Full Moon in Aries: Awareness of What IS

For most, even those who don’t necessarily have an interest in Astrology, Full Moon are known as times of high emotion. Astronomically the Full Moon is the point of the lunation cycle (the cycle of the Moon in relation to the Sun)
when our conscious selves (the Sun) and our more habitual reactions to life (the Moon) are the furthest apart along the 360 degrees circle. This affords us objectivity and awareness.

The Aries/Libra axis is all about relationship. Our relationship to our self, Aries, and our relationship to others, Libra. Back on the October 4th, the New Moon in Libra opened the doorway to a new way of relating. Now as the Moon moves
into it’s fullness we can see the state of our relating, both personally and culturally.

This Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse. There are two eclipse ‘seasons’ a year, 6 months apart from each other. Eclipses occur at the nodes of the Moon, of which there are two, the North Node and the South Node. North Nodes eclipses bring in new energies that help us move forward in our evolution and South Node eclipses give us release points to let go of energies that no longer serve our evolution.

This eclipse is a North Node eclipse new energies are entering. These energies need to be utilized in order for us to evolve and create the new world we have the power to create.

The Full Moon chart has Jupiter squaring the Sun/Moon axis. Jupiter in Cancer deals with issues of family, women, children and our inner most feelings. On a personal level the awareness of this full moon is not simply one of the individual and the person they choose to relate to but how familial patterns color our relating.

Culturally the awareness deals with issues of war and peace and how we treat women and children. The fact that the government shut down in the US which started at the New Moon and ended around the time of the Full Moon, kept the war machine well oiled while denying children formula gives us a good indication of where our priorities as a nation lie.

Let’s utilize the energy we are being blessed with to recreate, and reorganize our priorities. It’s time to take the future into our own hearts and hands.

As with the last eclipse season in April/May of this year, the Uranus Pluto first 1/4 square is occurring smack dab in the middle of this eclipse season. Providing us with the energy to shift our lives and our culture in the direction of a future for the common good.

Let our hearts lead the way no matter how afraid we find ourselves. Compassion for all life and courage to be responsible for creating our lives is the key to the kingdom. Use it.

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