New Moon in Cancer: The Rise of the Earthly Family

On Friday, June 27th there is a New Moon in the sign of Cancer. It is in the sign of Cancer that we come to digest our experiences and see how they make us feel. There is a waxing and waning nature to Cancer, seen as periods of withdrawal, followed by periods of expression. Anyone who is a Cancer or knows a Cancer can recognize this pattern. Sometimes it is seen as being moody, yet it is really just the Cancer’s need to crawl into their shell to come to understand how they are feeling. Incidentally, you don’t need to be a Cancer to experience this, everyone has the sign of Cancer in their chart somewhere. So there is some portion of our life that we go through this process.

Being the first Water Sign on the natural zodiac, Cancer is very subjectively oriented and most concerned with emotional security and the security and welfare of the clan. It’s ruling planet the Moon is connected to our gut level instincts. It is also related to our relationship with the nurturing parent. Historically the mother, yet these days as men and women become more in touch with both their masculine and feminine natures, the nurturing parent need not be the mother.

This New Moon in Cancer is especially important because Jupiter, the planet of expansion and understanding has been moving through Cancer since June of 2013. Whenever Jupiter is in a sign we come to learn something about that sign. Cancer being so instinctual and subjective, it is difficult to achieve perspective, yet that is just what Jupiter brings to the party. Jupiter’s year long journey through Cancer has given us the opportunity to look at our emotional reactions and responses. It has also allowed us to see just how our upbringing and the dynamics of our families of origin have effected the way we relate to life. This is seen in how we live our lives, the decisions we make, especially when we are feeling vulnerable. And Lord knows there has been enough tumult for everyone to feel vulnerable! It is also seen in how we relate to others.

During this time Jupiter in Cancer has been part of the Grand Cardinal Square which has acted as a doorway to initiation, A Cardinal t-square with transformational giants Pluto and Uranus, to push us to move forward and change the way relate to power. And Jupiter has been part of a 2 Grand Water Trines. One with Saturn and Neptune that was in orb for most of 2013 and one with Saturn and Chiron for most of 2014. All this activity has helped us to understand, heal and move forward.

So with this New Moon in Cancer we have a deeper, broader & more complete understanding of our emotions, our feelings & what drives us to react and respond the way we do. In other words we have the perspective to choose to respond differently if we so choose.

The Chart of the New Moon in Cancer has all the ingredients for forward motion, for healing the shadow & a challenge to relate to others in a different way. Jupiter in Cancer in this chart is square the nodes of the Moon. This creates a conundrum and a choice point. We are being asked to review our old instinctual actions, especially the way we act when we are feeling threatened, and to let go of them. The way forward is through cooperation and compromise. This takes a lot of courage and a deep sense of personal power.

We are working within a new paradigm, the rules have changed, the old ways no longer work. More and more people see the futility in the old and dream of a future where we work together to make this world a more verdant and peaceful place. We are tired of war, of sacrificing our children, of raping mother earth for short term gains for a very small number of individuals. The meek may very well inherit the earth, yet I doubt if the meek want to inherit a garbage dump!

Cancer is about family and we are all part of a greater family, the family of Man/Woman. And beyond that we are part of an earthly family that includes the plants, animals, fishes, minerals, & insects. Let’s do this together, our very survival depends on it!

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