New Moon in Cancer: The Rise of the Earthly Family

On Friday, June 27th there is a New Moon in the sign of Cancer. It is in the sign of Cancer that we come to digest our experiences and see how they make us feel. There is a waxing and waning nature to Cancer, seen as periods of withdrawal, followed by periods of expression. Anyone who is a Cancer or knows a Cancer can recognize this pattern. Sometimes it is seen as being moody, yet it is really just the Cancer’s need to crawl into their shell to come to understand how they are feeling. Incidentally, you don’t need to be a Cancer to experience this, everyone has the sign of Cancer in their chart somewhere. So there is some portion of our life that we go through this process.

Being the first Water Sign on the natural zodiac, Cancer is very subjectively oriented and most concerned with emotional security and the security and welfare of the clan. It’s ruling planet the Moon is connected to our gut level instincts. It is also related to our relationship with the nurturing parent. Historically the mother, yet these days as men and women become more in touch with both their masculine and feminine natures, the nurturing parent need not be the mother.

This New Moon in Cancer is especially important because Jupiter, the planet of expansion and understanding has been moving through Cancer since June of 2013. Whenever Jupiter is in a sign we come to learn something about that sign. Cancer being so instinctual and subjective, it is difficult to achieve perspective, yet that is just what Jupiter brings to the party. Jupiter’s year long journey through Cancer has given us the opportunity to look at our emotional reactions and responses. It has also allowed us to see just how our upbringing and the dynamics of our families of origin have effected the way we relate to life. This is seen in how we live our lives, the decisions we make, especially when we are feeling vulnerable. And Lord knows there has been enough tumult for everyone to feel vulnerable! It is also seen in how we relate to others.

During this time Jupiter in Cancer has been part of the Grand Cardinal Square which has acted as a doorway to initiation, A Cardinal t-square with transformational giants Pluto and Uranus, to push us to move forward and change the way relate to power. And Jupiter has been part of a 2 Grand Water Trines. One with Saturn and Neptune that was in orb for most of 2013 and one with Saturn and Chiron for most of 2014. All this activity has helped us to understand, heal and move forward.

So with this New Moon in Cancer we have a deeper, broader & more complete understanding of our emotions, our feelings & what drives us to react and respond the way we do. In other words we have the perspective to choose to respond differently if we so choose.

The Chart of the New Moon in Cancer has all the ingredients for forward motion, for healing the shadow & a challenge to relate to others in a different way. Jupiter in Cancer in this chart is square the nodes of the Moon. This creates a conundrum and a choice point. We are being asked to review our old instinctual actions, especially the way we act when we are feeling threatened, and to let go of them. The way forward is through cooperation and compromise. This takes a lot of courage and a deep sense of personal power.

We are working within a new paradigm, the rules have changed, the old ways no longer work. More and more people see the futility in the old and dream of a future where we work together to make this world a more verdant and peaceful place. We are tired of war, of sacrificing our children, of raping mother earth for short term gains for a very small number of individuals. The meek may very well inherit the earth, yet I doubt if the meek want to inherit a garbage dump!

Cancer is about family and we are all part of a greater family, the family of Man/Woman. And beyond that we are part of an earthly family that includes the plants, animals, fishes, minerals, & insects. Let’s do this together, our very survival depends on it!

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Believe!

On Friday June 13th there is a Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. Full Moons are time when the seeds planted on the New Moon reach maturity. The New Moon associated with this Full Moon was the New Moon in Gemini that occurred on May 28th.

As we look at this Full Moon we have an awareness concerning what information and experience we base our belief systems upon. On the information side of things the Sun in Gemini shines the light on the data we are receiving from our interaction with the world. This interaction is mediated by Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury. Which, at the time of this Full Moon is moving retrograde in Cancer. Mercury is how we take in information and when retrograde we take information in and mull it over. Nothing is really taken at face value with Mercury retrograde. Those soul’s born with this in their chart can certainly attest to that. With Mercury in Cancer we must the information we receive through the filter of our emotions. Mercury retrograde requires us to look within for answers.

