Full Moon in Scorpio: The Fullness of Life Exposed

On May 3rd/4th there is a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. Full Moons are times of awareness and fruition. The seed planted on the New Moon in Aries on the 18th of April is brought forth into the world.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is the axis of life and death, of building and of letting go, of our own resources and resourcefulness and the resources we share with others. This is the axis of sex, money & taxes. When this axis is stimulated it is always a highly charged time. Add to the charge, Jupiter in Leo which is almost exactly square the Full Moon axis.

Jupiter, just recently began to move forward in the sky (April 8th) and is quite powerful in the sign of self-expression, creativity and leadership. As with all things, too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing and Jupiter doesn’t always know when enough is enough, especially in Leo which is a sign known for drama. So guard against drama for drama’s sake, there is enough of a charge here without such shenanigans.

The Sun in Taurus wants to know where it stands. Taurus is an earth sign so our conscious mind (the Sun) is focused on practical concerns. The Moon ,our unconsciously habitual self, is in emotionally intense and secretive Scorpio. Yet the Moon is Full, so we must become aware of our sensitive and often wounded underbelly. So this is a very emotionally sensitive time and we must tread lightly. Or we may feel the sting of the wounded Scorpio Moon. It is common knowledge that a wounded animal is the most dangerous. The Moon does connect to our more animal nature. So consider yourself forewarned.

Sometimes what is uncovered by this Full Scorpio Moon is even unknown to the self. It is in Scorpio that we meet the shadow. Yet this Full Moon is an opportunity to become aware of this. Saturn is now moving retrograde and will retrograde back into the last 2 degrees of Scorpio. Saturn will be in Scorpio from June through September before it re-enters Sagittarius. And Saturn won’t be back in Scorpio for another 29years. This summer we have the opportunity to work through and with any unhealed shadows that come to light at this time.

This is the type of Full Moon, where self awareness can be invaluable. Dealing with these energies from an unconscious place can be dangerous. Along with self-awareness, awareness of your surroundings is also a good idea, for there are many on the planet who are not self-aware. Any time sex is a major theme, we can expect all manner of projection and intensity.

Yet despite all the warnings, this can be a most creative time. Taurus/Scorpio/Leo are all highly creative archetypes. There is a lot of fertility in this combination. For sure lots of children will be conceived during this time.

This is a highly sexually charged time as well, and with Jupiter in Leo in the picture, speaking from your heart is highlighted, even if it causes a stir. Each person has their own truth and they have the right to express it with care and a certain amount of consideration.

We can take this creative and fertile time to continue to build the foundations for the New Paradigm to take root. So immerse yourself in the fullness of this time and be loving to one another.

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