New Moon in Gemini: A New Way

On June 4th there is a New Moon in the sign of Gemini. New Moons are times of planting seeds for the future. This New Moon is a very powerful one as the Sun/Moon is part of a Mutable Grand Square with Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn. We are being faced with the limitations of our current belief systems on both a personal and collective levels. As we watch what is going on in the outer world we may be asking ourselves, “Where is the compassion?” “How can we ease the suffering we see or feel?” “How can we change the system to stop this insanity?” These are all questions stimulated by this Grand Square.

It would be easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information, images, feelings and intuitions that come flooding in at this time. How can we filter through all of this? These type of configurations, especially in the mutable signs, can create a mental energy pattern that makes us feel like a hamster in hamster wheel. Going over the same ground over and over again without getting anywhere. Yet if we can avoid this danger, we can utilize this energy to create the change that will really propel us onto new ground.

Along with the energy of this Grand Square, which will be a big influence throughout the month of June, we also have a Grand Earth Trine in the sky. For as ephemeral as the Mutable Grand Square is, the Grand Earth Trine is grounded, real and stable. How do we utilize the stability of the Earth Trine while staying connected to all the information available to us through the Mutable Square, to actually think in a new way? We look for a connection between the two. That connection is Jupiter in the sign of Virgo which is part of both configurations.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it helps us to look at the big picture. Generally an energy not interested in details, the fact that it is now in the sign most associated with details, Virgo, we find ourselves buried in detail, whether we like it or not. Virgo is the sign associated with service, health and making things work better. There is a step by step process we go through in Virgo where small adjustments are needed to improve a situation. With all the problems we seem to be beset with it is easy to throw up your hands in futility. Yet if we can focus on just one thing at a time, take care of one detail and remember that we are not doing this in a vacuum, we can make huge progress with small actions.

The other important factor with Virgo is becoming aware of our physical body. The body is the vessel in which holds our eternal spirit. Ignoring our bodies will do us no favors. We must look to see what habits we can change to purify our bodies. How many people do you know who have been sick with ailments that just don’t seem to go away? Are you feeling under the weather? Take care of yourself first and foremost. Take care of your environment. Avoid harsh chemicals, eat healthier more natural food. Make sure you are well hydrated and do your best to get enough sleep. It may be odd to think, the world is falling apart around me, I think I’ll go take a nap. It’s almost counter intuitive, isn’t there something I can do? There is. Love yourself, love your planet, love one another. Take the actions that really count. Simplify your life and visualize the world you want to live in. It is these simple steps that will strengthen us all and help us to face the future, together.

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