New Moon in Gemini: A New Way

On June 4th there is a New Moon in the sign of Gemini. New Moons are times of planting seeds for the future. This New Moon is a very powerful one as the Sun/Moon is part of a Mutable Grand Square with Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn. We are being faced with the limitations of our current belief systems on both a personal and collective levels. As we watch what is going on in the outer world we may be asking ourselves, “Where is the compassion?” “How can we ease the suffering we see or feel?” “How can we change the system to stop this insanity?” These are all questions stimulated by this Grand Square.

It would be easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information, images, feelings and intuitions that come flooding in at this time. How can we filter through all of this? These type of configurations, especially in the mutable signs, can create a mental energy pattern that makes us feel like a hamster in hamster wheel. Going over the same ground over and over again without getting anywhere. Yet if we can avoid this danger, we can utilize this energy to create the change that will really propel us onto new ground.

Along with the energy of this Grand Square, which will be a big influence throughout the month of June, we also have a Grand Earth Trine in the sky. For as ephemeral as the Mutable Grand Square is, the Grand Earth Trine is grounded, real and stable. How do we utilize the stability of the Earth Trine while staying connected to all the information available to us through the Mutable Square, to actually think in a new way? We look for a connection between the two. That connection is Jupiter in the sign of Virgo which is part of both configurations.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it helps us to look at the big picture. Generally an energy not interested in details, the fact that it is now in the sign most associated with details, Virgo, we find ourselves buried in detail, whether we like it or not. Virgo is the sign associated with service, health and making things work better. There is a step by step process we go through in Virgo where small adjustments are needed to improve a situation. With all the problems we seem to be beset with it is easy to throw up your hands in futility. Yet if we can focus on just one thing at a time, take care of one detail and remember that we are not doing this in a vacuum, we can make huge progress with small actions.

The other important factor with Virgo is becoming aware of our physical body. The body is the vessel in which holds our eternal spirit. Ignoring our bodies will do us no favors. We must look to see what habits we can change to purify our bodies. How many people do you know who have been sick with ailments that just don’t seem to go away? Are you feeling under the weather? Take care of yourself first and foremost. Take care of your environment. Avoid harsh chemicals, eat healthier more natural food. Make sure you are well hydrated and do your best to get enough sleep. It may be odd to think, the world is falling apart around me, I think I’ll go take a nap. It’s almost counter intuitive, isn’t there something I can do? There is. Love yourself, love your planet, love one another. Take the actions that really count. Simplify your life and visualize the world you want to live in. It is these simple steps that will strengthen us all and help us to face the future, together.

Full Moon in Sagittarius: What is your truth

On May 21st there is a Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. Full Moons are times of culmination when what was seeded at the New Moon (New Moon 17 degrees of Taurus on 5/5/2016) come to fruition to be disseminated into the world. With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius the themes of truth and lies, beliefs and ideas, and logical and intuitive thinking are highlighted.

The Sun in Gemini stimulates conversation and the Moon in Sagittarius can show us how we either are open to beliefs beyond our ken, or how stuck we are in our belief systems. Mars now retrograde in Sagittarius is conjunct the Moon and will have it's biennial opposition to the Sun tomorrow, This will occur at the same degrees of this Full Moon, putting energy where our beliefs are. Although with Mars being retrograde we could reconsider our actions and see patterns as to how our beliefs have created the situations we find ourselves in.

The energy of the time we find ourselves in is very malleable. As with the New Moon in Taurus on May 5th we still have a mutable t-square with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This configuration brings awareness as to what needs to be healed on both a physical and spiritual level, while old structures of power and the beliefs that kept those structures in place dissolve away. While this occurs the Grand Earth Trine that was part of the New Moon in Taurus remains active in the sky as Mercury in Taurus has taken the place of the New Moon and trines both Jupiter and Pluto. We have the resources to build the structures needed for the paradigm shift to take root.

Keeping an open mind will go a long way at changing things. As the personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus begin to move through Gemini, each will take their turn in filling out the mutable t-square, giving us plenty of perspective and ideas on how to make our world work better for all concerned. Revolution is in the air and the winds of change are blowing hard. Almost anything, except maybe for the status quo to keep a hold of the reigns, is possible. Don't believe what you hear from the usual sources of information, they have to much to loose to speak the truth of things. Instead, believe what you feel and no matter how magical you may think you thinking is, think it anyway for we are moving into a time when Magic and imagination is becoming more and more powerful!

