New Moon in Pisces: Connecting to the Source of All

New Moon’s are always seed times. The start of a new cycle of manifestation. What is to be manifest is determined by the sign the New Moon occupies. Pisces, the sign of this new moon, is the last sign of the natural zodiac and the sign of dissolution into the great cosmic sea. Because Pisces is the last sign, it holds within it, all the experience and energies of the other 11 signs that have come before it. So the manifestation of a seed planted is Pisces can be as varied as all the archetypes put together. Yet the ultimate energy of Pisces is that of Divine inspiration and oneness; a sense of Unity and dissolution of the boundaries that separate us. Making the New Moon in Pisces the perfect time to plant seeds of unconditional love, acceptance and surrender.

This period of time, the first part of March, is traditionally a time of endings due to the Sun and inner planet’s run through the sign of Pisces. Yet this year we also have Mars, which is travels with the Sun through Pisces, every other year; Chiron who has been in Pisces since 2010 and Neptune which entered Pisces in 2011 and will be there until 2025. This means there are 6 planets and one major asteroid in Pisces at the time of this new moon.

With the decks packed so heavily with Pisces energy this is a perfect time to plant the seed of compassion for your self and others. Saturn, now in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn although not in exact aspect to the New Moon is in supportive relationship with all this Pisces energy, creating structure for the healing that can take place.

This New Moon is in a trine aspect to the North Node in Scorpio however, creating an avenue of healing energy, to help us move to our collective evolution, which is indicated by the sign of the North Node. This collective evolution has to do with healing of the shadow, both individually and collectively. Accepting the unacceptable parts of ourselves will allow us to love ourselves and others at such a deep level, that many of the difficulties and burdens we face can disappear.

It sounds easy, yet surrendering is probably the hardest thing for us to do. We are not ‘driving the bus’; this is something that is very hard for the ego to come to terms with. This time in our collective evolution requires us to surrender the ego’s control and let spirit work through us. This isn’t to say that we no longer need our ego, we need our ego to live in the manifested world.
It’s just every once in a while we have an opportunity to open up to something greater. And this is one of those times.

Many changes continue to lie ahead for us. Having a seed that can grow within the fertile waters of Pisces’ compassionate womb, will go a long way toward inspiring us, healing us and strengthening us as we move through our evolutionary journey.


Take the time to connect with Source and you will find strength you did not
know you had and love beyond your wildest dreams.

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