New Moon in Capricorn: Resolve to Love Thyself

There are moments in history and in our lives which we can look back on and realize that something has changed. That we will never be able to go back as an old way of being fades and that a new path rises before us. The New Moon in Capricorn is one of those moments.

Traditionally, New Years Day is a time of New Beginnings as we list our resolutions, go on a diet, quit smoking, exercise more, start writing that book. Whatever we promise ourselves, they are things we feel we ought to do. Part of the reason our resolutions are generally ‘shoulds’ is because on New Year’s Day the Sun is in Capricorn. Capricorn is the king/queen of the ‘should’s‘, ‘ought to’s’ and ‘have to’s‘. We judge our effectiveness in Capricorn and often come up wanting. So we attempt to right all the wrongs with a list of self-improvements.

This New Year’s Day is truly a Day of New Beginnings, as the New Moon in Capricorn occurs on January 1st. This New Moon is particularly potent for a number of reasons. There are five planets in Capricorn, the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury and Venus, making this a serious new moon. In fact the Sun and Moon at 11 degrees of Capricorn are conjoined Pluto at 12 degrees and Mercury at 13 degrees. That is a very close and powerful configuration, and with Pluto in the mix, highly transformational. Venus although not conjunct is retrograde at 27 degrees of Capricorn. Retrograde planets point to the process of re-evaluation and with Venus we are dealing with a re-evaluation of our essential needs and our relationships, especially concerning money and power.

The New Moon is also part of a grand cardinal square. A grand square in the cardinal signs points to an opportunity (crisis) in which we are tested to move forward in a new direction. Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries round out this square. Issues of power and powerlessness, freedom to be who we are, responsibility around relationship and the accessing of emotional self-reliance and nurturing are all highlighted.

This square acts as a doorway, or a threshold that we are required to walk through. For those who refuse to move through this portal, fate will step in and give you a nice strong shove. All areas of our lives will be transformed. Who we are, who we relate to, who we are on inner levels and how we are seen in the outer world. Nothing will stay the same.

This process is really an opportunity to find out who you are. Numerologically 2014 is a 7 year. Seven is about coming to know self. Who you are at your core, without the trappings of life that we can easily hide behind. We are coming to know ourselves whether we like it or not.

So back to those resolutions. Most resolutions are made because we look at ourselves and judge ourselves against the standards of our culture. Yet what is truly important is not how we look, how successful we are, how much self-control we have. What’s important is how we feel in our heart of hearts. It’s not about judging self, it’s about loving self. Because the more we love ourselves at the very core of our being, the more love we share. And suddenly we make better choices, we stop smoking, start eating right, take those long walks, talk to those we love without judgment. And our life becomes a celebration of love.

Instead of making a resolution, make a promise to yourself that you will seek love in all things, especially those concerning yourself. Be gentle with yourself, foster emotional healing and self-reliance. No one is responsible for your happiness but you. Capricorn is above all about responsibility, or the ability to respond. Respond with love to yourself and others and miracles will happen!

Have a blessed New Year!

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