Full Moon in Cancer: The Fullness of Emotion

On December 25th we have a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer. Full Moon’s are times when the Moon is the furthest away from the Sun along the 360 degree circle and therefore affords us perspective and objectivity. Yet to say this Full Moon is objective would be untrue. The Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer one of the most, if not the most, subjective of signs. It is in Cancer that we become aware of our feeling nature. Cancer is connected to family/clan and mother or the nurturing parent. It is in Cancer that we strive for emotional self reliance.

The Sun, in the sign of Capricorn is a pragmatist and sheds light on our emotional selves. So on this Full Moon all will be aware of our feelings about things. There is also a supportive connection between Mercury the planet of the left brain and logical mind, and Jupiter, the planet of the right brain and creative intuitive mind. So we are working on all cylinders when it comes to knowing our minds and we won’t be shy to express that.

The other big shift today is that Uranus is stationing direct. That means after months of apparently moving backwards in the sky, the planet of sudden out of nowhere change starts to move forward. There is a lot of pent up energy when Uranus changes from retrograde to direct. So there is a wild card in the deck. What will happen is anyone’s guess.

Now on a regular day we could have feelings about family, think about how we were nurtured or not. Ideas about how we were raised and the need to express those ideas. Yet today for many is a day spent with the very same family that inspired much of these ponderings. So expect the day to be active, loud and somewhat boisterous. Sudden announcements that shake up the status quo are also a possibility.

We are moving into a New Year that will test much of what we have come to rely upon. This Holiday Season it’s important to know that the only thing we can truly rely upon is love. And although it doesn’t come in package you have always thought it should, it remains there. We will need this awareness as we move forward through 2016, So hug it out folks! 

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