Full Moon in Taurus: To be or not to be

Sunday, November 17th is the Full Moon in Taurus, a point of awareness and the start of the second phase of the monthly lunation cycle. It is during the time of the Full Moon that we become aware of what we planted back 14 days previously at the New Moon. Our last New Moon, which was on November 3rd at 12 degrees of Scorpio was a particularly intense one. Not only did it occur in arguably the most intense of signs, Scorpio, it was also a Solar Eclipse at the North Node of the Moon. Seeds planted at that time have long lasting ramifications and Sunday’s Full Moon give us a glimpse of what was planted.

We will not get the full understanding of what seeds were planted back on November 3rd because eclipses can have a long range (months to years) consequence. Yet if we are observant enough we will see a new future being born on this Full Moon.

The axis of this Full Moon, Taurus /Scorpio/ is the axis of life and death, of personal resources and shared resources, of sex for procreation and sex as an instrument of intimacy. The elements are Earth and Water, both feminine elements, both fertile in their own way. They can symbolize both the primordial ooze of life or the quagmire. The mode of this polarity is fixed making both signs stubborn and hard to move. Yet we are at a time in history that we must move, shit and change, lest we perish.

The chart for this Full Moon has the Planet Neptune in a t-square to the Sun and Moon. Neptune just recently stationed direct (on November 13th) and is even more powerful than usual. Yet Neptune’s power can be subtle, or not, unlike Uranus and Pluto which are rarely, if ever, subtle. The Modus Operandi of Neptune is that of dissolving boundaries. With this planet squaring both the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, both fixed and resistant to change by their very nature, we have an opportunity to be less so. This axis is about resources and our ability or inability to have them and share them. Our awareness takes us to a place where we can see what they are and be open enough to take into consideration the disparity of resources within the world we live.

The direction forward is one of sharing. We are all in this together and doing with less so others can simply live, while raising our consciousness to a place of creative co-creation with source, can create a world with less disparity and more love. We are our brother’s and sister’s keepers and they are ours. Let’s be good to one another.

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