Full Moon in Aquarius: Where we stand

On June 22nd there is a Full Moon in Aquarius. Full Moon’s are times of awareness, where the seeds planted on the last New Moon (which was in Cancer and occurred on July 8th) come to fruition and we can see where we stand as our creation is right in front of us.

The day of the Full Moon there is lots of shifting and moving of planetary energies and a significant aspect between Mars and Jupiter, both newly arrived in the sign of Cancer. All of this activity sets the stage for this Full Moon.

The conjunction of Mars to Jupiter in Cancer, is the first conjunction of these two planets in 2 years. The last conjunction of these two planets were back in in May of 2011 when it conjoined in 23 degrees of Aries. This latest conjunction is occurring at 6 degrees of Cancer. The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Cancer is Game Birds Feathering Their Nests, security in the midst of a rather unstable environment. Stressing the message that as we move into this Full Moon, it is important to do what we must in order to keep our houses in order, despite the instability we see around us. It’s not just after enlightenment that we chop wood and carry water, but during times of great change as well.

The idea of preparedness is also seen in Venus’ shift from dramatic Leo to ‘nose to the grindstone’ Virgo. Venus removes her Jimmy Choo’s, wraps up her mane is a neat bun atop her head and dons a rather utilitarian, yet always impeccably pressed outfit and gets down to the business at hand. While in Leo she has met up with some tough customers and during this rather dramatic last few weeks she has come up with great creative projects, despite the constant reminder that there is only so much to go around (Saturn in Scorpio). This wasn’t lost on Venus in Leo she just knew her Virgo persona would take care of this. Now to put those creative projects and grand plans into a form that can be sustained with the resources at hand and so others can relate to them. And so we all get in touch with her Virgo persona as we work on making what is closest to our hearts our life’s work.

As Venus takes off her Leo crown she hands it over to the Sun as the Sun moves into Leo. As the ruling planet of Leo this placement for the Sun is in fact it’s most powerful position. The Sun is the integrative principle, that which brings us into wholeness. The Sun in a chart is the center of gravity of the chart and the key to our life purpose. These themes are illuminated at this time.

And the last shift is the Moon’s move into Aquarius and within 9 minutes of it’s entry into Aquarius is opposes the Sun and we have our Full Moon.

The Chart for the Full Moon contains the 2 separate yet connected Grand Water Trines and a Cardinal T square. Both these aspects have been in the sky all of July and will continue to the beginning of August. These interconnected and powerful aspect patterns are connected to this Full Moon via Saturn in Scorpio which is square the axis of the Full Moon.

The axis this Full Moon is on with the Sun being in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius is the axis of Centralization versus Distribution. In Medical Astrology Leo rules the heart and Aquarius the circulation. So this Full Moon illuminates the need, the reality and the vision of how we can put forth our creative core so that it can be disseminated to others. What light (Sun) shines from the core of your being-ness and how can you share that with others (Aquarius). With Saturn in a square to this axis we must remember that healthy boundaries are necessary in order for us to share our gifts with each other. Saturn makes things real and lets us know pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t. If we can avoid the pitfall of pride (Leo) or the tendency to rebel for rebellions sake (Aquarius) we can utilize the awareness we glean from this Full Moon and the potent energies of the Grand trines and the Cardinal t-square to catapult us onto the next level of our journey.

Overall July is about feeling, healing, letting go and transcending. As we let go of the past it is important for us to have a vision for the future. This vision need not be grand, yet it could be. What is most important however is that the dream be practical, workable and inclusive. This is what this Full Moon is about. For we are all in this together and it’s time we start acting that way.

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