Fall Equinox: Balance?

Monday, September 22nd is the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Equinoxes are points within the wheel of the year that we have a moment of balance, when the light & the dark are on equal footing. Once that moment passes either the light or dark has the upper hand. At the Fall Equinox the dark begins to rise. The Sun moves into the cooperative sign of Libra and the dark half of the year begins. We are in the process of counting the fruits of our labor, both metaphorically and actually.

At first glance the chart for this Equinox may seem quiet, yet it has a subtle and powerful undercurrent permeating it. There are two major astrological occurrences that happened shortly before the Sun moves into Libra responsible for creating that undercurrent. One day prior to the Equinox, Mars, the planet of action makes a last quarter square to Neptune, the Great Dissolver. This is one of the more challenging aspects in astrology. Mars likes a goal, an aim, a purpose, especially in Sagittarius, which is the sign of seeking out the truth and finding a guiding principle which to follow. Yet Neptune as the planet that dissolves boundaries, interactions between these two have confusing and generally unforeseen consequences. What you think you’re getting into, is actually not where you find yourself . This author cannot help but connect this aspect to the September 10th speech President Obama made about combating ISIR.

As if the connection between Mars and Neptune isn’t enough of a stickety wicket, the fact they are in a last quarter square to each other adds a flavor of doubt all by itself. Last quarter squares between any planetary pair deals with a questioning of conventional wisdom. Called a crisis in consciousness we come to ask ourselves, is what those in authority saying what we consider correct based on our own experiences?

The other occurrence happens just 2 hours before the Fall Equinox as Pluto changes direction. Pluto, which had been retrograde since April 14th, turns direct. Because Pluto is so distant from the Sun it takes around 7 days to change direction from the point of view of planet Earth. In reality no planet moves backwards, it only seems that way from our perspective. In that time a lot of energy is produced, not unlike the stretching of a bow back just before the arrow is released. The possibility of seismic activity, whether actual or metaphorical is very likely. Pluto in Capricorn, as a theme is transformation of power structures.

It shouldn’t take too long to see the results of either of these influences. Within a few days of the Fall Equinox we have a New Moon in Libra, that means that this Equinox occurs during the dark of the Moon. A natural time to tie up loose ends and release

As I have said before the Old Paradigm is falling away, and the New Paradigm is being formed. Focusing on what you want to see, feel or be is one way we can exert our own power. Feelings of powerlessness is normal during times of great change. Yet if we continue to see ourselves as victims of our circumstance, instead of creators of our circumstances, we will continue to give our power away.

One of the major themes of Libra is just that, giving your power away, often to keep the peace. Yet Libra is also about equality and working together for a more equitable future. That’s the part of Libra we need to focus on as we move forward. Let’s take this opportunity and continue to build a world based on fairness and equality. We can no longer wait for those in charge to do it for us, It’s up to us to do it for ourselves through cooperation and love.

Full Moon in Pisces: The Necessity of Healing

On September 8th we have a Full Moon in Pisces. With the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces we are activating the axis of healing. As an earth sign, Virgo deals with practical matters. Virgo is associated with the health and welfare of people, making the month that the Sun is in Virgo a great month to make the adjustments necessary to foster good physical health. Pisces, on the other hand, is the least physical of the archetypes of the zodiac. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces always has one foot in this world and one foot beyond the veil. It is in Pisces that we can connect with Spirit, and so Pisces is often associated with the more spiritual side of healing.

As with all polarities, it is the healthy flow between the poles that has the most value for us. If we imagine an infinity sign, with Virgo on one end and Pisces on the other we can appreciate that it is the central point that has the greatest access to the healing properties of this polarity. Sometimes we need more physical healing, and sometimes more emotional healing, yet it is all connected and all part of a greater whole.

What further drives the idea of healing home with this Full Moon, is that the asteroid/comet Chiron is conjoin the Moon in Pisces. Chiron is the archetype of the wounded healer. In Greek Mythology, Chiron was a centaur, half man half horse, symbolic of Man’s higher nature having dominion over his lower nature. Chiron was a great healer and teacher and because his father was Zeus, he was immortal. As the story goes he was accidentally injured by a poison arrow which he was unable to heal, despite the fact that he was a great healer. And because he was immortal, the wound wouldn’t kill him, it would just make him suffer.