New Moon in Taurus: Patience & Perseverance

On May 6th there is a New Moon in Taurus. New Moons are times to plant the seeds of intention and in Taurus we are dealing with what is most important for our survival and ultimate thrival. Taurus is the sign of our essential needs. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus the planet of love and relationship. In Taurus the relationship to self is paramount. What do we need to live the kind of life that will both satisfy our basic needs and reflect our growing understanding of self?

What makes this particular New Moon so potent is that it is part of a grand earth trine, as the the Sun/Moon at 17 degrees of Taurus make flowing trines to both Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Grand trines are relatively rare and highly creative, yet they can be easily ignored as they tend to work in the background. Imagine you live in a house and behind the house is a great rushing river. If you live there long enough the sound of the river fades into the background and you forget there is a great source of power just beyond your back door. Only if you go back and put you toe in the water do you remember the river is there and are impressed by it's power.

Another significant factor in this New Moon is the fact that 5 of the 10 planets are in retrograde motion. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde. Retrogration requires us to look within for answers. With Mercury retrograde we review our ideas especially around issues of self-reliance, resources, and what is truly important to us. Mars retrograde requires us to review our actions, especially those based on what we believe to be true. Jupiter retrograde is an opportunity to review our beliefs around health and well being and how best to make our lives work better for us. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius points to reviewing the structure of our lives, based on our beliefs. And Pluto retrograde is a review of those desires that seem to come from the core of our being. The desire to be an authority in our own lives, to transform the structure of our lives and the structure of our world to feel a sense of power. For some it is power over others yet for most it is a yearning to feel empowered from within.

Besides the Grand Earth Trine there is also another powerful configuration in the heavens. Yet unlike the 'background' nature of the trine this aspect pattern is very active. A mutable t-square with Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune stimulates our minds as we experience a spiritual crisis. We are faced with the results of our past beliefs with an awareness of what needs to change in order to bring more peace and compassion into our lives and into our world. Part of this configuration is a last quarter square between Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets come together back in 2000 in the sign of Taurus. Now 16 years into this 20 year cycle we are at a crisis point that requires us to transform our thinking. This issue is power and how to break free from the conditionings of society that no longer work for our growth. What ideas, ideals, and thought patterns need to change to bring a different kind of future for us. This is the start of the process of individuation as we move from climbing the ladder of 'success' and start redefining what success means. 

The degree of this New Moon is also quite significant as it is very close to the middle degree (15 degrees) of the fixed sign Taurus. Fifteen degrees of the fixed signs correspond to the cross quarter days of the ancient wheel of the year. The pagan holiday of Beltane is celebrated at this time. A time of fertility rights and planting, Beltane is the coming together, both figuratively and actually, of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in order to bring abundance to the crops. Yet most of the growth that occurs at this time is underground as the seeds germinate and the roots begin to take hold. This New Moon is a time of growth, slow and steady and mostly unseen. What you plant now will grow strong roots so choose your seeds very carefully and don't loose faith. Even if things don't seem like they are growing, rest assured they are. Taurus is slow and steady and reliable. The crops will grow with some tender loving care and a healthy dose of patience.

New Moon in Aries: The Seeds of the Evolution Revolution are sown!

On April 7th there is a New Moon at 19 degrees of Aries. This is a particularly powerful New Moon as the Sun/Moon is conjoined both Uranus and Eris. Aries is the archetype of becoming. The energy is instinctual, forceful and initiatory. New Moons are times of beginnings, a time to set our intention for the upcoming lunar cycle. With Uranus in the mix there is always an explosive and unexpected quality. Add to this the minor planet Eris, in mythology the sister of Ares and the Goddess of Discord, and you have all the ingredients for revolution.

Beginning in 2008 when Pluto moved into the cardinal sign of Capricorn (concomitant to the financial collapse) the structure of our reality began to shift. Capricorn is the sign of reality, it is also connected to power and influence and so with Pluto the planet of transformation moving into this sign we began to experience the rumblings of a great paradigm shift .This shift was begun as Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth moved into Capricorn the sign associated with hierarchical structures of power. The last time Pluto had been in Capricorn, there was another revolution, namely the American Revolution led in part by Thomas Jefferson (an Aries), saw the colonists revolt against the established order (the crown of England) on the basis of taxation without representation.

