Full Moon in Pisces: Time to Reboot!

This full moon that occurs on September 19th in the sign of Pisces occurs during a powerful energetic shift in the heavens. Full Moon's are times of realization and awareness. During the full moon the Sun and Moon are the furthest they can be from each other in the 360 degree circle giving us the best perspective on a situation. The Sun in Virgo illuminates practical steps and the Moon in Pisces reflects emotional understanding and the need for healing forgiveness. This comes amid a time when we are being given an opportunity to 'reboot' our reality.

A few days before this new moon we had some important aspects occur. On Monday September 16th, Saturn the planet of the structure of our lives, conjoined the North Node in Scorpio. In astrology the North node is the direction of our collective evolution. This is the seed of creating our future.
The next day Venus conjoined with the North Node seeding our future based on the essential needs of self-worth and relationship in the deeply emotional sign of Scorpio. And the next day on september 18th Venus and Saturn conjoined with each other starting a new cycle of creating the structure of our lives based on our emotional (Scorpio) needs. This yearly cycle is particularly important as it conjoins the North Node, which is our collective evolutionary imperative.

On the other side of this Full Moon, on September 20th Pluto, the ruler of the North Node in Scorpio, stations direct. Whenever the planets furthest out, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, change direction there is a lot of energy built up because it takes so long for them to change direction. So the stationing of
Pluto has had it's influence during the week leading up to it's station. There is a lot of power in this Pluto station, further stressing the point of letting
go of what no longer serves and moving towards something based on our deepest needs.

And lastly on the 21st Pluto makes it's last waning sextile to Saturn in Scorpio. Pluto and Saturn are mutual reception as Pluto is in the sign of Saturn's rulership (Capricorn) and Saturn is in the sign of Pluto's rulership (Scorpio). It's as if these planets switched there favorite dance partners. There is a flow between these two planets and they are able to dance very well with each other. The dance they dance is one of death and rebirth. The waning
sextile these two planets are in is part of a 36 year cycle that began in 1982 when they were conjoined in the last degrees of Libra. Waning sextiles are
choice points where we have the opportunity to reform our ideas based on our experiences through the cycle (1982- present). These ideas are progressive and take into consideration the common good. The other choice is to hold the status quo, which this astrologer sees as the road to perdition.

So as the Full Moon illuminates the need for healing and practical application in a step by step fashion, we are given the opportunity and the choice to reboot our world and create one in which we want to live.

New Moon in Virgo: Step by Step we move into the New Paradigm

Whenever the Sun and the Moon reach the same degree we have a New Moon. This generally occurs once a month and marks the start of a new Lunation Cycle. As the Sun moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac it conjoins the Moon in each sign. The Sign of the conjunction is the theme or archetype we are specifically working with in that month.

On September 5th we have a New Moon in Virgo. The archetype of Virgo is that of the helper, the apprentice or in more modern terminology, the administrative assistant. The function of Virgo is to take the information and data collected in Gemini, the feelings garnered in Cancer and the creative self-expression of Leo, analyze it and ultimately synthesize it into a workable model.

As the sign that is sandwiched between highly self oriented sign of Leo and highly other oriented sign of Libra, it is the job of Virgo to make us aware that it isn’t all about the self, but that we are here to be part of something bigger and more inclusive. We could liken Virgo to the old practice of going to elocution school. Learning all about society and how to work within it before actually getting there.

Another useful image is that of the sorcerer’s apprentice, spending some time in instruction and a lot of the time in cleaning up, sometimes the sorcerer’s mess but mostly their own!

Virgo teaches us the value of service and the willingness to put in the work to perfect our creations (Leo). Virgo also teaches us the necessity of humility as well as persistence.

The chart for this New Moon is a tad less dynamic than some of the more recent New Moon charts, yet no less important. There are two major aspects connected to the New Moon. An inconjunct from Uranus in Aries and an opposition to Chiron in Pisces.

