus on what we want to see, become the peace within the storm and when the winds have stopped blowing, we will find ourselves ensconced in what we have chosen to focus upon.

Choose wisely.

Full Moon in Leo: The Awareness of the Fullness of Love

On February 3rd there will be a Full Moon in the Sign of Leo. There are some interesting synchronicity with this particular Full Moon, which occurs at the 15th degree of Leo for the Moon and the 15th degree of Aquarius for the Sun. Both Leo and Aquarius are Fixed signs, meaning that there energy is about stabilizing the element they represent. Leo is Fire and Aquarius Air and they create between them the Axis of Love, personal love in the case of Leo and impersonal love in the case of Aquarius. These two signs represent the most Subjective (Leo) point in the zodiac and the most Objective point in the zodiac (Aquarius).

This Full Moon happens at a cross quarter day in the pagan wheel of the year. The pagan calendar consists of 8 Holidays the 2 Equinoxes (Spring and Fall), the 2 solstices (Summer and Winter) and the 4 Cross quarter days that lie midway between the other 4 dates which include Imbolc (February 2), Beltane (April 30), Lamas (August 2) and Samhain (October 31). Astrologically these days fall around or about the middle degrees of the fixed signs, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio respectively. Imbolc, the cross quarter day associated with this Full Moon,

is an ancient Celtic festival associated with the goddess Brigit, and marks the beginning of spring. In Christian tradition it is called Candlemas the day of the Purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of Christ in the Temple. Growing up as a Catholic it was known as the Feast of St. Blaize the day traditionally associated with the blessings of the throat.

All this symbolism gives us more insight into what this Full Moon holds for us. There is a sense that we have made it through the depths of Winter and now are starting to see the first stirrings of hope as the light is noticeably waxing. As the feast of Brigit, the Mother Goddess of Ireland who symbolizes the feminine version of the spiritual warrior archetype and is celebrated by the lighting of bonfires we are reminded of the inner light that dwells within us, which imbues us with courage. As the feast of the blessings of the Throat we are reminded that it with our words that we create our world. The throat chakra is the center of creativity and bringing form into manifestation through vibration. It is in the throat chakra that the the will of the Divine is made known.

Full moons are about awareness and with this Full Moon we are being made aware of something that is highly personal in contrast to something highly impersonal. How can our most personal talents and abilities (Leo) be of service to the greater good (Aquarius)? This axis of Love, is the axis associated with the Aquarian Age. No longer is our life the greatest gift we can give to another. That is the old paradigm represented by the Piscean Age. We are in a New Paradigm, the Age of Aquarius and in the Age of Aquarius we ask ourselves how can I be the best most balanced and actualized person (Leo) and contribute the whole (Aquarius) in a unique (Aquarius) and loving (Leo) manner?

We are moving into a brave new world that requires us to know our own hearts. To foster a loving Mind and an intelligent Heart. Finding the balance of the Leo/Aquarius archetypes within ourselves, our lives and our world.

Love deeply and be kind to all is the mantra of this Full Moon. We can do this if we do it together.

New Moon in Aquarius: The Evolution Revolution!

On January 20th there is a New Moon at one degree of Aquarius. New Moon's are times of planting seeds of intention. Aquarius is the sign of the rebel. The one who chafes at the restrictions of society. Aquarius is also the sign of the genius, the one who can see beyond the structures of reality to a bigger more holographic picture.

Aquarians can be of two types, a reflection of the co-rulers of their sign Uranus and Saturn. They're are the 'out of the box' thinkers, those who break free from the structure of society and look at things from a bigger more holographic manner. These are the Uranian type. Then there are those who like to stay within the structure of reality less open to the process of individuation. These are the Saturnian Aquarians. We will see the expression of both of these types of Aquarian world views arise.

Uranus the rule breaker ruler is in Aries (since 2010-2011 until 2018) As part of the historic Pluto/Uranus square (2012-2015) it is partly responsible for much of the chaos and all of the uprisings against oppression that we see in the world. Yet Uranus is at the moment conjoin the South Node of the Moon in Aries. The South Node is the point in a chart where we are required to let go of old ways of behaving in order to evolve. Yet what could that mean for progressive Uranian Aquarius? Well part of signature for the Uranian Aquarian can be rebellion for rebellion's sake. So tearing down structure just because you can would not work or further our collective evolution.

What will help us move forward? We look to the North Node in Libra, a Venus ruled sign. When we look to Venus in this New Moon chart, low and behold she is in Aquarius! Venus is the planet of relationship and in Aquarius we are talking about friendship and being around people of like mind, most preferably with humanitarian values.

Well what about those Saturn ruled Aquarians we talked about. Well Saturn is now in open minded Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about expanding your understanding of the world. Learning about people that are different from us. And having a view of life from the largest view possible.

