New Moon in Aquarius: Planting the Seeds for the Common Good

On February 8th there is a New Moon at 20 degrees in Aquarius. New Moons are time of potential, when we get to plant the seeds for the future. Aquarius is the sign of Brotherhood/Sisterhood. It is in Aquarius that we come together with others to work toward a more equitable future. Within Aquarius is the urge to break free from the constraints of an structures that no longer serve our evolution. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, can often blow apart structures that keep us from the light of spirit. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a favor as we sit among the rubble of our lives, yet ultimately Uranus wants to free us and give as a broader more inclusive picture.

This New Moon is particularly potent for a number of reasons. The Sun/Moon conjunction (aka the New Moon) is sextile Uranus and Eris both in Aries. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and Eris, a newly discovered dwarf planet which holds with in it the archetype of the warrior who loves upsetting the applecart (to put it mildly) by using the pomposity and narcissism of her foes against them. These two revolutionary forces make an opportunistic connection to the New Moon allowing us to productively use the new forms of consciousness that are flooding the zeitgeist (spirit of the times).

A first quarter square of Mars in Scorpio to the New Moon creates an urgent sense that we need to take action NOW. And these are not superficial actions, but deep felt and transformational actions. Quite frankly people are tired of feeling powerless and anyone who can harness this energy can create sweeping changes. Energy has no preference as to who uses it. So if you want to change things for the better, people who believe in a better world must rise up. There are plenty of folks out there intent on destruction, focusing on them only empowers them. Focusing on change in a positive , life affirming and loving direction has more power, simply because Love trumps Fear.

This New Moon is also part of a Finger of God formation with the Sun/Moon In Aquarius, Uranus/Eris in Aries, Chiron/South Node in Pisces and Jupiter/North Node in Virgo. We are being shown that in order to move forward (North Node) we must work diligently in a step by step manner(Virgo) during this time of crisis (Virgo) to make the necessary adjustments (Finger of God) to change our mindset to a sense of positive possibilities (Jupiter). All this while releasing the emotional need to be a victim (Pisces/South Node) and becoming aware of just how deep this wound (Chiron) goes. Chiron is trine Mars at this time so we are coming to understand the depths of our wounding and at the same time, the possibility of healing these wounds (Chiron).

We are truly in a time of deep transformation. Since 2012 Pluto and Uranus have been battling out in the heavens, waking us up to the need to transform and revolutionize our lives. From 2012-2015 this ‘square dance’ broke us out of the ‘rut’ or our lives. Many people found themselves shaken out of their comfort zones, for others their whole life was turned upside down. This was seen in the collective as well. All this to prepare us for the next step in the evolutionary journey, to create a world based on universal truths. As we wake up to our true potential we are being called to make our voices heard, put our money where our dreams are, and get moving to build a New World in this New Paradigm.

If not NOW then WHEN? If not US then WHO?

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