New Moon in Aries: In the Beginning there was LOVE….

New Moon in Aries: In the Beginning there was LOVE….

March 30th is the New Moon in Aries. All New Moons have an Aries quality to them, the quality of newness, the archetype of emergence and being-ness.
When the New Moon is actually in Aries, we could say, this is the beginning of the beginning.

When the Sun moved into Aries back on the 20th of March we began to sense a stirring of the energy, yet the real ball doesn’t start to roll until this New Moon. In part due to the fact that the Sun and Moon are also in conjunction to Uranus in Aries. Uranus always adds the unexpected to the mix. It’ is said that you cannot prepare for Uranus, you can only pick up the pieces after it has made itself known. So this can be a very explosive time.

We also need to take into consideration what the ruling planet of Aries is doing in the New Moon chart. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and Mars is moving retrograde in Libra. Mars doesn’t really like being in Libra, and definitely doesn’t like being in Libra retrograde. This forces Mars to take considered action. The ‘old way’ of shoot first, ask questions later will not work with Mars retrograde in Libra. In fact if Mars does pull a gun, he is most likely to shoot himself in the foot!

This New Moon is part of the Cardinal t-square that has been gracing the heavens since the end of last year. This configuration requires us to take action on a personal as well as cultural level. We are aware of who holds all the cards when it comes to perceived power. We also realize that those in power would like us to continue to feel powerless. Yet the truth of the matter is that we have enormous power especially if we work together. Something Mars in Libra is trying to tell us.

Part of the process of reclaiming our power has to do with examination of our family dynamics. Jupiter in Cancer (since June 2013) has been causing us to explore our feeling nature around family, nurturance, women’s issues and cultural conditioning. Family dynamics are based on cultural norms, and we are imbedded in a patriarchal culture that does not value the feminine, the emotions or the earth. And so those in power feel as if the earth is theirs to do whatever they wish, women are baby machines to pump out soldiers for their wars, and being emotional means you’re crazy.

Well we’re not crazy, the earth belongs to everyone, and you cannot have our kids!

This New Moon is an opportunity to put forth a New Paradigm. One based on equality, fairness, compassion and love. It will take time, although maybe not as much as we think, to see these changes. One thing for sure, is we have to start somewhere and at some time. Well the where is here and the time is now. So as we set our intentions for spring, let us plant the seeds of transformation based on love. Hate has gotten us to the brink of annihilation. It’s time to try something New and there’s no better time than when the Sun moves through Aries!

Spring Equinox 2014: The Age of We

March 20th is the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere (Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.) The Sun moves into the sign of Aries. Aries is the sign of becoming, and instinctual action. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, the red planet, which has been very bright in the night sky of late. The reason for it’s brightness is due to the fact that it is very close to the earth at the time. This occurs when Mars is retrograde.

As the ruling planet of Aries the sign that Mars inhabits gives us a clue as to the energy we will experience as the Sun moves through Aries. Mars is in the sign of Libra, the sign of relationship. Let’s not forget that the Planet Mars was named after the Roman God of war, This can mean war within relationships for some, yet that is not the best use for this energy. Libra is the sign of balance, fairness, justice, diplomacy and equal rights. Libra loves order and abhors chaos. Libra is also the archetype of listening. Mars is not known for his listening ability. With Mars and Aries, we tend to shoot first and ask questions later. Yet with Mars retrograde AND in Libra, considered action is the best way to utilize the Martial energy. It is best to talk out our differences, come to some sort of understanding and compromise.

It is said no one likes compromise, yet if we wish to share this planet with others it’s guaranteed that we will have to concede some of our needs for the good of the whole. We do get some help with this challenge from a planet that is generally not seen as helpful.

Saturn, the planet of structure is now retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of intimate relationship, shard resources and transformation. Whenever a planet is retrograde we have the opportunity to review, revise and reformulate. The structures indicated by Saturn are more open to change when Saturn is retrograde. If you happen to have a Saturn retrograde natally, you are also more open to alternative realities, especially concerning the way society is structured. Add the fact that this is all happening in the sign of transformation, we have a golden opportunity to revise our relationships to each other, to shared resources opening us up to the death of the old way of being and being reborn into a new way.

