Winter's coming... Winter Solstice 2013

The first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere arrives on December 21st this year. This is the time when the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn, heralding the shortest day.

The sign of Capricorn is a Cardinal earth sign, meaning it is initiatory and practical. As the sign ruled by Saturn, it deals with the structure of our reality. This includes the structures of power within our society in the guise of government, large corporations, banks, and all those organizations that create the bedrock of social order. Yet since 2008 when Pluto the planet of death and rebirth moved into Capricorn, the structure of reality has been going through a necessary transformation. Add to this Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn, moving into Scorpio in October of 2012 and remaining there for 2 1/2 years, further dissolving the structure of reality. We find ourselves in the midst of a cultural transformation we haven't seen since the mid 60's.

The chart for the Winter Solstice, drawn for Washington, D.C. puts the Sun at the top of the chart, at the end of the ninth house. The 9th house is the house of beliefs, philosophy of life, natural law and truth. The Sun always acts to illuminate and as the seasonal cycle is a solar one, the location of the Sun in the Solstice chart is of paramount importance.

What are our beliefs around power, who possesses it and why? Does power lie within us or outside of us, keeping us under the yoke of submission? Where does mother nature figure in all of this? And who is telling the truth and how do we know that?

The Solstice chart also has a cardinal T-square between Pluto and Uranus, just newly out of exactitude of thier November 1st, square, and Mars in Libra. T-squares drive action and the action it is driving is one of initiation. This T-square will eventually turn into a Cardinal Grand square in 2014 when Jupiter now moving retrograde in Cancer will fill in the missing side and Mars starts it's biennial retrograde cycle in Libra. Whatever is initiated at the time of the Solstice will be tested in 2014.

As the light slowly returns and the days grow longer, so does the promise of a new way of being, a new way of structuring our reality, based on that which is most dear to our hearts. It is each of us that is responsible for creating our reality. Capricorn is the sign of taking responsibility. It's time we do just that. No more excuses, no more playing the blame game. The government, corporations, banks, whatever the structure is built on people, all with the same choice. Let's stand in the light, leaving the past behind and building a future on what is true and in harmony with Mother Nature and the natural order of life. If not us, then who? And if not now, then when?

New Moon in Sagittarius: Beyond the Blue Horizon...

Monday, December 2nd there is a New Moon in sign of Sagittarius. This is the time we start things, new projects, new relationships, the formation of new ideas. In relation to the last few New Moons this one may seem a bit lighter and brighter and certainly more optimistic. The fact that this New Moon is in the most optimistic sign of the zodiac, certainly colors this one rosier, yet there are other reasons for the energetic shift we feel.

The past few New Moons had highly transformational and crisis inducing energies both in abundance and directly connected to them, this New Moon, while still within a highly transformational time, has more of an ease to it. Mainly because the only major aspect to this New Moon is a disseminating trine to Uranus in Aries. This means that there is a flow from the Higher Self (Uranus) to both our sense of identity (Sun) and the way we interact on a day to day basis (Moon). New ideas seeded back at the end of March 2013, when the Sun conjoined Uranus at 8 degrees of Aries, come into form that can be shared and disseminated to society in general. So higher spiritual energies flow easily into our lives, allowing us to literally and figuratively bring higher spiritual vibrations to the planet.

This easy flow of energy sandwiched between the intensely Scorpionic period from September through November and the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross that will began later this month and stay in the heavens until April 2014, gives us a unique window of opportunity to imbue ourselves with healing energies.

There is another aspect pattern in this New Moon chart that points to a healing opportunity/crisis. There is an opposition between Chiron in Pisces and Pallas Athene in Virgo, which this New Moon squares creating a mutable T-square in the heavens. Mutability is about the ability to change one’s mental perspective.

The Chiron/Pallas opposition brings us an awareness our deepest wounds and the path to healing them. With Chiron in Pisces, the deepest wound of all is highlighted: The separation from Source, the original abandonment by God/Goddess/All that is.

