New Moon in Libra: The Challenge of Balance

There is a New Moon at 9 degrees of Libra on September 30th at 8:11 PM EDT. New Moons are times to plant a new seed of intention. Libra is the sign of relationship to the other. In Libra we learn how to relate as an equal. It takes balance and a willingness to work together through dialogue, compromise and strength. This New Moon is conjunct Jupiter, which just moved into Libra a few days ago after a year long journey through Virgo. While in Virgo we became very aware of what we needed to work on in our personal lives. Now that Jupiter is in Libra we will become aware of what needs to be looked at in our relationships.  Libra is often seen as the sign of balance, yet in truth, Libra is the sign in which we endeavoring to find balance. Libra balances it scales in one or two ways, either through small incremental shifts or through the extremes. Although the second is less preferable it is often how most of us learn the lessons of Libra. After all, if we were good at Libra our relationships would be peaceful and serene. There are a few challenges associated with Libra, namely codependency and projection. Libra will often give their power away in a situation just to keep the relationship going. Supporting the other in their dysfunction while denying themselves their own needs. This doesn’t last forever, generally something happens to  throw the person back on themselves and they take an action to free themselves from the quagmire they find themselves in. This is a healthy expression of the opposite sign of Aries. In order to be a well adjusted and healthy Libra you must have a healthy sense of self (Aries). The other challenge with Libra is projection. How often do we find ourselves pointing at our partner complaining about something we are displeased with only to see, if we are willing to look that is, that whatever we are complaining about is something we ourselves do, are doing or have done. Judging another is simply self-judgment. This New Moon has larger ramifications than just our personal relationships. By fostering healthy relationships, being willing to see things for what they are, and being strong enough to leave a relationship that keeps us imprisoned (which incidentally we generally hold the key to) we will find the outer world shifting in the direction of more peace and harmony. And where on earth couldn’t we use more of that? For folks born in 1974-75, this New Moon is close to your natal Pluto bringing soul lessons around relating to the forefront. Issues of power, powerlessness and misuse of power within relationships will all become very evident during this time. We are in this together folks, lets do our best to foster the promise of peace harmony and balance that Libra radiates in its most positive manifestations. Our future, depends on it.

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