Full Moon in Capricorn: The Family of Man/Woman

Just 3 days after the Sun’s ingress into Cancer on the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, there is a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn. Full Moon’s are always times awareness, and in the signs of Cancer (Sun) and Capricorn (Moon) we are brought to an awareness of our emotions and the practical ways in which we can come to understand them.

When the Moon is in Capricorn we can have a cool detachment, which comes in handy at times, especially when the Sun, the manner in which we integrate experience is in the emotional sign of Cancer. And there are other emotional energies besides the Sun, as both Mercury and Venus are in Cancer, Saturn and the North Node are in Scorpio and Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces. That’s a lot of water! And a lot of feelings!

This Full Moon across the axis of Cancer and Capricorn can also bring up family dynamics, especially those that are wounding in nature. We are in a time when the opportunity to feel our feelings, evaluate them, heal them, and transcend them is available to us. The Sun in Cancer is part of a Grand Water Trine with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. The addition of the Capricorn Moon to this mix creates what astrologers call a kite formation. The Moon, while opposing the Sun also makes opportunistic sextiles with Saturn and Neptune. Sextiles are aspects that stimulate communication and talking about our feelings help us to get the perspective we need. Without the Moon creating the opposition to the Sun and the sextiles to Saturn and Neptune, we could just get stuck in a continuous loop of feeling and feeling and feeling without a depressurization valve. The Capricorn Moon is just that, and because it’s in earth it is very grounding and practical.

Jupiter is in the last degrees of Gemini conjoined the Sun in Cancer, this further stresses the idea of family, especially siblings. Often times family dynamics between siblings is carried well into adulthood, wreaking havoc and creating much pain in their wake. It is time to resolve these dynamics. If someone refuses to ‘let it go’ it is time to bless them and leave them to their own devices. Other people, especially those closest to us, are in our life to point out the buttons we have. If we remove the buttons, then they have nothing more to push and nothing more to teach us. Self-healing is the way to World-Healing, and that is certainly something that is timely.

Lastly, a little know asteroid named Lilith is also part of this Full Moon picture. Lilith is in within a degree of exactitude of the Sun. Lilith represents the disenfranchised feminine and the rage that issues from being in that position. One myth surrounding Lilith was that she was the first wife of Adam, but refused to take a subordinate position to him, so she was cast aside and turned into a demon.

So there is some righteous anger that can certainly erupt during this Full Moon.

The Aquarian Age is one in which we foster a balance between the Masculine and the Feminine. We must reclaim the power of the Feminine allowing it to take it’s proper place beside the Masculine. This is the work of the New World we find ourselves in. Loving the Mother and Father equally. And this Full Moon is the perfect time to come to this awareness.

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