Many great healers have a prominent Chiron in their charts. Often it is in seeking their own healing that that healer comes to heal others. Everyone has Chiron somewhere in their chart, so we all have a wound that will not heal. The wound of Chiron in Pisces is that of separation from Source, God, Goddess, All that Is. This drives the search for meaning and for connection to something greater than our selves.

Besides the opposition of the Sun and Moon we also have a very close opposition between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. What makes this particularly important is that Venus is the planet of Love and Neptune, as the higher octave of Venus, is the planet of Compassion. We are being made aware of the healing power of Love. With Venus in Virgo, Love is not just an high minded idea, there needs to be practical applications and practical solutions. With Neptune in Pisces, we are reminded that what happens to the least of us, happens to us all. Healing ourselves and healing others is an interactive process. We must work on both ends of this infinity axis. With every action of self healing with heal others and with every act of healing others we heal ourselves.

As we look around at the world we see much suffering, most of which comes from a distorted sense of Good and Evil. What one group deems as good, another deems as evil. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? This Full Moon requires us to transcend the illusion of good and evil, of victim and victimizer and remember that we are all the same, we are all made of the same stuff (Virgo) and we all come from the same place (Pisces) and that Love really is the only way forward!

New Moon in Virgo: Doing what is Necessary

On Monday, August 25th there is a New Moon in Virgo. New Moons are always times of planting seeds for a new cycle of manifestation. In Virgo we are planting the seeds of discernment. As an archetype Virgo is the energy of making adjustments in a step by step manner to make things more perfect. There is a detail orientation in Virgo unmatched in the Zodiac. This New Moon comes at a time when we are witness to the breaking down of the old guard and an emergence of a new paradigm.

Virgo’s goal is to make things work more efficiently. No matter what the job, Virgo comes in with it’s checklists and informational manuals and gets to work on making it better. So this is a wonderful New Moon to start a new health regiment, begin to clean out your closets, whether metaphorical or actual and start making your life work better for you.

The Chart for this New Moon is quite potent. The Sabian Symbol for 3 degrees of Virgo is “Two Guardian Angels” , Invisible help and protection in times of crisis. A comforting symbol at a time when the old paradigm in breaking down and the new paradigm is being formulated as we go.

As we look around, Nations, leaders, and certain groups are acting in the same ‘old’ way, power over, victim/victimizer, destruction of the nature environment in the name of sovereignty and dominion. The folly of this is almost laughable, if it wasn’t so tragic. There seems to be no corner of the world untouched by violence, upheaval and strife. So what’s the answer? This New Moon has some suggestions.

In the chart of the New Moon is a Yod or Finger of God configuration. This interaction between 3 or more planets creates the necessity to make adjustments. The planets involved are Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Uranus in Aries, as the focal point of the yod, asks the question how can we become who we are uniquely meant to be. Aries requires ultimate freedom in order to function, yet Aries energy unchecked can create a very destructive atmosphere as everyone feels as if their way, is the right way.

Saturn and Mars are within arc minutes of their biennial conjunction, yet their relationship in this New Moon chart to each other is a balsamic one. Balsamic conjunctions ask us to let go, forgive and come to understand that we are all one. Asking Mars & Saturn, the planet of war & the planet of authority in the sign of death (Scorpio) to let go and forgive, may seem like magical thinking, yet it is exactly what we need in order to give each other the space and freedom to become our true selves.

Mercury in Virgo makes an opportunistic sextile to Mars and Saturn. This kind of sextile gives us the opportunity to reformulate our ideologies to create a more progressive equitable future. Mercury in Virgo is more than happy to work out the details of this! This does take some adjusting on both the part of Mercury, the mind, and Uranus, that drive to be free. So what mental constructs need to be released in order to make freedom for all a workable solution?

We are indeed in a time of crisis. Crisis brings into focus what is truly important. When we are in crisis we must function in the present moment , unconcerned with the past or the future. Yet it is within the present moment that we co-create our reality and determine our future. It’s time to truly figure out how to move forward in this time of great change. It will take time, patience, organization & discernment. So this Virgo New Moon is the perfect time to get started.

