Full Moon in Leo: The Awareness of the Fullness of Love

On February 3rd there will be a Full Moon in the Sign of Leo. There are some interesting synchronicity with this particular Full Moon, which occurs at the 15th degree of Leo for the Moon and the 15th degree of Aquarius for the Sun. Both Leo and Aquarius are Fixed signs, meaning that there energy is about stabilizing the element they represent. Leo is Fire and Aquarius Air and they create between them the Axis of Love, personal love in the case of Leo and impersonal love in the case of Aquarius. These two signs represent the most Subjective (Leo) point in the zodiac and the most Objective point in the zodiac (Aquarius).

This Full Moon happens at a cross quarter day in the pagan wheel of the year. The pagan calendar consists of 8 Holidays the 2 Equinoxes (Spring and Fall), the 2 solstices (Summer and Winter) and the 4 Cross quarter days that lie midway between the other 4 dates which include Imbolc (February 2), Beltane (April 30), Lamas (August 2) and Samhain (October 31). Astrologically these days fall around or about the middle degrees of the fixed signs, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio respectively. Imbolc, the cross quarter day associated with this Full Moon,

is an ancient Celtic festival associated with the goddess Brigit, and marks the beginning of spring. In Christian tradition it is called Candlemas the day of the Purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of Christ in the Temple. Growing up as a Catholic it was known as the Feast of St. Blaize the day traditionally associated with the blessings of the throat.

All this symbolism gives us more insight into what this Full Moon holds for us. There is a sense that we have made it through the depths of Winter and now are starting to see the first stirrings of hope as the light is noticeably waxing. As the feast of Brigit, the Mother Goddess of Ireland who symbolizes the feminine version of the spiritual warrior archetype and is celebrated by the lighting of bonfires we are reminded of the inner light that dwells within us, which imbues us with courage. As the feast of the blessings of the Throat we are reminded that it with our words that we create our world. The throat chakra is the center of creativity and bringing form into manifestation through vibration. It is in the throat chakra that the the will of the Divine is made known.

Full moons are about awareness and with this Full Moon we are being made aware of something that is highly personal in contrast to something highly impersonal. How can our most personal talents and abilities (Leo) be of service to the greater good (Aquarius)? This axis of Love, is the axis associated with the Aquarian Age. No longer is our life the greatest gift we can give to another. That is the old paradigm represented by the Piscean Age. We are in a New Paradigm, the Age of Aquarius and in the Age of Aquarius we ask ourselves how can I be the best most balanced and actualized person (Leo) and contribute the whole (Aquarius) in a unique (Aquarius) and loving (Leo) manner?

We are moving into a brave new world that requires us to know our own hearts. To foster a loving Mind and an intelligent Heart. Finding the balance of the Leo/Aquarius archetypes within ourselves, our lives and our world.

Love deeply and be kind to all is the mantra of this Full Moon. We can do this if we do it together.

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