The inconjunct to Aries further stresses the theme of working out the details of those exciting and revolutionary ideas that were seeded back at the end of March when the Sun and Uranus were conjoined in Aries. Revolution is an exciting, somewhat romantic prospect, yet the reality on the ground (Virgo) is rarely romantic, it is often terrifying and cataclysmic for those on the front lines. This inconjunct reminds us that before we “dive in” we need to go over the details and gather the facts to come to thoughtful decisions.

The other aspect is the opposition to Chiron. Oppositions are always about expanding our awareness and an opposition to Chiron creates an awareness around the theme of victimization.

Within the culture the idea of victims and victimizers is ubiquitous. It’s as if you can only be one or the other. In being the victim we seem to get more sympathy and when we are the victimizer we get more antagonism. Yet no matter how much sympathy or antagonism we garner it doesn’t seem to change anything. The victims continue to pile up and the victimizers continue to victimize. And to add an even finer point, who’s to say who is who. That generally depends on your point of view.

The mental/emotional construct of victim/victimizer has been glorified during the last 2000 years of the Piscean Age. Jesus, the central figure of this age was Sacrificed for our Sins, in a way he has been held as the pinnacle of holiness. The Ultimate Redeemer through the ultimate act of Masochism? Yet that was only part of the story of Jesus. Jesus preached love and equality and peace, all very Aquarian ideals, yet the culture has chosen the sacrifice of his life as the primary symbol. It is time to let go of the notion that the greatest gift you can give someone is to lay down your life for them. The greatest gift we can give each other and the world is to be the best most whole person we can be. So instead of being Holy(hole) we are becoming Whole.

This is part of the realization and promise of the New Paradigm. In order to get there we need to make the mental adjustments (Virgo) so that we can experience true and lasting peace (Libra). Step by step we move forward into our new reality, creating as we go. Loving ourselves(Leo) on the way to loving others. This is the path to Peace.

Full Moon in Aquarius: United We Ascend!

Today, August 20th, is the second Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. The first occurred back on July 22nd at 1 degree of Aquarius and this one occurs at 29 degrees of Aquarius. The axis of these Full Moons, Leo/Aquarius is the axis of the most personal, Leo and the most impersonal, Aquarius. The axis of our individual creative spark and the sense of being part of a great whole. Having two Full Moons along this axis, as well as having a powerful New Moon in Leo sandwiched between further energizes the idea of how our individual creative spark can be used for the good of all.

The individual spark of the Divine is within all of us, where that resides in a chart can be found in the house that Leo inhabits. We all have it and it is expressed in many ways. It is in the diversity of that expression that we can all come together as individuals and create a larger more powerful whole.

The idea of being part of a larger group imbues us with a sense of increased influence, yet as with all things there is a dark side to this. Groups in their essence have a integrative principal, a belief that they gather around. Sometimes that belief or cause becomes more important than the well being of a group member, especially when said member starts to question the tenets of the group. Expulsion from a group can be a very painful and often dangerous process for the ‘heretic’. This does not only apply to religious groups, but any group who puts the principle above the individual.

It is in this arena of the human condition that we find these New Moon/ Full Moon happening.

One way to work with this energy in a more proactive way is to recognize that within each of us, no matter our beliefs, position in society, family background, or even consequences of our acts, no matter how heinous, we all have within us the Divine spark of God/Goddess, All that Is. Whatever name you use to describe that principle (one of the most common ways to be in the group incidentally) we are all part of a Divine inheritance. And if we can expand the parameters of the group to all of consciousness, we come to understand that we are part of the greatest whole possible. There is no better or worse here, no judgment, just two sides of the same coin.

The Full Moon chart beautifully points this out as the Moon in Aquarius is conjoined to Neptune in Pisces. The Moon in a mundane chart represents the people conjoined Neptune points to the fact that we are in fact part of the greatest whole and are all connected. The Sun in Leo is conjoined Mercury in Leo. Mercury in Leo is about our individual gifts and ideas. Full Moons are about awareness and balance. The trick is to hold the balance and awareness as we move forward towards our co-creative and unknown future.