There is yet another heavenly road sign to help us find the direction of our collective destiny, and that is found in the signs of the Nodes of the Moon. The nodes of the Moon are not planetary bodies, they are points along the elliptic where the path of the Earth around the Sun intersects with the orbit of the Moon around the Earth. Yet these points in space are seen as very powerful points in astrology going back to ancient times. Lunar (Moon) Nodes are always 180 degrees apart from each other so they are found in opposite signs. They remain in a set of signs for a little over 18 months and move from sign to sign in a backwards motion. In fact Eclipses can only occur at these nodes.

The North Node of the Moon is seen as the direction forward for our conscious collective evolution. The South Node of the Moon is seen as the issues of the past that must be released in order to consciously evolve. In February the Nodes of the Moon changed signs from the North Node in Scorpio/South Node in Taurus, to the North Node in Libra/South Node in Aries. This means that our collective conscious evolution is in the direction of Libra, balance, harmony, diplomacy, fairness, and equality.

Each day the planet gets smaller and smaller. Each day we see how our actions (Aries) no matter how seemingly inconsequential, effects the greater whole. The connectivity created by the internet has made it near impossible to be uniformed unless you consciously choose to sleep. Has anyone else thrown a piece of plastic in the garbage and not wonder if it will find its way to that giant plastic island in the middle of the Pacific? Libra requires us to not just listen, but to live mindfully.

The fate of the world lies squarely in our hands. Lets recreate our personal world mindfully and this will flow out like ripples on a pond to the greater world. We can do this, it takes one mindful action at a time. Acting out, or acting in habitual ways will only cause us to suffer unnecessarily. It time to put on our big girl/boy pants and live responsively.

New Moon in Pisces: Oneness

March starts with a New Moon at 11 degrees of Pisces. The Sabian Symbol for 11 degrees of Pisces is: “Men traveling a Narrow Path, seeking Illumination.” This symbolizes the capacity inherent in each of us to seek at whatever cost, entrance to the transcendental realms of reality. And for certain spiritual understanding is a steep, narrow and often lonely path, yet paradoxically the pot of gold we find at the ’end’ of this particular rainbow is one of Oneness.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and within it lies all that has come before. This makes a New Moon in Pisces capable of fulfilling whatever needs must be met to ultimately let go.

Pisces is the sign of letting go, the dissolution of structures, the dissolving of boundaries, all so that we may experience the oneness. Often strong Pisces placements in a chart indicate escapist tendencies, such as drug and alcohol addiction, yet any addiction that creates a sense of escapism will fit the Pisces Bill. Ultimately however, any addiction is simply avoidance, an illusion of oneness. Letting go is no simple matter and we need to be totally aware as we move into that space of surrender.

Within the realm of Pisces we let go of our individuality, something many of us have fought long and hard to find in the first place! Yet there is no fighting the tides of the Great Cosmic Ocean, in the end we all end up there. The miraculous thing however, is that within the ultimate let go, lies the seed for rebirth, which we experience in Aries. So the letting go, for most of us is not a permanent state, it is a transitory one, as we evolve through growth and death over and over again.

This New Moon in Pisces is conjoined Chiron. Chiron is an asteroid that has been in Pisces since 2010 and will be there until 2019. Chiron is the archetype of the wounded healer and symbolizes the wound that will not heal.

Last in Pisces during the 60’s, Chiron has a 52 year orbit around the Sun. The wound we experience in Pisces is separation from source, abandonment by God. Separation from Source is the ultimate illusion, for even though we are encapsulated within bodies, we are all of the same stuff! All is Source, there is no separation, except that which we think there is.

Of course patriarchal religion wants us to believe that God lies outside of us, and that in fact only mind and spirit will ‘know god’ the flesh, which includes our emotional bodies are separate and sinful. Part of the journey of those with Chiron in Pisces (as well as the Pluto in Virgo Generation 1957-1970) is to heal the split between body and spirit, to prove false, the Garden of Eden Myth, which denigrates the feminine, the earth, and the emotional body.

A trine to Jupiter in Cancer, to this New Moon, opens potent channels of energy, helping us to heal wounds created through growing up in families that structured reality based on the lie of separation. Who are these families? Pretty much all of them. It is not about blame, it is about awareness and once we have that awareness, it’s about choice. We can’t chose between two options if we don’t know they exist. Yet once we know, we cannot un-know and there in lies the challenge of this New Moon.

Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is also conjoined this New Moon in Pisces. Neptune is the consciousness of Source, which we know contains All that Is. This empowers this New Moon even more to let go of whatever lies between you and the Love of God/Goddess/All that is.

