Full Moon in Aquarius: United We Ascend!

Today, August 20th, is the second Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. The first occurred back on July 22nd at 1 degree of Aquarius and this one occurs at 29 degrees of Aquarius. The axis of these Full Moons, Leo/Aquarius is the axis of the most personal, Leo and the most impersonal, Aquarius. The axis of our individual creative spark and the sense of being part of a great whole. Having two Full Moons along this axis, as well as having a powerful New Moon in Leo sandwiched between further energizes the idea of how our individual creative spark can be used for the good of all.

The individual spark of the Divine is within all of us, where that resides in a chart can be found in the house that Leo inhabits. We all have it and it is expressed in many ways. It is in the diversity of that expression that we can all come together as individuals and create a larger more powerful whole.

The idea of being part of a larger group imbues us with a sense of increased influence, yet as with all things there is a dark side to this. Groups in their essence have a integrative principal, a belief that they gather around. Sometimes that belief or cause becomes more important than the well being of a group member, especially when said member starts to question the tenets of the group. Expulsion from a group can be a very painful and often dangerous process for the ‘heretic’. This does not only apply to religious groups, but any group who puts the principle above the individual.

It is in this arena of the human condition that we find these New Moon/ Full Moon happening.

One way to work with this energy in a more proactive way is to recognize that within each of us, no matter our beliefs, position in society, family background, or even consequences of our acts, no matter how heinous, we all have within us the Divine spark of God/Goddess, All that Is. Whatever name you use to describe that principle (one of the most common ways to be in the group incidentally) we are all part of a Divine inheritance. And if we can expand the parameters of the group to all of consciousness, we come to understand that we are part of the greatest whole possible. There is no better or worse here, no judgment, just two sides of the same coin.

The Full Moon chart beautifully points this out as the Moon in Aquarius is conjoined to Neptune in Pisces. The Moon in a mundane chart represents the people conjoined Neptune points to the fact that we are in fact part of the greatest whole and are all connected. The Sun in Leo is conjoined Mercury in Leo. Mercury in Leo is about our individual gifts and ideas. Full Moons are about awareness and balance. The trick is to hold the balance and awareness as we move forward towards our co-creative and unknown future.

There is also a Grand Cardinal square in this chart. This square acts as a doorway to a new and different way of relating to ourselves, each other, our family and the outside world.

The Sabian Symbols for the degrees associated with this Full Moon further impress the sense of newness that is the promise of this Full Moon.

The Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees of Aquarius is:
“A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves, ready for Rebirth in Human Form”.

And the Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees of Aquarius is:
“A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis”

Both images talk of emerging from one state to another.

We are being called to rise up energetically, to remember who we are (Leo) and what we can accomplish together (Aquarius). We have a golden opportunity to do things in a different way, evolution requires this of us. Letting go of the idea and ideology of Separation, embracing the ideology of a Wholeness. The trumpets of heaven are sounding a clarion call for us to move forward and create a the New Earth together,

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