Full Moon in Scorpio: The Awareness of Choice

On May 14th we have a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. At the Full Moon the Sun and the Moon are as far apart as they can be from one other. The Sun is the center of our awareness and the Moon the depository of our subconscious drives and feelings. In Sun in Taurus illuminates our needs to survive and thrive this 3rd dimensional experience we call life on Earth. The Moon in Scorpio connects to our deepest emotional core, which includes the nurturing we received from our families and the nature of our emotional/sexual wounding. Full Moons are times of awareness when we can be more objective and have a broader perspective of our experiences.

This Full Moon is the manifestation time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse that occurred on April 29th. At that time we planted new seeds in our relationship to what we value, what is essential and how we feel about ourselves. Now at this Full Moon we see what has grown from those seeds. The next phase between the Full Moon and the next New Moon is our time to introduce these new manifestations into society, to share our creations and learn from the creations of others.

Besides the opposition between the Sun and Moon there are also a number of other important heavenly patterns that further elucidate where we are on our journey towards self-understanding and manifestation of our true selves. A square between Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn creates the energy to drive us forward on our new relationship to power. This crisis in action square, requires us to act to build foundation stones for the structure of our new relationship to power. This cycle began back on November 16th 2013, when Venus conjoined Pluto at 10 degrees of Capricorn. Since that time Venus has gone through a retrograde period in which we reviewed, revised and reconfigured our relationship to money, power, our selves and our relationships. Through that process we have really come to terms with what in fact is important to us, as well as what no longer serves us and must be released.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is also present in this chart creating a doorway of initiation for us to walk through and be and do it differently. There is also a Grand Trine in Water with Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron. This trine gives us the choice to heal issues around how ingrained the idea and dare I say ideal of victimization is in our society. Victimizers are ostracized and victims put on a pedestal, yet this does not seem to decrease the number of either. Getting down to the truth that victim/victimizer is a choice we make and that if we can take responsibility for our own choices in these situations the need for either would disappear.

Living in the new paradigm requires us to be responsible for ourselves 100%, this is guiding principle within the New Paradigm, something to aspire towards. And today’s Full Moon gives us a glimpse of what it’s going take to get there.

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