On a environmental level this opposition symbolizes the wounding of the Oceans (ruled by Pisces) by man’s industry (Virgo). It was no coincidence that the day Chiron moved into Pisces back in 2010, for the first time since the 1960’s, the Deep Water Horizon Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico occurred. Chiron symbolizes the wound that will not heal, and we will be feeling the ramifications of that preventable (Virgo) disaster for decades if not centuries to come.

The square from the New Moon takes an awareness a step further into an action plan, by imbuing the stand-off energy of the opposition into the highly active T-square. It is time to take creative steps (Pallas) to heal (Pisces) based on a new philosophy of life (Sagittarius) that takes into consideration Natural Law (Mutable signs)

We cannot forget the planet as we move along our spiritual paths. It is easy to get caught up in a virtual fantasy world while the planet dies around us. We must keep our aspirations high, while keeping our feel firmly placed on the ground, aware of the work that lies ahead. Sagittarius is the sign of the wild places, it connects us to that place in us, encoded in our DNA. As humans we span heaven and earth. Not an easy place to be, yet we have chosen this path. It is within our hearts that we blend the spirit of the heavens with the spirit of the earth.

Letting love lead us forward, as aware, consciously co-creative and responsible stewards we can face the challenges ahead and make this world a heaven on earth. If not now, then when and if not us, then who?

Full Moon in Taurus: To be or not to be

Sunday, November 17th is the Full Moon in Taurus, a point of awareness and the start of the second phase of the monthly lunation cycle. It is during the time of the Full Moon that we become aware of what we planted back 14 days previously at the New Moon. Our last New Moon, which was on November 3rd at 12 degrees of Scorpio was a particularly intense one. Not only did it occur in arguably the most intense of signs, Scorpio, it was also a Solar Eclipse at the North Node of the Moon. Seeds planted at that time have long lasting ramifications and Sunday’s Full Moon give us a glimpse of what was planted.

We will not get the full understanding of what seeds were planted back on November 3rd because eclipses can have a long range (months to years) consequence. Yet if we are observant enough we will see a new future being born on this Full Moon.

The axis of this Full Moon, Taurus /Scorpio/ is the axis of life and death, of personal resources and shared resources, of sex for procreation and sex as an instrument of intimacy. The elements are Earth and Water, both feminine elements, both fertile in their own way. They can symbolize both the primordial ooze of life or the quagmire. The mode of this polarity is fixed making both signs stubborn and hard to move. Yet we are at a time in history that we must move, shit and change, lest we perish.

The chart for this Full Moon has the Planet Neptune in a t-square to the Sun and Moon. Neptune just recently stationed direct (on November 13th) and is even more powerful than usual. Yet Neptune’s power can be subtle, or not, unlike Uranus and Pluto which are rarely, if ever, subtle. The Modus Operandi of Neptune is that of dissolving boundaries. With this planet squaring both the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, both fixed and resistant to change by their very nature, we have an opportunity to be less so. This axis is about resources and our ability or inability to have them and share them. Our awareness takes us to a place where we can see what they are and be open enough to take into consideration the disparity of resources within the world we live.

The direction forward is one of sharing. We are all in this together and doing with less so others can simply live, while raising our consciousness to a place of creative co-creation with source, can create a world with less disparity and more love. We are our brother’s and sister’s keepers and they are ours. Let’s be good to one another.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Total Transformation!

On Sunday, November 3rd there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. New Moon's are always seed times, times when we start a new cycle of manifestation. In Scorpio the issues that are in the spotlight are ones of shared resources, sex, death, money, power, and the evolution of the soul. Easy peasey right?

As if a new moon in Scorpio isn't intense enough add a solar eclipse to the mix and a recent Uranus Pluto square (exact on November 1st) to further up the ante.

So what's at stake? Well, everything.

Scorpio is the sign of Death and Rebirth and so with a New Moon in this sign we are talking about a complete letting go of some outworn energy so that something new can be seeded in it's stead. Where this New Moon falls in your natal chart will determine what area of life this transformation will take place.

