New Moon in Capricorn: Planting Seeds of Inner Authority

On December 21st there is a New Moon in Capricorn. There are a few things about this New Moon that makes it a rarity. Firstly it occurs on the Winter Solstice. The Sun moves into Capricorn and within 2 hours the Moon moves into Capricorn and a mere 20 minutes later we have the New Moon. And Secondly it occurs on the day that Uranus stations direct.

Capricorn is a complex and often misunderstood archetype. The symbol for Capricorn is the Sea Goat, symbolizing the ability to journey to both the depths and the heights of human experience. There is an ambition to Capricorn that is legendary, yet there is also a deep sensitivity to Capricorn that is less well known. All Signs hold within them, the opposite sign. So at the Center of every Capricorn you can find a sensitive Cancer. Just like when a Cancer is feeling vulnerable, which is often, he/she can stonewall you with their hard shell, and no matter how you plead with them they will stay entrenched until they are ready to come out on their own.

Capricorn also is the archetype of maturity, something many people would rather not deal with, because with maturity comes responsibility. No longer can we blame our situation on others, we must look to see where we are contributing to our situation in thought, word, deed and feeling.

The Sabian Symbol for the first degree of Capricorn is “ An Indian Chief claims power from the assembled tribe.” The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership. There are many leaders and wanna- be leaders out there clamoring for attention. Some are pontificating on the value of staying the course and strengthening the power structure even further. While others are shouting for rebellion against ‘the machine’ asking for a complete tear-down of the structures of society. And still others are asking for moderation, somewhere in the middle of the extremes. Which do we listen to?

On the most basic level the New Moon in Capricorn is planting the seeds of maturity. It is time for us to grow into our personal sense of authority. If we look to the outside world for examples of authority we find people following ‘orders’, sometimes blindly, creating havoc and pain. Others are looking to those ‘in charge’ for direction, to find that the leaders are deaf to their pleas and concerns. There seems to be many voices but few ears. And if we question outer authority we are branded rabble rousers, socialists, crazies, terrorists and insurgents.

With Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, transforming the structures of government, banking , big business and corporations, the structure of society is being torn asunder. Plutocrats are using their money to dismantle any sense of government oversight while media outlets fan the flames of fear. The moneyed puppet masters are re-framing the debate, or in some cases totally shutting it down, while we the people of the world are caught up in the maelstrom. Most feel powerless, yet that is exactly what ‘they’ want. And as to who ‘they’ are, I can’t say I know. I could guess, yet if we look at it from a higher perspective, maybe ‘they’ are just a part of us that is testing our ability to become empowered.

If we can’t look outside of ourselves for authority we must look within. This New Moon in Capricorn is the clarion call for this. With Uranus, fresh off it’s square to Pluto on December 15th, stationing direct (moving forward) just hours before the Solstice and the New Moon we are getting a set of rocket boosters strapped to our butts. We have the energy and the power to change the way power is wielded on this planet. Yet we can see from where the world stands now that power over is not an option for real change. It is simply a faster way to kill ourselves. It is the Power within each one of us that holds the key.

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn, which on the day of the New Moon is in the last degree of Scorpio. Saturn’s journey through Scorpio has been as devastating as it has been illuminating. With in weeks of Saturn’s entrance into Scorpio there was the Newtown shooting where elementary age children where gunned down by a mentally ill youngster. And within weeks of Saturn leaving Scorpio (December 23rd) suicide bombers entered a school in Pakistan and murdered more than a hundred school age children. Scorpio is the place where we meet our shadow, and we certainly have. Yet our shadow is just that, OURS, and it needs to be recognized brought to the light of day and healed. Saturn is a hard task master, yet we see, in the starkest of ways the reality of our situation. Now it’s time to change it.

Soon Saturn will ingress into Sagittarius to evaluate how our beliefs and belief systems limit us. We will all face our own crisis in belief as Saturn moves through Sagittarius. This helps us to base our new sense of inner power of what rings true for us (truth is another Sagittarius Archetype).

The next few years will be very important in how we are setting ourselves up for the future. Ideals born in the 60’s need structures to uphold them. We are seeing the need now, and will be putting our backs into that process over the next decade. We are creating a New World, let it be build with love and compassion and with a balance of maturity and sensitivity. It’s time for us to find, develop and utilize our Power!

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