Full Moon in Aquarius: We are our Brother/Sister’s Keepers

On August 10th there is a Full Moon in Aquarius. At the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are the farthest apart from each other along the 360 degree circle. This affords us perspective as the Moon is fully illumined by the Sun. With the Sun in the sign of it’s rulership, Leo, this is a particularly powerful Full Moon on it’s own, yet this Full Moon is also a ‘Super Moon’ meaning it is the closest to earth and therefore the brightest and biggest Moon we will see. Whenever a planet is closest to the Earth, as when any planet goes retrograde, the energy of that planet is more accessible to us on an energetic level. The Moon in Aquarius helps us to gain perspective on the idea of how we interact within groups. Aquarius can be a mentally restrictive sign, or it can be an incredibly ‘out of the box’ sign, depending on what side of Aquarius you resonate. Aquarius was traditionally ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and yet the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, wants nothing more that to break out of structure. So at this time we will see both sides of the Aquarian Archetype. So expect some resistance and a few explosions. Yet, resistance is futile, as evolution continues on and the Uranian side of Aquarius wins in the end. That means progress will be made, as to how much that will ‘cost’ us is yet to be determined.

This Full Moon axis is in a tight square to Saturn. Saturn in Scorpio symbolizes both the transformation of reality and the resistance to that transformation caused by fear and mistrust. In Scorpio we come to terms with forces greater than self, no the least of which is death, and so we see this frightening specter each time we turn on the TV and watch the news. For those of us who live in less war-torn areas Scorpio can symbolize a more metaphorical death and rebirth. Either way we are dealing with the fixed modality. Each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac has either one of three ‘qualities’ of energy, Cardinal which is initiatory, fixed which is stabilizing or mutable which is changeable. When we are working with the fixed modality we are dealing with long standing and emotional issues. We can see this in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, an ancient conflict that predates the formation of Israel in the 1940’s by thousands of years. And within us all we have a little bit of that Israeli/Palestinian conflict brewing, just as ancient and just has fearsome. This Full Moon helps illuminate that for us.

Uranus, now in initiatory Aries also interacts with the Full Moon axis, but in a more supportive way. Uranus sextiles the Moon, opening up the door to a more progressive and equitable cooperation among people, releasing old ideologies and embracing a more humanitarian way of being, reminding us that we are in fact each other’s keepers. Uranus also makes a flowing self-expressive trine to the Sun in Leo. There are a plethora of creative ideas that can help us to work toward a more life affirming (Sun) Future (Uranus).

And Lastly, Saturn and Uranus, the co-rulers of the Aquarius Moon are in a rather long standing inconjunct aspect to each other. Inconjuncts require us to make adjustments. With Saturn and Uranus we in the process of breaking down the structures of society that impede our evolution. By evolution I’m referring to out journey towared oneness and unity. This waning or releasing aspect requires us to make the emotional adjustments necessary to learn to work together. Emotional shifts are the most difficult for us culturally because we are taught to ignore our emotions, to get over things and move on. Yet we are so deeply wounded that unless we dig for the wound, bring it up to the surface and heal it in the light of day we will destroy ourselves.

The Sun in Leo reminds us that it is Love that leads the way, without the beating heart all of life ceases. If we can open our hearts to the joy of living get perspective on the emotions that drive us and heal what needs to be healed we can not only survive this time, but thrive doing it.

May we all find the peace within to create the peace without.

New Moon in Leo: Planting the Seeds of Joy!

There is a New Moon in Leo on Saturday, July 26th at 6:42 PM EDT. A New Moon signals a time of beginnings. What kind of beginning is determined by the sign of the New Moon, and how it may manifest, is determined by the interrelationships between the New Moon and the other planets in the chart. Leo is the sign of creative self-expression, leadership, generosity, fun, luck, children and drama. Ruled by the Sun, there is a sense of being at the center of your creative universe.

Today's New Moon occurs in 4 degrees of Leo and is in a close conjunction to Jupiter in Leo at 3 degrees. Jupiter just moved into the sign of the Lion back on July 16th after a year long journey through Cancer. Jupiter always makes things bigger, so this New Moon is a big deal. There is also a square to Mars in Scorpio to this New Moon. Mars has just moved into Scorpio yesterday, July 25th, after 8 LONG months in Libra. Mars prefers to act instinctually, without forethought, but in Libra Mars was forced to act in a considered manner. So that now that Mars is out of Libra and has moved into a sign in really enjoys being in, (Mars was the classical ruler of Scorpio before the discovery of Pluto) to say Mars is raring to go is an understatement. The geometrical relationship between Mars and the New Moon is an applying square, there is a lot of energy to do things differently in an attempt to escape the ghosts of the past. We can sense this in world events, as actions taken that were once accepted as reasonable , strike us as archaic and unnecessary.

