New Moon in Leo: Miracles!

On August 2nd there is a New Moon in Leo. Leo is the archetype associated with creative self expression and self actualization. Leo is the sign associated with the pinnacle of the ego self. New Moon’s are times of beginnings, and in Leo this can be the start of a new creative project, a new love affair or a new act of will. Where 11 degrees of Leo falls in your natal chart will determine what area of life this new creation will take seed.

The Sun/Moon conjunction (New Moon) is making a very close supportive (trine) connection to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn brings structure to any situation, so there is a great chance that whatever is planted will in fact grow as the ground has been prepared. Saturn in Sagittarius tests our beliefs and we have been pondering what we believe to be true for quite a while, so there is more certainty that usual with this New Moon.

Simultaneous to the trine to Saturn there is another close connection to Neptune, however whereas the Saturn connection is supportive the Neptune connection is anything but. The energy of this interaction (waxing inconjunct) is one of humbling. An interesting energy when combined with the energy of Leo, the least humble of all the signs. Neptune’s energy is one of dissolution of boundaries. Our ego self is a boundary that is created by Saturn so that we can function in a 3 dimensional reality. With Neptune’s influence any creation will have to be one with the intention of bringing the power of compassion to whatever seed you are planting on this Leo New Moon.

It would be easy for this seed to become an exercise in self-aggrandizement, because whenever Neptune is in the picture it is easy to fool ourselves, yet ego expanding energy of this sort will not end well. The last quarter square between Neptune and Saturn is especially strong at this time (making it’s last of 3 exact squares in September). The old ways no longer work, and even if initially it seems like the old ways do work, time will prove this to be just an illusion.

Planetary energy is energy, it doesn’t make moral decisions, we do. It is up to our choices as to whether this New Moon is an opportunity to plant something that will work within the New Paradigm, or whether it will be one grand illusion/delusion. We are all capable of being fooled here.

So it is be best to plant the seed, nurture the seed with compassion and step back from getting attached to any particular outcome. There is a leap of faith that is necessary at this time. Focusing on positive outcomes gives us a better chance, yet again there are no guarantees.

On a personal note, this article has been difficult to write. I feel as if I’m writing it backwards and with my non dominant hand. I think this exactly the type of experience we will all be having as we move forward. Yet persistance pays off and even those things that seemed near impossible will in fact become possible. While Neptune/Saturn can create havoc, it can also create miracles. Here’s to the miracles!

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