The chart for this New Moon is rife with intensity with specific aspects and aspect patterns that can give us further information as to the direction forward.

First of all this eclipse is a North Node eclipse. With eclipses of the North Node we are moving into an unknown future. Fear is the emotion of the future (guilt the emotion of the past). So if you are feeling more fearful than usual it is only natural. The disruptive energy of the Pluto (Scorpio's ruling planet) Uranus square is destabilizing the structures that we have come to rely on. Our sense of reality is shifting.

Reality is ruled by Saturn, the planet of cause and effect, the Lord of Karma and the structure of our reality. Saturn has been in the sign of Scorpio since October 5th of 2012. With Saturn in Scorpio the structure of our reality is going through the same transformational process of death and rebirth.

This New Moon chart has the Sun, Moon, Mercury retrograde, Saturn and the North Node all in Scorpio. The transformation is one of our identity, life purpose, emotional responses, the way we process information and the structure of our reality. So as I said before, pretty much everything.

This plethora of Scorpio placements is making an opportunistic aspect (geometric relationship) to Mars in Virgo. The energy of Mars in Virgo is one of a persistent step by step movement further. So despite the intensity of Scorpio the direction forward is a measured one.

The sextile between Mars and all the planets and points in Scorpio is part of a larger pattern called a Yod or a finger of God pattern. The 'business end' of this Yod is Uranus in Aries. Uranus in Aries is the driving force toward freedom and self actualization that we see within our own lives and in the world in general. It is part of the Pluto Uranus square that is driving the sweeping cultural shifts we are witnessing. It is seeding us with new revolutionary ideas and ideals as it battles Pluto, the planet of rebirth, in Capricorn the sign of the structure of society. Most notably, patriarchal society.

Yods are difficult to navigate, there are many adjustments that need to be made both mental and emotional as we attempt to create a new structure of reality. Mars in Virgo reminds us of the necessity of being of service and not getting caught up in egocentric delusions of grandeur.

We are at a precipice, our toes at the edge of the abyss and a great wind at our backs. We will be going over that abyss one way or another. If we can focus on a sense of self love and compassion for ourselves and others we will find a kinder and gentler world on the other side of this worm hole. If we hold on to the fear, we may find more reasons to be fearful on the other side of things.

Be brave my fellow travelers it's time to get aboard the space ship called the evolution revolution!

All Aboard!

Full Moon in Aries: Awareness of What IS

For most, even those who don't necessarily have an interest in Astrology, Full Moon are known as times of high emotion. Astronomically the Full Moon is the point of the lunation cycle (the cycle of the Moon in relation to the Sun)
when our conscious selves (the Sun) and our more habitual reactions to life (the Moon) are the furthest apart along the 360 degrees circle. This affords us objectivity and awareness.

The Aries/Libra axis is all about relationship. Our relationship to our self, Aries, and our relationship to others, Libra. Back on the October 4th, the New Moon in Libra opened the doorway to a new way of relating. Now as the Moon moves
into it's fullness we can see the state of our relating, both personally and culturally.

This Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse. There are two eclipse 'seasons' a year, 6 months apart from each other. Eclipses occur at the nodes of the Moon, of which there are two, the North Node and the South Node. North Nodes eclipses bring in new energies that help us move forward in our evolution and South Node eclipses give us release points to let go of energies that no longer serve our evolution.

This eclipse is a North Node eclipse new energies are entering. These energies need to be utilized in order for us to evolve and create the new world we have the power to create.

The Full Moon chart has Jupiter squaring the Sun/Moon axis. Jupiter in Cancer deals with issues of family, women, children and our inner most feelings. On a personal level the awareness of this full moon is not simply one of the individual and the person they choose to relate to but how familial patterns color our relating.