On the Sagittarius side of the equation we look to how our beliefs create our reality. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter which is also in Cancer. In fact Jupiter has been in Cancer for almost a year now. And as the planet of understanding we have come to understand a lot about how we were nurtured, or not in some cases through our family of origin. We have also come to appreciate that all our current relationships are colored by our experiences as a child within our family.

Jupiter is part of a grand water trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Here we can sense the connections between how society has effected our family and how in turn we have been wounded by this. Living in a patriarchal society were feelings make you crazy and exploration of the body sinful, sets up a no-win situation for everyone. How can we expect to be whole when ½ or our experiences are denigrated?

This Grand Trine gives us an opportunity to understand, forgive and let go. Or it can further imbed us into the feelings of victimization, depression and blame. The choice is ours.

The fact that the Moon at 23 degrees of Sagittarius is inconjunct (an irritating, crisis producing aspect) to Jupiter at 23 degrees of Cancer, points to the need for us to make adjustments in the way we think about our family, our freedom, and our philosophy. The blame game is over, once we understand this, it is up to us to move on and when challenged to do it differently.

There is a vast chasm between knowing and doing. Doing is also seen in the Full Moon chart as Mars the Planet of doing is in a Cardinal T-square with Pluto and Uranus. In fact tomorrow Mars makes the last of 3 Last ¼ squares with Pluto (First one was on December 30, 2013; the second on April 23, 2014) which is a crisis in the way we think about our desire nature. Does society truly reflect what we have come to know through our experience? The other parts of this T-square Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries brings us an awareness of how we must relate in a different way. In a way that allows us to appreciate each other’s uniqueness while still working for the common good. And the last part of this T-square, Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries is the engine of the change we find ourselves in. Requiring us to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Taking actions to build a new world, based on the principles that were born of the mid 60’s.

We are in uncharted territory. We are creating as we go. The old rules no longer apply if we wish to survive and thrive. The heavens have a story for us, one of healing understanding, balance and courage. We can do this, yet we must work together to do so. Be at peace with who you are and you will be at peace with others and we will make it work.

New Moon in Gemini: Planting the Seeds of Revolution!

On May 28th there is a New Moon in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is the sign of communication, information gathering & our local neighborhoods. It is also the sign associated with our siblings, cousins, and 'old school' friends, those we knew while we were growing up. This New Moon at 8 degrees of Gemini is in an almost exact square to Neptune at 8 degrees of Pisces. When we are dealing with Neptune, especially in Pisces, there can be some confusion about what is being planted. New Moons are seed times, and so what we think we are planting may not be what actually manifests. There is the sense of a 'wild card' with this New Moon.

Gemini is a lighter energy, as an air sign it deals with the mental body, the logical mind and the left brain. Curiosity is the spark we experience in Gemini and so planting a seed around something you are curious about, be it a relationship, a field of study, or an experience is a great way to utilize this energy.

The energy of change and transformation is replete in the chart for this New Moon. The Grand Cardinal Cross remains in the sky, opening the door to a new way of being and and a new way of relating to our families, partners and the outside world. A Grand Water trine with Jupiter, Saturn & Chiron gives us an opportunity to heal some long standing issues, especially those around victimization. Grand Trines are tricky however, if we choose not to utilize them in a positive way they can work to further mire us in the rut of the victim/victimizer paradigm.

There is also a yod formation that requires us to look at how we value the feminine and in turn, how fairly women are treated in this society. Without valuing the feminine we can ever achieve the balance necessary to work effectively. This can be seen in the larger world and in our own personal relationship to our feminine side. Loving and appreciating our sensitivity, our bodies, our emotions and valuing these parts of ourselves as much as we value our mental prowess an spiritual aptitude is paramount to achieving balance.