This can also be seen in Venus' opposition to Pluto in this chart. Awareness around how those in power, Pluto in Capricorn, treat women and children (Venus in Cancer). As well as Uranus inconjunct Saturn which requires emotional adjustments to be made to make room for progressive thoughts, as the old rules of separation make room for the New Paradigm.

In the world at large we will see both the positive and negative expressions of these aspects. We can see leaders drunk with a sense of their own self-importance make power grabs, creating much havoc and suffering. We could also see people standing up against tyranny, while others simply doing their best to connect with a sense of inner love.

Finding what brings you joy is one of the most powerful things we can do as individuals during this New Moon. As Leo is the sign of children, we can connect with the inner child within us. Come to love and nurture that child. In doing so we come to accept ourselves, and as a result of self acceptance we accept others. This is the path to wholeness, peace and true leadership based on Love.

When we look at the world around us, embroiled in all manner of suffering, it can be difficult to access joy, yet that is the key to the kingdom. If we can turn our backs on those things that separate us, and turn our heart to that which unites us, we can make huge changes in our world, one act of joy at at time!

Full Moon in Capricorn: The Final Exam

On July 12th there is a Full Moon in Capricorn. Full Moons are high energy times and opportunities to reach an awareness.This particular full moon is somewhat of a watershed moment for 2014. 

Basically a Full Moon is the point where the Sun and Moon are the furthest they can be from one another along the 360 degree circle. The seeds planted on the New Moon in Cancer back on June 28th have come to fruition. We see what we have been diligently working on over the last 14 days. In itself the FM is part of the monthly manifest ion cycle, yet there are times when the Lunation cycle (monthly cycle between the Sun and Moon) aligns with larger cycles, and this Full Moon is one of those times.

Throughout most of 2014 there has been a Grand Cardinal Square in the heavens. This Grand cross was formed by Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra. We started the year with a New Moon on this Grand Cross setting the  tone for the year to be one of initiation into a new way of being, acting & relating.  In April this Grand Cross became very exact, acting much like the eye of a needle. We were required at that time, to let go of old ways of being, relating & acting that no longer served our evolution, if we in fact, wanted to evolve. Like all things in this dualistic world, evolution is a choice. For those who chose to move along the path there were some painful releases of long standing attachments. These attachments it seemed were that which we held most dear, and often felt like we couldn't do without.

We are now on the other side of that huge energetic let go, unencumbered yet still unsure. The energy of the Cardinal Cross is two steps forward, one step back, so we are finding our footing in this New Paradigm.

The Grand Cardinal Cross forms again with this Full Moon in Capricorn one last time, save for a short period of time in December of 2014. But for all intents and purposes this is the end of this particular long term configuration.

In the Full Moon chart the Sun and Moon are part of this Grand Cardinal Cross. Awareness around issues of family, parenting, gender and internal vs. external security are seen in the opposition of the Sun and Moon. The FM squares the nodal axis, North Node in Libra & South Node in Aries. The Nodes of the Moon point to the direction of our collective evolution. The North Node in Libra asks us to relate in a cooperative and balanced way, The South Node in Aries asks us to let go of old ways of acting, especially based on emotional insecurity and the war-like tendencies. Adding to this is the other actors in the Grand Cross play (save for Jupiter which is in the last degree of Cancer and not part of the party). Pluto is conjoined the Moon in Capricorn, Mars is conjoined the NN in Libra and Uranus is conjoin the SN in Aries. This is the final exam, can we relate in a new way? Can we do things differently? Can we take the internal changes we have undergone and translate them onto the larger cultural and world stage.

There is one more long term configuration to be considered that is part of this Full Moon chart and that is the Grand Water Trine that has been in the heavens since the Summer of 2013. In Astrology water is symbolic of the Soul, the emotional body and the feminine. In the patriarchal society we find ourselves in the attributes of Water are not recognized as valuable.  This can be easily seen in the treatment of women, the planet & the way our emotions are handled, more like a disease, than a natural process of being human.

Grand Trines are opportunities for healing or re-imprinting of traumas and abuses to our emotional bodies, our souls and the feminine. This can be seen all over the world from those school girls in Nigeria, to the Hobby Lobby decision by the supreme court of the Untied States, the feminine must be valued if we are to have any chance of balance and peace.

We are tired of the old ways, we have let go, reconfigured, re-orientated ourselves, done the internal work necessary, now it's time to be the change. We are ready. With the awareness we can garner at this Full Moon we can make this world a more loving place. It starts with each individual making different choices and eventually those in charge have no choice but to change. We have the power people, let's use it!