There is also a Grand Cardinal square in this chart. This square acts as a doorway to a new and different way of relating to ourselves, each other, our family and the outside world.

The Sabian Symbols for the degrees associated with this Full Moon further impress the sense of newness that is the promise of this Full Moon.

The Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees of Aquarius is:
“A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves, ready for Rebirth in Human Form”.

And the Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees of Aquarius is:
“A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis”

Both images talk of emerging from one state to another.

We are being called to rise up energetically, to remember who we are (Leo) and what we can accomplish together (Aquarius). We have a golden opportunity to do things in a different way, evolution requires this of us. Letting go of the idea and ideology of Separation, embracing the ideology of a Wholeness. The trumpets of heaven are sounding a clarion call for us to move forward and create a the New Earth together,

New Moon in Leo: Let Your Light Shine!

On August 6th there is a New Moon in Leo, when we have a new moon the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree. For this New Moon the conjunction of the Sun and Moon occurs at 15 degrees of Leo. What makes this New Moon particularly important is that it occurs in the middle degree of the fixed fire element. The 15th degree is considered the most fixed point in the 30 degree span of every fixed sign. In Leo we are speaking of the eternal flame. To further drive this theme home, we have the asteroid Vesta at the very same 15th degree. In Roman Mythology, Vesta was the keeper of the sacred flame. In Greek Mythology this goddess was known as Hestia, the goddess who kept the home fires burning.

For many reasons 2013 is the year of the rise of the feminine. Woman’s issues are front and center, especially concerning the attempt of the patriarchy to legislate what women can and cannot do with their bodies. This is a last ditch attempt to keep control of the ocean liner of culture. Yet that ship is sinking, not so much from a spectacular crash into an iceberg, but because the very rivets that hold the hull together are dissolving. The engine room knows, the crew knows, it’s just the captain and the few that surround him, who inhabit the upper decks of the boat that are not quite aware. Yet they too will find themselves ankle deep in water soon enough.

This New Moon is in a square to the Nodes of the Moon. The North node is in Scorpio and the South Node is in Taurus. In some sense the Moon, our emotional responses to life and our every changing self-image is at odds with itself. The challenge here is how do we evolve without losing the very heart of ourselves?

There is a way forward, yet it takes looking back before we can get there. In order to transform ourselves (North Node in Scorpio) we must review the values we hold (South Node in Taurus) especially in our relationship to the feminine. The ruler of the South Node in this New Moon chart is in Virgo, the sign of synthesis, adjustment and perfectionism. There is a deep sense of ‘not quite being good enough, working hard enough, or doing enough, when we speak of Virgo. It is important to come to the realization that we are perfect just where we are. Judgment is a tool of the patriarchy that keeps us tied up in knots so tight we are paralyzed to move.

This New Moon is also trine Uranus in Aries. This is a self-expressive trine further emphasizing the Leo archetype. Uranus in Aries is the explosive energy of new ways of being, connected to the New Moon in Leo it reminds us that we must be ourselves, come from our hearts (Leo) and be willing to step into our creative power.

We find ourselves in the great shift of the ages. As we move further and further into this Aquarian Age we will see the feminine rise higher and higher as she takes her rightful place next to the masculine. It is the balance of these parts of ourselves that will assure our further blossoming.

Balance begins within the heart of each of us, by loving all parts of ourselves, we can spread the love to others. Love yourself, appreciate yourself, heal yourself and in the process we are all more whole and more loving.

This New Moon reminds us to just: Let your light shine!

Full Moon in Aquarius: Where we stand

On June 22nd there is a Full Moon in Aquarius. Full Moon’s are times of awareness, where the seeds planted on the last New Moon (which was in Cancer and occurred on July 8th) come to fruition and we can see where we stand as our creation is right in front of us.