Do not fear the Oneness, open your heart to the possibilities of the ultimate Let Go and let spirit take the rudder. You will find yourself refreshed, renewed and ready to be reborn.

Full Moon in Leo: Fullness of Heart!

On February 14th we have a Full Moon in the sign of Leo. There is a synchronicity to cultural traditions and the stars that is quite unusual. It began on January 1st, a day traditionally dedicated to new beginnings, especially concerning self improvement. So in the heavens, on New Year’s Day, we had a New Moon in Capricorn, the sign of proper utilization of resources. Now on Valentine’s day we have a Full Moon in the sign that rules the heart, Leo.

For most of us, our first foray into Valentine’s Day, consisted of giving little Valentine Cards to our school buddies. If you were like me, you gave everyone a card, but gave your favorite ones to y our favorite friends. On Valentine’s Day the Sun is in Aquarius, the sign that rules friendship. Of course there were those people who received more Valentine’s than others, the most popular kids, that is the polarity of Aquarius, Leo. So both sides of the story are seen in the most innocent of situations.

As Full Moon’s are always times of awareness, we become aware of just how precious our friends are. The Sun in Aquarius affords us some objectivity while the Moon in Leo makes our emotions quite self-expressive and a touch on the dramatic side. The Leo/Aquarius axis is the polarity of the personal and the impersonal, the subjective and the objective and so fostering a balance between these to poles can be challenging, yet ultimately rewarding. Leo rules the heart and Aquarius the circulation or distribution of the life giving creative force that is Leo. Being too self focused, erring on the side of Leo, creates a blockage to love and staying too detached, erring on the side of Aquarius, prevents us from accessing loves’ life giving qualities.

This Full Moon points to the need to have both love for self and others. Saturn, the planet of reality, in transformational Scorpio makes a crisis producing square to the Full Moon axis. We are both reminded that there are limitations to our shared resources, as well as a reminder that there is no limitation to our resourcefulness, when we work together (Aquarius) to bring more love (Leo) into our lives. While Saturn is in Scorpio we have the opportunity to transform (Scorpio) our reality (Saturn).

Saturn square to the Full Moon axis creates a Fixed t-square in this Full Moon chart. The empty arm of this configuration is Taurus, the sign of resourcefulness and self-worth. It is vitally important to foster a sense of gratitude for what we have, no matter how little it may seem to us. For gratitude, the greatest gift of Taurus, is the key to the kingdom. Gratitude opens the heart, releases the fear of lack and allows the gifts of the heart (Leo) to circulate to all (Aquarius).

Life is a gift, not a burden, live it, breath it, share it. Show those who are most important to you how much you appreciate them, it doesn’t need to be in the form of chocolate, although that is a Taurus favorite! It can be as simple as a smile, a hug, a pat on the back or a thank you!

Have a most wonderful Full Moon and THANK YOU for being you, every single one of you!

New Moon in Aquarius: Sowing the Seeds for the Common Good!

The New Moon in Aquarius actually happens on January 30th, yet it's energy fills the month of February, cresting at the Full Moon on February 14th.

New Moons are seed times, the start of a new cycle of manifestation. The New Moon in Aquarius always coincides with the start of the Chinese New Year. The Year 2014 is the Year of the Wood Horse. Each year has an animal and an element it is associated with. Twelve signs X 5 Elements = a sixty year cycle. The element of Wood is the element associated with new growth and it's color is green, the color most often associated with the heart chakra. The Horse, in many cultures, is a symbol of power and mobility. All these qualities are seen in the year 2014, whether we look to Chinese Astrology, Modern Astrology or the Kabbalah.

This New Moon occurs at 11 degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of the common good and so on this New Moon we can plant the seeds for a more just and equitable life. This needs to be foster on the macro, cultural level,and on the micro, personal level. It is in our personal lives that we can have the most effect on and as a consequence effect the larger whole. This is a lesson we take from the polarity point of Aquarius, Leo. Yet too much focus on the personal creates blind spots, hence we need the objectivity and perspective Aquarius affords us.

The chart for the New Moon has 2 major aspect patterns, a Cardinal T-square and a Finger of God, or Yod pattern. The Cardinal T-square creates energy for change. Within this T-square we find Jupiter in Cancer in an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This gives us awareness of the structures of power in our world and our emotional relationship to them. Uranus in Aries squares both Pluto and Jupiter and is catalyzing us to take action to free ourselves from those relationships to power that keep us from being who we truly are. Part of that journey requires us to let go of the conditioning that we received as children raised in a culture where being different and thinking for yourself was feared and ostracized.

