Full Moon in Capricorn: Another Portal of Initiation is Open

On July 1st there is a Full Moon in the Sign of Capricorn. Full Moons are powerful times, when we become aware of something. Some Full Moons are simpler than others, we are made aware of something and we choose from that point what we are going to do about it. The Sun Moon are personal planets, so it is generally a personal decision, yet this Full Moon is different. Each personal decision we make has long reaching consequence. The main reason for that is that more and more people are awake or awakening. So that what was once simply a personal choice now holds more influence on the larger picture.

The Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in Capricorn. This is the axis of security, emotional security and physical security. It is also related to the Archetypes of Mother (Cancer) and Father (Capricorn), as well as gender identity. Yet the Sun and Moon are not the only players in this particular act. Mars in Cancer is conjunct the Sun, and Pluto in Capricorn is conjunct the Moon, that means that our conscious and unconscious desires are part of the picture as well. Pluto, our unconscious desires, conjunct the Moon, our subconscious, in the sign of repression, Capricorn, is a powerful mix and the Full Moon’s bring light to these generally hidden aspects of ourselves. During this Full Moon long held suppressed emotions come to the surface so that we can be made aware of them. The Sun in Cancer and Mars in Cancer both illuminates and gives us clues as to what conscious actions we must take. These actions need to be nurturing in nature. Yet that is still not the whole story.

This Full Moon is actually square it’s own nodes. The nodes of the Moon are powerful points along the elliptic, that point us to the direction of our collective evolution, while also pointing out what must be released from the past. The Nodes are in Libra (North Node) and Aries (South Node). The North Node is the direction forward and the South Node what we are required to let go. With the South Node being in the sign of Aries, we must let go of war-like tendencies, the sense that it is either us or them, any sense of isolation, and coming from a place of primal fear. That’s a tall order, especially at this time when there seems to be so much to be fearful about. Yet if we don’t see, we can’t change it. If it stays buried how would we know. In part much of the tumult we see and experience is a release of all our deepest survival fears brought to the surface to deal with. We are co-creative remember, we are creating the reality we find ourselves in!

So what do we do? Well we look to the North Node in Libra. Libra is about dialogue, and fairness, and balance, and seeing both sides of a situation. So it’s important for us to talk to each other, to open the lines of communication, to see both sides and in that illuminate what are the intentions of the other, and how that is a reflection of a part of us that may still be ‘in fear’. Fostering a sense of compassion for each other, while holding each other to a level of responsibility, will help. Finding a way to move toward the center of things, instead of hanging out at the extremes makes this work easier.

Libra is the sign of the scales, and it is very difficult to balance when we are only working from the ends. As any child in the playground knows, that it is easier to keep balanced on the seesaw if you sit closer to the center. And so let us sit closer to the center. Avoid the extremes. This takes some objectivity, another gift of Libra.

And we are not in this alone. There is a grand fire trine in the chart for this Full Moon. Uranus in Aries, Venus and Jupiter in Leo and Pallas Athene in Sagittarius brings messages from our higher spiritual selves. We are co-creative through our I AM presence (Uranus in Aries) as we expand (Jupiter) and value (Venus) ourselves, from a heart centered space (Leo) while finding the creative answers (Pallas) by connecting to Natural Laws and the Laws of Nature (Sagittarius). Our connection to our own divinity, our own hearts and the heart of nature will move us through this very tense time. We are moving through yet another portal of initiation. These are powerful times and intention is everything. Intend Love and it is Love you will bring forth!

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