Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Letting Go of the Old Paradigm!

On April 15th there is a full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra. Energetically Eclipses act like reset buttons. The Electromagnetic waves that flow to the earth from the Sun are temporarily interrupted, allowing either the release of old energy or the ingestion of new.

There are two eclipse seasons, each year, always 6 months apart. These occur when the Sun is at near the North Node of the Moon, also called the Dragon’s Mouth; or the Sun is at the South Node of the Moon, also called the Dragon’s Tail. Eclipses at the North Node (Dragon’s Mouth) herald a time of bringing in new experience for us to digest, while Eclipses at the South Node (Dragon’s Tail) require us to let go of old emotional patterns (the Moon) that no longer serve our personal/collective evolution. The eclipse of April 15th is one of Release.

The signs of the Sun and Moon clue us to the issues at hand. The Sun in Aries is about being our unique selves while the Moon in Libra points to how best to relate on an emotional level. Taken on it’s own this eclipse points to letting go of the old ways of relating that dis-empower us and relate in such a way that we are allowed to be who we are and still have emotional peace. Yet this eclipse cannot be take by itself, because it is occurring in the midst of some of the most intense planetary energies in recent history.

Along with the eclipse we have a Grand Cardinal Square in the heavens that acts like a doorway for us to initiate a new way of being. Two of the planets involved in this configuration, Pluto and Uranus, are driving the great environmental, political, cultural and personal transformations we are currently in the thick of. This planetary pattern, which also includes Jupiter and Mars, is an interconnection of stressful relationships that require acute awareness concerning our relationship to power AND how we act to move forward without destroying ourselves in the process.

This conundrum can be seen in our relationship to our environment, in many or our political situations across the globe, and within our most intimate and personal relationships.

Things seem quite dire, and in point of fact they are. We are at a choice point. As we are faced with the Dragon’s tail, it behooves us to let go. Let go of our current relationship to power. In a patriarchal society power is held by the few. Let that mental construct go and come to realize that you possess inside of yourself great untapped wells of power. In a patriarchal society Mother Earth is simply a depository of resources for us to utilize. Let that go. Appreciate the Mother, love her, treat her with respect, heal her, it is not our right to utilize her resources, it is a gift that she gives us.

In our relationship to others, come to the awareness that if we are allowed to be the beautiful sparks of the Divine that we truly are there is no need to use manipulation when relating to others. In fact others are simply mirrors for us to either experience the fullness of love, or as a vehicle of projection to see what it is about ourselves that we have not learned to love. Then, LOVE IT.

The Greatest Gift we can give ourselves, and by proxy, give to others is LOVE. Releasing the need to be superior, and/or releasing the need to be inferior opens us up to the true power. We can be uniquely who we are born to be AND relate to each other in a cooperative and peaceful manner.
We can move through this cosmic doorway, this spiritual initiation and hold the space for those who are still asleep to the truth of our magnificence, for many only see the darkness. The Light is here, we just need to be it!

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