By 2010 Uranus slipped into Aries and Saturn into Libra and the great Cardinal shift began. By 2011, a literally earthshaking year, Uranus was firmly ensconced in Aries the 'square dance of Pluto and Uranus began in earnest. By 2012 and through 2015 we experienced 7 exact squares between Pluto and Uranus in the initiatory signs of Capricorn and Aries, completely shaking us to our core, as the pillars of our reality were shifted.

In 2016 there was a marked shift from Cardinal energy into mutable energy as the Nodes of the Moon (our evolutionary growth edge) moved into the mutable signs and a year long Mutable T-square between Neptune/Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn began. Mutable energy is about change, adaptation and mutation. We are at a time when the old way of doing things will no longer work, 'power over' politics will only create more destruction. As the old paradigm crumbles a vacuum is formed, and as we know, nature abhors a vacuum, so this space will be filled with something. What that something is depends on how we apply our energy to thisnow amorphous energy that permeates our reality/unreality. We are in a time of great potential where the potential for good is as powerful as the potential for evil. Evidenced in the political race for the US president.

To say we are at a tipping point would be incorrect, we have already tipped, now it's up to us to direct the flow of energy toward a New Paradigm based on cooperation, as this tidal wave of change ushers in the Aquarian Age. We can no longer 'control' things in the old ways, it is more about going with the flow and surfing the waves of change. Intention is paramount on our new journey in the new Paradigm. This New Moon in Aries conjoin Uranus and Eris, square Pluto in Capricorn is all about our intentions.

The Sabian symbol for 19 degrees of Aries is as follows: "A magic carpet". This symbol according to Dane Rudyhar (an Aries) in his seminal book on the Sabian Symbols is the use of creative imagination as a strife-transcending and unattached outlook upon everyday reality. If we take the Sabian symbols and dig a bit deeper and look to the degree we find Mars (the Ruler Aries and this Sun/Moon/Uranus/Eris powerhouse) we find him at 9 degrees of Sagittarius (the degree that he stations retrograde later this month).Here we have the following symbol: A mother leads her small child step by step up a steep stairway: According to Rudyhar this is interpreted as the need in any social situation to assist the less evolved in their management of problems which requries its members to solve. Light workers take note here.

We have the power of our intentions to create our reality, to transcend the chaos and utilize this opportunity to recreate our world based on the revolutionary principles of cooperation. Over the next decade things will change, the harder we hold on to the old or do it in the old ways, the more pain and suffering we will manifest. It's time to re-imagine the world. The power is here, the time is now and the people who will do it, is us. Together we can, together we must!


On Wednesday, March 23rd the second eclipse of this winter/spring eclipse season will occur. This is a lunar eclipse at 4 degrees of Libra. Lunar eclipses are Full Moons on steroids. All the energy we experience when the Moon is full is amplified as the electromagnetic field of the Earth is 'rebooted'.

This eclipse is a natural time for things to come to a head, especially in relationships. There is powerful energies afoot as the South Node of the Moon, the side of the Lunar axis being activated in this seasons eclipse, is stacked with planetary bodies in Pisces.

South node eclipses are about releasing that which no longer serves our evolution. Some things we may be aware of and others not so much. On the more negative side, Pisces (the sign of the South Node) is the archetype associated with escapism, illusion, delusion, martyrdom and victim/victimizer consciousness. We have the opportunity to release these outmoded ways of being, relating and acting.

Releasing these mental/emotional constructs while embracing the positive attributes of Pisces such as unconditional love and acceptance and surrender to the higher power is a powerful way to actualize this eclipse.

Along with the eclipse there are other important planetary relationships coming to a head. Most notably an exact square between Jupiter and Saturn. Squares create crisis, and this square is a crisis in the what we believe. We no longer believe those in authority, as we can plainly see that they have their own best interests at heart and are intent on keeping the Status Quo. Unfortunately for them this is the time in this cycle of the Status Quo to become Status No!

