New Moon in Leo: Let Your Light Shine!

On August 6th there is a New Moon in Leo, when we have a new moon the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree. For this New Moon the conjunction of the Sun and Moon occurs at 15 degrees of Leo. What makes this New Moon particularly important is that it occurs in the middle degree of the fixed fire element. The 15th degree is considered the most fixed point in the 30 degree span of every fixed sign. In Leo we are speaking of the eternal flame. To further drive this theme home, we have the asteroid Vesta at the very same 15th degree. In Roman Mythology, Vesta was the keeper of the sacred flame. In Greek Mythology this goddess was known as Hestia, the goddess who kept the home fires burning.

For many reasons 2013 is the year of the rise of the feminine. Woman’s issues are front and center, especially concerning the attempt of the patriarchy to legislate what women can and cannot do with their bodies. This is a last ditch attempt to keep control of the ocean liner of culture. Yet that ship is sinking, not so much from a spectacular crash into an iceberg, but because the very rivets that hold the hull together are dissolving. The engine room knows, the crew knows, it’s just the captain and the few that surround him, who inhabit the upper decks of the boat that are not quite aware. Yet they too will find themselves ankle deep in water soon enough.

This New Moon is in a square to the Nodes of the Moon. The North node is in Scorpio and the South Node is in Taurus. In some sense the Moon, our emotional responses to life and our every changing self-image is at odds with itself. The challenge here is how do we evolve without losing the very heart of ourselves?

There is a way forward, yet it takes looking back before we can get there. In order to transform ourselves (North Node in Scorpio) we must review the values we hold (South Node in Taurus) especially in our relationship to the feminine. The ruler of the South Node in this New Moon chart is in Virgo, the sign of synthesis, adjustment and perfectionism. There is a deep sense of ‘not quite being good enough, working hard enough, or doing enough, when we speak of Virgo. It is important to come to the realization that we are perfect just where we are. Judgment is a tool of the patriarchy that keeps us tied up in knots so tight we are paralyzed to move.

This New Moon is also trine Uranus in Aries. This is a self-expressive trine further emphasizing the Leo archetype. Uranus in Aries is the explosive energy of new ways of being, connected to the New Moon in Leo it reminds us that we must be ourselves, come from our hearts (Leo) and be willing to step into our creative power.

We find ourselves in the great shift of the ages. As we move further and further into this Aquarian Age we will see the feminine rise higher and higher as she takes her rightful place next to the masculine. It is the balance of these parts of ourselves that will assure our further blossoming.

Balance begins within the heart of each of us, by loving all parts of ourselves, we can spread the love to others. Love yourself, appreciate yourself, heal yourself and in the process we are all more whole and more loving.

This New Moon reminds us to just: Let your light shine!

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