Full Moon in Aquarius: What the World Needs Now…

On August 18th we have a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. Full Moons bring awareness as the life giving Sun sits 180 degrees away from the Moon along the 360 degree circle. This is the furthest two points can be away from each other geometrically when moving along a circle. So whenever two planets are in opposition, as with the Sun and Moon during the Full Moon,we have that greatest perspective. And the theme of that perspective depends on the signs are being stimulated. the Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon are along the axis of Love. In Leo, the most subjective sign of the zodiac we come to love ourselves as we creatively actualize our individual talents, abilities and special qualities. In Aquarius, the most objective sign of the zodiac, we step back for the personal and move into the impersonal realm of humanitarian endeavor. In Aquarius it is not all about me, it is what is of value to the group and how can we disseminate to everyone equally the resources available to us. In Medical Astrology Leo rules the heart and Aquarius the circulatory system. The Heart pumps the blood, but without a system of distribution (arteries, veins, capillaries) there is no where for the life giving blood to go. And without the heart, there is nothing for the circulatory system to distribute. We need both sides of this axis to function properly.

The Aquarius Moon gets a real boost from Uranus in Aries. Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius so this makes this connection even more powerful. Uranus is the energy of revolution, out of the box thinking and in Aries it is about the potential of the individual’s I AM presence. Aries can also bring lots of anger to the party. Anger is courage without a healthy outlet. If you can find a healthy outlet your anger can transformed into a powerful engine for change. Yet this is not a free for all. Jupiter in Virgo actually connects with the Moon and Uranus in something called a Yod formation or the finger of God formation. Jupiter, the planet of expansion in the sign of practically applied service (Virgo) connects with this revolutionary spirit of the Moon and Uranus. The lines of communication are open for us to come up with practical solutions for he myriad of problems we face on this planet.

This may seem quite pie in the sky the rantings of a cock-eyed optimist, after all we know how hard it can be to change anything, especially entrenched ideas and systems that keep those ideas (patriarchy) in place. Yet there is another part of this Full Moon story that needs to be told. The Full Moon is simply a point of awareness. What has been going on during all of 2016 is the real story; a cyclical process that spans decades.

Saturn is now in a last quarter square to Neptune. Last quarter squares are crisis points where we become disenchanted with the structure of society as it is and we start to make changes that make more sense to our understanding of how the world works and how it could work better. This is part of a 36 year cycle that began in 1989 when Saturn was conjunct Neptune in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn is reality and Neptune is the dissolution of reality. The square between Saturn and Neptune is interconnected to the transiting nodes of the Moon. The Nodes of the Moon point out to us the direction of our collective evolution. The North Node is the direction forward, the South Node is the point of release. The North Node is now in Virgo pointing our collective evolution in the direction of fixing what is broken, using our discernment and being of service to the world. The South Node is in Pisces, asking us to let go of any outmoded ways of feeling that propagate victim consciousness, sadomasochistic relationship dynamics and martyrdom. Neptune is conjoined the South Node right now, dissolving away the past. And Saturn sits in an exact square to the nodes, half way between the South and North Node.

Saturn is now in Sagittarius. Saturn is the tester. Sagittarius is about our belief systems and what we believe to be true. Sagittarius rules religion and faith. We are all going through a process of having all of our most closely held beliefs tested. We are all at a cross roads and it it is time to restructure our beliefs so that we can live on this planet. The old paradigm, the paradigm of death can be transformed. We can live differently, we can relate differently. In fact it is not only a moral imperative, it is an evolutionary necessity. It’s all about choice. It is time to chose life. It is time to chose love. Not just for some, but for everyone.

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