The day of the Full Moon there is lots of shifting and moving of planetary energies and a significant aspect between Mars and Jupiter, both newly arrived in the sign of Cancer. All of this activity sets the stage for this Full Moon.

The conjunction of Mars to Jupiter in Cancer, is the first conjunction of these two planets in 2 years. The last conjunction of these two planets were back in in May of 2011 when it conjoined in 23 degrees of Aries. This latest conjunction is occurring at 6 degrees of Cancer. The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Cancer is Game Birds Feathering Their Nests, security in the midst of a rather unstable environment. Stressing the message that as we move into this Full Moon, it is important to do what we must in order to keep our houses in order, despite the instability we see around us. It’s not just after enlightenment that we chop wood and carry water, but during times of great change as well.

The idea of preparedness is also seen in Venus’ shift from dramatic Leo to ‘nose to the grindstone’ Virgo. Venus removes her Jimmy Choo’s, wraps up her mane is a neat bun atop her head and dons a rather utilitarian, yet always impeccably pressed outfit and gets down to the business at hand. While in Leo she has met up with some tough customers and during this rather dramatic last few weeks she has come up with great creative projects, despite the constant reminder that there is only so much to go around (Saturn in Scorpio). This wasn’t lost on Venus in Leo she just knew her Virgo persona would take care of this. Now to put those creative projects and grand plans into a form that can be sustained with the resources at hand and so others can relate to them. And so we all get in touch with her Virgo persona as we work on making what is closest to our hearts our life’s work.

As Venus takes off her Leo crown she hands it over to the Sun as the Sun moves into Leo. As the ruling planet of Leo this placement for the Sun is in fact it’s most powerful position. The Sun is the integrative principle, that which brings us into wholeness. The Sun in a chart is the center of gravity of the chart and the key to our life purpose. These themes are illuminated at this time.

And the last shift is the Moon’s move into Aquarius and within 9 minutes of it’s entry into Aquarius is opposes the Sun and we have our Full Moon.

The Chart for the Full Moon contains the 2 separate yet connected Grand Water Trines and a Cardinal T square. Both these aspects have been in the sky all of July and will continue to the beginning of August. These interconnected and powerful aspect patterns are connected to this Full Moon via Saturn in Scorpio which is square the axis of the Full Moon.

The axis this Full Moon is on with the Sun being in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius is the axis of Centralization versus Distribution. In Medical Astrology Leo rules the heart and Aquarius the circulation. So this Full Moon illuminates the need, the reality and the vision of how we can put forth our creative core so that it can be disseminated to others. What light (Sun) shines from the core of your being-ness and how can you share that with others (Aquarius). With Saturn in a square to this axis we must remember that healthy boundaries are necessary in order for us to share our gifts with each other. Saturn makes things real and lets us know pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t. If we can avoid the pitfall of pride (Leo) or the tendency to rebel for rebellions sake (Aquarius) we can utilize the awareness we glean from this Full Moon and the potent energies of the Grand trines and the Cardinal t-square to catapult us onto the next level of our journey.

Overall July is about feeling, healing, letting go and transcending. As we let go of the past it is important for us to have a vision for the future. This vision need not be grand, yet it could be. What is most important however is that the dream be practical, workable and inclusive. This is what this Full Moon is about. For we are all in this together and it’s time we start acting that way.

New Moon in Cancer: The Rebirth of Humanity

New Moon in Cancer: The Rebirth of Humanity

Each Month the Sun and Moon come together in the sign of the Sun planting an intention relating to that sign. On July 8th we have a New Moon in Cancer at 16 degrees 18 minutes. Cancer is the sign associated with nurturing, family, mother, emotional self-reliance and our ever changing self-awareness. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon, the fastest moving object looked at in astrology. The Moon is not an official planet, it is actually a satellite of Earth and is most precisely referred to as a luminary. The Moon has no light of it’s own, but reflects the light of the Sun in an ever changing dance of waxing and waning. Because the Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, a new Moon in Cancer is an especially powerful time in relation to New Moons.

