New Moon in Gemini: Say what you need to say…

2013 has certainly been a transformational year so far, as after what seems like an interminable period of one shock after another of incidents beyond our control, we have come to a point when we the people actually get to say what we want to say.

The New Moon in Gemini, that occurs on Saturday, June 8th, is our opportunity to plant the seed to think differently, communicate
differently and interact differently.

There are many planetary interactions that have aided us in reformulating our ideas and our belief systems. Jupiter has been in Gemini for almost a year now. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and while in Gemini, there has been an expansion of ideas as well as more information available than ever before. And despite the best efforts of those in charge who wish to keep things under wraps, information has a way of seeping out onto the world stage. Due to the inter connectivity we now have available, almost nothing can be kept from us. For those who want to keep us in the dark, they’re only weapon left is one of distraction and diversion. And so it behooves us to use our gut instincts to evaluate each piece of information that comes our way to determine if it rings true to us or not.

Jupiter’s journey through Gemini has not been an easy ride, Jupiter was in the cross hairs of a Yod formation in December of 2012 and again in March of 2013. This formation forced us to look at the ideas we had based our beliefs upon to determine what was still valid and what was not.

The other aspect that has been pivotal in our view of reality and how we think about things is the ongoing Uranus Pluto square. This highly active and transformational aspect between Uranus The Great Awakener and Pluto the Great Destroyer/Creator is creating a huge cultural shift .The ideas seeded back in the 60’s when these two powerhouses were conjoined in Virgo (1965-66) are re-emerging as these two planets reach their 90 degree relationship to each other. This is a waxing or building square and we are at the point were we must build the structures for those seed thoughts to manifest. There is a sense of life and death to these changes as the family of man/woman is at an evolutionary mandate that requires us to do things differently, lest we destroy ourselves.

So this is the back drop of this New Moon which occurs at 19 degrees of Gemini. Looking at the chart for this New Moon we see 4 planets in Gemini, the Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter. Although Mars is out of orb of a conjunction, Jupiter is not, telling us that all these hard won reformulated ideas are ready to be unveiled. It is of utmost importance that what needs to be said. is said.

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury is in Cancer and part of a Cardinal T-square with Pluto and Uranus. It is time to speak up to those in power, symbolized by Pluto in Capricorn. This does not only mean governmental powers, but anyone who ‘lords over’ us in any and all situations. Power struggles are not only fought in the halls of Congress, or on the streets of Syria, but in our lives everyday, in subtle and not so subtle ways. Because of the Cancer/Capricorn axis these two planets cross, there is also a connection to our experience with Mother/Father and how patterns that we were indoctrinated into as children continue to dominate our lives. Ultimately we are here to be the authority figures in our own lives, based on a healthy relationship with our inner compass aka our instincts or inner knowing. The fact that Pluto is
Retrograde, gives us more influence to face the powerful and have them actually
hear us.

The other part of this T-square is Uranus in Aries making a first 1/4 square to Mercury. New ideas that were seeded in our consciousness back on April 20th when Mercury conjoined Uranus at 10 degrees of Aries, are seeking structures to be built to support our new transformational ideas.

It is on this New Moon that our voice need to be heard and our sleeves rolled up in order to build the structures that will sustain our need for self-governance and self-actualization.

Gemini is also the sign of youth, and it is important for us not to just be open to what the youth have to say, but for the youth to be willing to participate in the building of our common future.

The fires of revolution will burn bright this summer. Knowing what resonates in your own heart and mind will guide you to your destiny. It will be a bumpy ride, yet it is a ride well worth taking.

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