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The reading is a combination of Astrology, Numerology and Kabbalah


The Kabbalah is the world’s oldest body of spiritual wisdom. It contains within it the long-hidden keys to the secrets of the universe as well as the keys to the mysteries of the human heart and soul. It explains the complexities of the material and the nonmaterial universe, as well as the physical and metaphysical nature of humanity.
Need your full name at birth and date of birth for this service.


Numerology is the science of vibration, and has an ancient history going back to the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans. Each letter of our alphabet has a vibratory influence, and the numbers from 1 through 9 can tell you all the experiences life presents. Through evaluation of the vibration of your name and date of birth you can come to a deeper understanding of your place in the world, and a deeper understanding of self.
Need your name at birth & date of birth for this service.


Astrology a word derived from the Greek roots astron meaning star, and logos meaning word, is the study of the language of the stars. Astrologers study how the movement of stars and planet influence each of us and the world in which we live. Each one of us is a unique expression of life, through the erection of a natal chart, the position of the planets at the moment of your birth can be visualized. This horoscope is the energetic blue print of your life. An astrologer can interpret this blueprint to bring you a better understanding of your self and the world in which you live.

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90 minutes, 60 minutes


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