The cycle between Jupiter and Saturn is a 20 year cycle associated with shifts how society functions. This most recent cycle began back in 2000 when these two planets conjoined at 23 degrees of Taurus. Taurus is about resources and resourcefulness, as well as self-worth and money. We have seen many changes since 2000 in the way we live, in what is important to us and what is essential in our lives. This point in the cycle requires us to question authority and start the process of individuation, becoming our own greatest resource and sharing those resources with the collective. With 1% of the people having more than 50% of the wealth, something has got to give and we are poised for this shift.

We are no longer on the precipice of change we are in the middle of it. What direction we take will determine how much easier or how much harder the next 10 years will be. The next decade promises to be even more active than this one, if you can believe it. If we make good choices now, instead of having it 'all fall down' we can take the necessary steps and build something new and worthy while the old and outworn tumbles down.

Together we can make the change and have it be a change for the better!

New Moon in Pisces: Letting go and Embracing Unity

On March 8-9 there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces. New Moon's are times of new beginnings, when we plant seeds for a new way of expressing what ever the archetype of the Sign the New Moon falls in. However when we are dealing with Eclipses there is the added layer of meaning. All eclipses occur along the nodes of the Moon, points long the ecliptic where the Moon either moves north of the ecliptic (North Node) or south of the ecliptic (South Node). The North Node of the Moon is the direction of our collective evolution, while the South Node is concerned with releasing the ways of reacting and responding to life that no longer serve our evolution, Depending on what node of the Moon the eclipse happens on depends on whether we are at a time of release of the past (South Node) or at a time of walking toward uncharted territory (North Node). This Solar eclipse is a South Node or releasing eclipse. And in the sign of Pisces we are letting go of any psychic constructs that no longer serve us. These psychic constructs are generally seen in our relation to Spirit which can be deeply conditioned by society. What to believe about our relationship to the Divine. After 8000 years of patriarchal dominance, it isn't hard to imagine that we have some pretty deeply ingrained patterns when it comes to our relationship to God.

This New Moon is also conjoined Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is the archetype of the unhealed wound and in Pisces it is the wound of separation from God. The separation of spirit and flesh as told to us in the Garden of Eden Myth as one example. In Judeo Christian thought the spirit is sacred and the body profane, hence the split of spirit from flesh. Even in the Eastern Religions Nirvana is about transcending the body and the desire nature. Yet we are made of both spirit and flesh and until we can bring harmony to these parts of ourselves we cannot become whole.

Opposite the New Moon and conjoin the North Node is Jupiter in Virgo. Virgo is an Earth Sign and is associated with physical health and well being. Making us aware that a healthy body must be in alignment with a healthy spirit. Square to both ends of the Nodes is Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is the way we construct our reality. In Sagittarius Saturn tests what we believe to be true and whether our beliefs work for us. Does the belief that that of the flesh is sinful and that of spirit holy work for us anymore?

The male side of the elemental equation is Fire and Air, both outward moving yang forces. The female side of the elemental equation is Earth and Water, both inward attractive forces. In the split between body/emotions and spirit/intellect it is the female side that is denigrated. And as a world our relationship to our emotions and our physical body, including our relationship to the planet is at issue. The idea that mind and spirit have dominion over body and soul (emotions) allows many of the atrocities 

we see to occur, especially those directed toward women and Mother Earth.

On this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces it is time to release those conditioned beliefs around these issues and instead embrace practical solutions (North Node & Jupiter in Virgo), while shifting the structure or our beliefs (Saturn) and aligning them with Natural Law (Saturn in Sagittarius). Spiritual and/or religious Ideals around martyrdom, the profanity of the body, the denigration of the feminine and dominion over the earth need to be released. The need for victims and victimizers as a mental/spiritual construct whose time has come to be expunged from our consciousness. As is the idea that a savior will come to fix things, whether that savior be in the guise of the second coming of Christ or the return of the Mother Ship and friendly aliens needs to be released. There are higher energies that can aide us in our task, yet we created this mess and it's up to us to clean it up! (North Node in Virgo).

While conditioned beliefs are released we also need to plant seeds of unconditional love and acceptance. Forgiving ourselves and others and coming to understand we are all in this together. This is the greatest promise of Pisces and one we best move toward.