Full Moon in Libra: Working together to create the New Earth

On April 4th there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra. Full Moons are times when we become aware of something. Within the lunar cycle, seeds planted on the New Moon of March 20th, which occurred at the last degree of Pisces, comes to fruition. We get to see what has been planted. On a larger scale because last month’s New Moon was a Solar Eclipse and this month’s Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse there are longer range ramifications. Eclipses are the wild cards of the Astrological Universe. We never know quite what will happen. It is best to expect the unexpected with Eclipses and with Uranus conjoined the Sun in Aries in this eclipse there is a double down on unexpected.

There are two eclipse seasons a year, always six months apart. As I said in my New Moon Article of March 20th, we are in a South Node eclipse season, so it is about releasing something. Old emotional patterns of reacting from a place of fear, anger, hatred. Isolation and separation is what we are required to do, so that we can move toward a more balanced, fair, and equitable future.

Moving towards a more balanced and equitable future seems like a Herculean task, yet the tides are turned in our favor as the last of the 7 exact Pluto Uranus squares, the engine of our personal and collective transformation gives us the flow of energy necessary to get the work done. It’s all in your intention. With Uranus in Aries now moving away from Pluto in Capricorn, the new overtakes the old ways and the structures that no longer work for our evolution will break down. It is vitally important that you put your positive intentions out into the world. Things are very plastic at this time and there will be plenty of others putting out their negative intentions out at the same time. Yet Natural Law dictates that the beginning and the end are the same, so those with positive intention will manifest and those with negative intention will self destruct.

The New Paradigm is here and the Universe is poised to fulfill our desires. Let them be desires for peace, love and cooperation. The fate of our world depends on it.

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