Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Search for Meaning

June starts off with a Full Moon, just as May did. But whereas in May we were dealing with our emotions, this Full Moon illuminates our mind. The Full Moon on June 2nd is a Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius as an archetype is about truth, understanding and the big picture. The Sun in Gemini illuminates for us what ideas we base our truth on. And Neptune in Pisces, making a square to this Full Moon axis creates a spiritual crisis. We have a crisis in what we believe as we are simultaneously driven to gather new information that could help us to build our reality on something besides the tried and true. In fact the tried seems to have shifted to the ‘been there, done that’ and the true has shifted into the untrue. Much of what we have been lead to believe has been shown to be either out right wrong, or at least sorely lacking.

Within the chart of this Full Moon we have two grand trines, one fire and one air. Fire and Air potentiate each other and drive us to act. Both elements are male and yang in nature, so the energy is moving out. Fire trines are highly creative, and Air trines give us much information. The fire trine is between Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries and the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Creativity, out of the box thinking, individuality, and belief systems burn hot with this trine. The Air trine, or the information side is between the North Node in Libra, The Sun and Ceres, the largest of the asteroids in Aquarius. The North node points to the direction of our collective future evolution, the Sun illuminates anything it touches, in this case information, and Ceres, the asteroid associated with Nurturing is in the sign of the group. It is quite obvious to this astrologer that the heavens are pointing to a collective future where individual creativity and ingenuity are fostered, not for the aggrandizement of the individual, but for the benefit of the collective.

So what’s the issue then? Well, this too is seen in this chart. Pluto, the planet of transformation in the sign of Power, Capricorn is at the head of a yod with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Leo. Yod’s require adjustments to be made, both mentally and emotionally. The mental adjustments have to do with our desire nature (Mars/Pluto). What do we need to release of the old mind set, in order to move into a new Paradigm? The emotional adjustment, generally the more difficult to make really is about releasing the need for drama. The almost irrational need for people to be special must be released. We are all special, no one more special than the next. Yet those in power wish to pit us against each other, reaping the rewards of the planet (Pluto in Capricorn) while we fight over crumbs; and polluted crumbs at that.

It is time for us to work together for a common future. The future is the auspices of Sagittarius. If we want a future based on Natural Law and Truth, then we need to start loving each other, right this very minute. If we can’t manage this shift, the future for our children looks very bleak indeed.

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