The Sabian symbol for this degree of the zodiac is "Aroused strikers surround a factory" Within this degree is the seed of revolution when 'the people' come to understand that the few who hold all the cards do not have the people's best interests at heart. There is great power in banding together for the common good. Initially it may require sacrifice, yet it is becoming more and more evident that we will be sacrificing either way. At least this way we are doing it for the good of the many instead of the good of the few.

The upcoming summer promises to be a turning point in our evolution. If we can be courageous, keep an open heart and trust our instincts we will be in a much better position to navigate the rapids of change. Just put on your life vests and get ready for the ride of your lives!

Full Moon in Scorpio: The Awareness of Choice

On May 14th we have a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. At the Full Moon the Sun and the Moon are as far apart as they can be from one other. The Sun is the center of our awareness and the Moon the depository of our subconscious drives and feelings. In Sun in Taurus illuminates our needs to survive and thrive this 3rd dimensional experience we call life on Earth. The Moon in Scorpio connects to our deepest emotional core, which includes the nurturing we received from our families and the nature of our emotional/sexual wounding. Full Moons are times of awareness when we can be more objective and have a broader perspective of our experiences.

This Full Moon is the manifestation time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse that occurred on April 29th. At that time we planted new seeds in our relationship to what we value, what is essential and how we feel about ourselves. Now at this Full Moon we see what has grown from those seeds. The next phase between the Full Moon and the next New Moon is our time to introduce these new manifestations into society, to share our creations and learn from the creations of others.

Besides the opposition between the Sun and Moon there are also a number of other important heavenly patterns that further elucidate where we are on our journey towards self-understanding and manifestation of our true selves. A square between Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn creates the energy to drive us forward on our new relationship to power. This crisis in action square, requires us to act to build foundation stones for the structure of our new relationship to power. This cycle began back on November 16th 2013, when Venus conjoined Pluto at 10 degrees of Capricorn. Since that time Venus has gone through a retrograde period in which we reviewed, revised and reconfigured our relationship to money, power, our selves and our relationships. Through that process we have really come to terms with what in fact is important to us, as well as what no longer serves us and must be released.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is also present in this chart creating a doorway of initiation for us to walk through and be and do it differently. There is also a Grand Trine in Water with Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron. This trine gives us the choice to heal issues around how ingrained the idea and dare I say ideal of victimization is in our society. Victimizers are ostracized and victims put on a pedestal, yet this does not seem to decrease the number of either. Getting down to the truth that victim/victimizer is a choice we make and that if we can take responsibility for our own choices in these situations the need for either would disappear.

Living in the new paradigm requires us to be responsible for ourselves 100%, this is guiding principle within the New Paradigm, something to aspire towards. And today's Full Moon gives us a glimpse of what it's going take to get there.

New Moon in Taurus: Rooting the New Earth

Tuesday, April 29th there is a New Moon in the sign of Taurus. Not only is it a New Moon, it is also a solar eclipse imbuing this New Moon with more power. The sign of Taurus is the associated with our essential needs; food, clothing, shelter and our resources: money; land; assets. Taurus is also the sign of the five senses so this New Moon seeds a new relationship with our resources, our sense of self-esteem and our senses.

April has been a highly energetic month, a kind of watershed moment that was building since the beginning of the year and perhaps even further back then that. No we come to the point where much of the old is passing out of our lives, yet the new is not yet formed. It is at this time that it takes a leap of faith.

Seeds have been planted and now with this New Moon in Taurus it is time to water and nurture those seeds and to have patience with the process of gestation. Where as Aries is the symbol of the little leaves, called primary leaves for those gardeners among you, Taurus is the time for the sprouts to grow a root system to support the long term stability of the plant. Aries is replete with ideas, in Taurus we must thin out the seedlings, and use the limited resources on that which is essential and has the best chance of survival.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Taurus is “A fully decorated Christmas Tree” according to the interpretation by Dane Rudhyar this is a symbol of our undying Faith in Cyclic Renewal. The keynote found in his book An Astrological Mandala states: The ability to create inner happiness in dark hours.

