Full Moon in Sagittarius: Letting Go Just a Little More!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius that occurs on April 25, 2013 at 12:25 AM EDT, is the last of three eclipses of this eclipse season. As I have said in my two previous articles, Full Moon in Scorpio: Facing the
Shadow, and The New Moon in Taurus: Getting down to basics these are South Node Eclipses. The South Node of the Moon is the point of release and so overriding theme with these three eclipses is letting go.

Letting go is never easy, not for anyone, yet with the transiting nodes in Scorpio (North Node) and Taurus (South Node) requires us todo just that in order to evolve.

The Scorpio/Taurus axis is the axis of life and death, survival and annihilation, self-reliance and sharing, sex for procreation and sex as the path to intimacy. There is a lot of power in the axis, and so issues of power and powerlessness bombard our reality.

The escape of one woman ad the freeing of two other women in Cleveland, from ten years of brutality, by a man who kidnapped and enslaved them in his home, is the type of stories we see with these nodes. In a society that does not value the feminine we see this type of thing too often. The fact that the perpetrator had a long history of domestic spousal abuse predisposes him to be able to perpetrate such atrocities on, for all intents and purposes, children.

We can look at this incident and say,” Well this is just an aberrancy especially in a civilized first world country.” Yet the objectification of woman by the culture, the patriarchal religions relegating woman to baby machines who have no right to there own body, all contribute to a sense of powerlessness for woman and the necessity of management of women by men. As someone who got most of her information about being female from reading Ms. Magazine and Cosmopolitan in the 70’s, this type of sensibility should have been annihilated thirty years ago. But alas, misogyny is alive and well and to a at times, glorified in the culture.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius brings to our awareness what we believe to be true. Issues of religion can take center stage as can the basis of our beliefs. Because this Full Moon is also an eclipse of the South node we need to look a the issues connected to Taurus and to Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus. Survival, resources, self-worth, relationship to woman all need to evaluated. What ideas, beliefs, habits and relationship dynamics keep us stuck in an unending cycle of self-abuse or abuse of any kind.

Sagittarius also deals with natural law and our relationship to the planet. can we see our objectification and commodification of women in this society reflected in the way we treat the planet? As if Mother Earth is just a rock full of resources that we get to exploit and pollute, so the top 1% can get rich?

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis, which this Full Moon crosses (Sun in Gemini opposite the Moon in Sagittarius) is the axis of the two sides of the brain, the left logical brain (Gemini) and the right intuitive brain (Sagittarius). This full Moon asks us to get in touch with our intuitive facilities and our creative left brain, which incidentally is the feminine side of the brain.

A square from Neptune to the Sun and Moon creates a t-square formation. This high energy planetary pattern creates a sense of being at a cross roads in which we are driven to choose a direction. The t-square being in mutable signs stresses the idea of this being a mental issue, as opposed to an emotional or physical one. It’s about changing our paradigm by changing the way we think about our relationship to the feminine, whether it be in the guise of woman or planet or even just the feminine side of our selves.

The square from Neptune can also create some confusion and we must be aware of what we are feeling and intuiting about a situation. This is just the the type of aspect that those in power can use to distract us from the real issues.

Using your intuition instead of your logical brain can help you discern if what you are hearing rings true. The body, which along with the emotions are the feminine side of us (the mental and spiritual the masculine side of us) never lies. We have been conditioned to not trust it and do often we ignore it.

It behooves us to listen to our intuitions and to start trusting them. When we do, we will realize that most of the things have been taught to believe don’t make sense ad generally do not bring us happiness. By trusting our own inner compass we no longer need to look outside of ourselves for answers. This will put a lot of people who like to tell us what to do, how to be, what to buy and how to live, out of business!

We truly are the architects of our won destiny, this is a sobering yet welcome through at a time when the world seems to be moving toward a precipice of no return. We’ve gotten ourselves into this mess and we can get ourselves out of it. Through a balance of our inner masculine and inner feminine with the center of our being, aka our heart, we can create a world based on love and not fear. for we create what vibrate and it’s time to make the conscious
choice to vibrate unity and love. Our lives and the life of the planet depend on

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