The Yod pattern actually contains the New Moon as part of it's configuration. In a Yod there are two points that have flowing opportunistic energy between them and a third point that creates crisis and a lot of irritation. Yet it is the third point, the tip of the Finger of God that must be dealt with.

The Sun and Moon in Aquarius makes an opportunistic sextile to Uranus in Aries. This is a waning sextile, one in where we have the opportunity to reformulate our way of thinking into a much more progressive one. This type of sextile actually has an Aquarius flavor to it, even if there were no planets in Aquarius. Yet there is, making this very potent indeed.

The third point of this stressful configuration is actually the asteroid Pallas Athene, in the sign of Virgo. In Mythology, Pallas Athena was the goddess of War, yet it was not brute force that won 'wars' for Athena, but strategy! In Virgo there is the need for duty and discernment and practical application in order to 'fix' the problems. Ultimately Virgo wants to heal the situation in a very hands on and thorough manner. This yod requires us to make sure that our best intentions of fairness and equality for all is not just a grand ideal, but a true down to earth reality that is going to take lots of WORK!

We are in the midst of great change that will take lots of ideas, heart and hard work. It starts with each one of us finding our own sense of worth while working to make this world a better one for everyone. We can do this, it will take some sweat, a few tears and lots of LOVE.

New Moon in Capricorn: Resolve to Love Thyself

There are moments in history and in our lives which we can look back on and realize that something has changed. That we will never be able to go back as an old way of being fades and that a new path rises before us. The New Moon in Capricorn is one of those moments.

Traditionally, New Years Day is a time of New Beginnings as we list our resolutions, go on a diet, quit smoking, exercise more, start writing that book. Whatever we promise ourselves, they are things we feel we ought to do. Part of the reason our resolutions are generally ‘shoulds’ is because on New Year’s Day the Sun is in Capricorn. Capricorn is the king/queen of the ‘should’s‘, ‘ought to’s’ and ‘have to’s‘. We judge our effectiveness in Capricorn and often come up wanting. So we attempt to right all the wrongs with a list of self-improvements.

This New Year’s Day is truly a Day of New Beginnings, as the New Moon in Capricorn occurs on January 1st. This New Moon is particularly potent for a number of reasons. There are five planets in Capricorn, the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury and Venus, making this a serious new moon. In fact the Sun and Moon at 11 degrees of Capricorn are conjoined Pluto at 12 degrees and Mercury at 13 degrees. That is a very close and powerful configuration, and with Pluto in the mix, highly transformational. Venus although not conjunct is retrograde at 27 degrees of Capricorn. Retrograde planets point to the process of re-evaluation and with Venus we are dealing with a re-evaluation of our essential needs and our relationships, especially concerning money and power.

The New Moon is also part of a grand cardinal square. A grand square in the cardinal signs points to an opportunity (crisis) in which we are tested to move forward in a new direction. Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries round out this square. Issues of power and powerlessness, freedom to be who we are, responsibility around relationship and the accessing of emotional self-reliance and nurturing are all highlighted.

This square acts as a doorway, or a threshold that we are required to walk through. For those who refuse to move through this portal, fate will step in and give you a nice strong shove. All areas of our lives will be transformed. Who we are, who we relate to, who we are on inner levels and how we are seen in the outer world. Nothing will stay the same.

This process is really an opportunity to find out who you are. Numerologically 2014 is a 7 year. Seven is about coming to know self. Who you are at your core, without the trappings of life that we can easily hide behind. We are coming to know ourselves whether we like it or not.

So back to those resolutions. Most resolutions are made because we look at ourselves and judge ourselves against the standards of our culture. Yet what is truly important is not how we look, how successful we are, how much self-control we have. What’s important is how we feel in our heart of hearts. It’s not about judging self, it’s about loving self. Because the more we love ourselves at the very core of our being, the more love we share. And suddenly we make better choices, we stop smoking, start eating right, take those long walks, talk to those we love without judgment. And our life becomes a celebration of love.

Instead of making a resolution, make a promise to yourself that you will seek love in all things, especially those concerning yourself. Be gentle with yourself, foster emotional healing and self-reliance. No one is responsible for your happiness but you. Capricorn is above all about responsibility, or the ability to respond. Respond with love to yourself and others and miracles will happen!

Have a blessed New Year!