Cancer’s energy is feminine/yin in nature and being a water sign, emotional. In the chart for this New Moon we find the Sun/Moon conjoined Mercury retrograde in Cancer, trine the North Node of the Moon in Scorpio and trine Chiron retrograde in Pisces. This creates a Grand Water Trine (GWT) connected to the New Moon.

This New Moon is also connected to the continuing pressure of the Pluto/Uranus first quarter square that has 7 exact contacts over the next few years (2012-2015). Pluto in Capricorn opposes this New Moon and sextiles The North Node and Chiron, creating a kite formation which activates this Grand Trine. And Uranus in Aries further activates this GWT through a crisis producing square.

The North Node of the Moon, points in the direction of the evolution of our collective ego’s. In Scorpio we are being required to face our limitations through confrontation. Yet the confrontation, although often seen in the guise of the ‘enemy’, is really a confrontation of our shadow selves. The parts of us that we cannot bear to own and generally through the process of projection pin on someone, or something else. It’s very easy to point fingers and say, that person, organization, government, country, or negative being (fill in the blank: demon, Satan, infidel, Lizzie, Grey, etc) is the problem. Yet our growing realization and awakening that we are all connected to Source (again, fill in the blank: God/Goddess, Source, Great-Spirit, All that Is) logically and intuitively points that we are the light and the shadow. We are at an evolutionary cross road that requires us to embrace the dark and bring it into the light for healing. Reconnecting all parts of us into the whole.

Mercury retrograde in a conjunction with this New Moon reminds us that we need to open to our own inner promptings, especially when it concerns our feelings. Getting to the bottom of why we feel as we do and being wiling to review, reconsider, reformulate, and renew our emotions. Holding onto the past is not an option. Understanding the past as a step in our evolution of self understanding is.

Chiron retrograde in Pisces also requires review. Chiron symbolizes our wounded-ness. In Pisces it is the wound of ultimate abandonment, abandonment from God/Source itself. Separation from Source is a necessity of coming into Manifestation, or so it seems. The idea of separation is merely that, an idea. If we look within our hearts we will come to know that there is no separation, that separation is an illusion.

The theme of victimization is also one we see with Chiron in Pisces. This is a idea, that no longer holds water (Pun intended). The label of Victimization is a choice, as is the label of Victimizer. No one can victimize us without our permission. There is always a choice. Not to say that there aren’t situations that we find ourselves in, where we face powers greater than self, or are caught up in a collective sweep of circumstance. How we frame the experience is up to each individual and there in lies the power of choice.

The opposition of Pluto to the New Moon, brings an awareness of our relationship to power. Do we look within ourselves for authority? or do we look without? Pluto’s sojourn through Capricorn, as the edge of the Collective Soul’s evolution, requires us to mature and realize that we have within us the power of co-creation while Uranus in Aries squares the New Moon creating crisis that forces us to let go of the past and create the future in the present moment.

Besides the Grand Water Trine we see with the New Moon, there is also another Grand Water Trine within just a few degrees of each other. This Trine is made up of Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. This trine is a relatively long lasting trine where we have access to both creative self-expression and understanding. Society’s level of understanding and evolution is directly linked to each individuals evolution. For it is Spirit’s yearning to know itself through us that powers the engine of evolution. With this Grand Water Trine, we also have an opportunity to heal issues around the historically unfair treatment of the many by the few.

Lastly, Saturn in Scorpio is actually stationing direct on the day of the New Moon and starts to move forward a few hours later. Whenever a planet stations (stands still) to change direction, it produces a lot of power. Saturn is about what works, in Scorpio we are dealing with our shared resources. The time of the few lording over the many is quickly coming to an end as power structures based on the old paradigm of “power over” is replaced by a new paradigm of imminence.

We hold within each of us the power of the universe, yet we can only tap into that power if we cooperate and reunite. We are already there on higher levels of expression, it’s just that now we are waking up to the unreality of our reality and the truth of our being-ness.