For many of us this is not just a metaphorical practice, but an actual one. We have been required to let go of quite a lot. Some of it we were ready to let go of, while others things we were not so willing, yet go they went.

Because this is a solar eclipse the Sun is blocked by the Moon, which means that our past is right in our face, unaffected by the light of the Sun. And with this eclipse being on the South Node of the eclipse, also know as the Dragon’s Tail, there is still some more releasing to be done. Yet the sense of this release is one we choose to make, as opposed to many of the previous releases that we may have been unaware of the need to let go. Even the most aware individuals got their ‘bells rung’ by the sweep of energy in April.

The Grand Cardinal Cross is still present in the heavens, meaning that the door to initiation remains open. A grand water trine gives us access to the healing waters of the Divine.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is a starting point for us to begin to rebuild our lives, base on new values, ideas & inspirations. It is important to keep things simple, allow them the time to grow and above all open your heart to gratitude. Gratitude is the key to the kingdom of abundance and this golden key is free!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Letting Go of the Old Paradigm!

On April 15th there is a full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra. Energetically Eclipses act like reset buttons. The Electromagnetic waves that flow to the earth from the Sun are temporarily interrupted, allowing either the release of old energy or the ingestion of new.

There are two eclipse seasons, each year, always 6 months apart. These occur when the Sun is at near the North Node of the Moon, also called the Dragon's Mouth; or the Sun is at the South Node of the Moon, also called the Dragon's Tail. Eclipses at the North Node (Dragon's Mouth) herald a time of bringing in new experience for us to digest, while Eclipses at the South Node (Dragon's Tail) require us to let go of old emotional patterns (the Moon) that no longer serve our personal/collective evolution. The eclipse of April 15th is one of Release.

The signs of the Sun and Moon clue us to the issues at hand. The Sun in Aries is about being our unique selves while the Moon in Libra points to how best to relate on an emotional level. Taken on it's own this eclipse points to letting go of the old ways of relating that dis-empower us and relate in such a way that we are allowed to be who we are and still have emotional peace. Yet this eclipse cannot be take by itself, because it is occurring in the midst of some of the most intense planetary energies in recent history.

Along with the eclipse we have a Grand Cardinal Square in the heavens that acts like a doorway for us to initiate a new way of being. Two of the planets involved in this configuration, Pluto and Uranus, are driving the great environmental, political, cultural and personal transformations we are currently in the thick of. This planetary pattern, which also includes Jupiter and Mars, is an interconnection of stressful relationships that require acute awareness concerning our relationship to power AND how we act to move forward without destroying ourselves in the process.

This conundrum can be seen in our relationship to our environment, in many or our political situations across the globe, and within our most intimate and personal relationships.

Things seem quite dire, and in point of fact they are. We are at a choice point. As we are faced with the Dragon's tail, it behooves us to let go. Let go of our current relationship to power. In a patriarchal society power is held by the few. Let that mental construct go and come to realize that you possess inside of yourself great untapped wells of power. In a patriarchal society Mother Earth is simply a depository of resources for us to utilize. Let that go. Appreciate the Mother, love her, treat her with respect, heal her, it is not our right to utilize her resources, it is a gift that she gives us.

In our relationship to others, come to the awareness that if we are allowed to be the beautiful sparks of the Divine that we truly are there is no need to use manipulation when relating to others. In fact others are simply mirrors for us to either experience the fullness of love, or as a vehicle of projection to see what it is about ourselves that we have not learned to love. Then, LOVE IT.

The Greatest Gift we can give ourselves, and by proxy, give to others is LOVE. Releasing the need to be superior, and/or releasing the need to be inferior opens us up to the true power. We can be uniquely who we are born to be AND relate to each other in a cooperative and peaceful manner.
We can move through this cosmic doorway, this spiritual initiation and hold the space for those who are still asleep to the truth of our magnificence, for many only see the darkness. The Light is here, we just need to be it!