Culturally the awareness deals with issues of war and peace and how we treat women and children. The fact that the government shut down in the US which started at the New Moon and ended around the time of the Full Moon, kept the war machine well oiled while denying children formula gives us a good indication of where our priorities as a nation lie.

Let's utilize the energy we are being blessed with to recreate, and reorganize our priorities. It's time to take the future into our own hearts and hands.

As with the last eclipse season in April/May of this year, the Uranus Pluto first 1/4 square is occurring smack dab in the middle of this eclipse season. Providing us with the energy to shift our lives and our culture in the direction of a future for the common good.

Let our hearts lead the way no matter how afraid we find ourselves. Compassion for all life and courage to be responsible for creating our lives is the key to the kingdom. Use it.

New Moon in Libra: Relating in a New Way!

On Friday, October 4th there is a New Moon in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of relationship. Mostly seen as a partnership sign, Libra is associated with marriage, business partnerships, and open enemies. There is a sense of social order in Libra and hence Libra rules the laws of society that keep things running smoothly. As we come up to this new Moon we look around us and see that nothing is really running smoothly.

At it’s most basic level, Libra is the balance of opposites. It is the nature of opposition which is about awareness. Awareness of both sides of an argument, awareness of the light and the dark, the male and the female, the inner self and the outer expression of self, the personality and the higher self. In it’s essence Libra is how we relate to the ourselves, others, and the world around us.

On October 1st the Sun in Leo made a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Squares are highly energetic and drive us to change. This square was a last ¼ square, considered a crisis in thought: We question societal norms and the “business as usual” way of going about the business of life. We begin to see that perhaps there is a better way. Two days later the Sun made an opposition to Uranus in Aries. The Sun in Libra illuminates the integrative principle of relationship while Uranus in Aries drives us toward our individual destiny. With this aspect we had an opportunity to become aware of how our relationships either support our unique destinies, or how they do not. Both these aspects occurred within the last quarter of the lunation cycle which by it’s nature is a releasing cycle.

The Sun’s square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus activated the Pluto Uranus first ¼ square that has been creating much of the instability we are experiencing. These squares, 7 in all over a 4 year period are the engines of change that is shifting the landscape forcing us to move and do things in a different way. The 4th exact square of these two transformational heavy weights will be exact on November 1. So as the month of October proceeds, the level of energetic intensity will rise.

It is within this energetic soil we have the New Moon in Libra at 12 degrees of Libra. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “Miners are surfacing from a deep coal mine” and the keyword for this image is ‘Emergence’. The sense of moving from the darkness into the light is seen in this image. As if we have been living in hell but didn't know it until we could experience something else.

The chart of this New Moon has a grand cardinal square between the Sun/Moon in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter and Lilith in Cancer. Uranus in Aries is about freedom to be who we are. Pluto in Capricorn is about the transformation of Power and the structure of society. Jupiter in Cancer is the expansion and understanding of our emotional nature as well as issues of family, women and children and nurturance issues. Lilith is the archetype of the disowned and demonized feminine. As I right this the government of the US is “shut down’ due to the dysfunctional relationship (Libra) between the two parties (Pluto) mainly due to the Tea Party Republicans (Uranus) who refuse to compromise (Libra) because of Obama care (Jupiter in Cancer). Despite the shut down, the military is running, the pentagon is open but WIC, the program that gives milk and other essentials to growing children and mothers is closed. We can see in this example where the old paradigm has it’s values.

New Moon’s are seed times and so it is the time to plant the seed to a new way of relating to ourselves, to others, to our family (and nation) and those running the show. We are moving into a new paradigm and everything is up for transformation. If we want to live in a ‘kinder and gentler’ world we must focus on that and how to create it. Living your life on your own terms with a sensitivity to how our actions effect others is vital at this time. We are really just fighting ourselves here. We are in this together and each and every person mirrors back to us that which we love and that which we would rather not look at.

We create this world and if we don‘t like what we see then let’s do it differently. It’s not just an airy fairy suggestion, but an evolutionary imperative.

Evolve or perish, the choice is ours.