What stands out in this chart is that Saturn is the only planet that aspects the Sun/Moon conjunction in Aquarius. The aspect is an opportunistic sextile which not only opens the lines of communication between us but also offers opportunities for becoming more progressive in our thinking.

There is a lot wrong with the world and how it is structured, yet there is also a lot right with the world. Especially when we work together for the common good. We are not a lost cause, we are co-creators waking up to that fact. Only we have the power to change the world, from the inside out and the grass roots up.

The Evolution Revolution continues!

New Moon in Capricorn: Planting Seeds of Inner Authority

On December 21st there is a New Moon in Capricorn. There are a few things about this New Moon that makes it a rarity. Firstly it occurs on the Winter Solstice. The Sun moves into Capricorn and within 2 hours the Moon moves into Capricorn and a mere 20 minutes later we have the New Moon. And Secondly it occurs on the day that Uranus stations direct.

Capricorn is a complex and often misunderstood archetype. The symbol for Capricorn is the Sea Goat, symbolizing the ability to journey to both the depths and the heights of human experience. There is an ambition to Capricorn that is legendary, yet there is also a deep sensitivity to Capricorn that is less well known. All Signs hold within them, the opposite sign. So at the Center of every Capricorn you can find a sensitive Cancer. Just like when a Cancer is feeling vulnerable, which is often, he/she can stonewall you with their hard shell, and no matter how you plead with them they will stay entrenched until they are ready to come out on their own.

Capricorn also is the archetype of maturity, something many people would rather not deal with, because with maturity comes responsibility. No longer can we blame our situation on others, we must look to see where we are contributing to our situation in thought, word, deed and feeling.

The Sabian Symbol for the first degree of Capricorn is “ An Indian Chief claims power from the assembled tribe.” The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership. There are many leaders and wanna- be leaders out there clamoring for attention. Some are pontificating on the value of staying the course and strengthening the power structure even further. While others are shouting for rebellion against ‘the machine’ asking for a complete tear-down of the structures of society. And still others are asking for moderation, somewhere in the middle of the extremes. Which do we listen to?

On the most basic level the New Moon in Capricorn is planting the seeds of maturity. It is time for us to grow into our personal sense of authority. If we look to the outside world for examples of authority we find people following ‘orders’, sometimes blindly, creating havoc and pain. Others are looking to those ‘in charge’ for direction, to find that the leaders are deaf to their pleas and concerns. There seems to be many voices but few ears. And if we question outer authority we are branded rabble rousers, socialists, crazies, terrorists and insurgents.

With Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, transforming the structures of government, banking , big business and corporations, the structure of society is being torn asunder. Plutocrats are using their money to dismantle any sense of government oversight while media outlets fan the flames of fear. The moneyed puppet masters are re-framing the debate, or in some cases totally shutting it down, while we the people of the world are caught up in the maelstrom. Most feel powerless, yet that is exactly what ‘they’ want. And as to who ‘they’ are, I can’t say I know. I could guess, yet if we look at it from a higher perspective, maybe ‘they’ are just a part of us that is testing our ability to become empowered.

If we can’t look outside of ourselves for authority we must look within. This New Moon in Capricorn is the clarion call for this. With Uranus, fresh off it’s square to Pluto on December 15th, stationing direct (moving forward) just hours before the Solstice and the New Moon we are getting a set of rocket boosters strapped to our butts. We have the energy and the power to change the way power is wielded on this planet. Yet we can see from where the world stands now that power over is not an option for real change. It is simply a faster way to kill ourselves. It is the Power within each one of us that holds the key.

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn, which on the day of the New Moon is in the last degree of Scorpio. Saturn’s journey through Scorpio has been as devastating as it has been illuminating. With in weeks of Saturn’s entrance into Scorpio there was the Newtown shooting where elementary age children where gunned down by a mentally ill youngster. And within weeks of Saturn leaving Scorpio (December 23rd) suicide bombers entered a school in Pakistan and murdered more than a hundred school age children. Scorpio is the place where we meet our shadow, and we certainly have. Yet our shadow is just that, OURS, and it needs to be recognized brought to the light of day and healed. Saturn is a hard task master, yet we see, in the starkest of ways the reality of our situation. Now it’s time to change it.

Soon Saturn will ingress into Sagittarius to evaluate how our beliefs and belief systems limit us. We will all face our own crisis in belief as Saturn moves through Sagittarius. This helps us to base our new sense of inner power of what rings true for us (truth is another Sagittarius Archetype).

The next few years will be very important in how we are setting ourselves up for the future. Ideals born in the 60’s need structures to uphold them. We are seeing the need now, and will be putting our backs into that process over the next decade. We are creating a New World, let it be build with love and compassion and with a balance of maturity and sensitivity. It’s time for us to find, develop and utilize our Power!