New Moon in Pisces: Letting go and Embracing Unity

On March 8-9 there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces. New Moon’s are times of new beginnings, when we plant seeds for a new way of expressing what ever the archetype of the Sign the New Moon falls in. However when we are dealing with Eclipses there is the added layer of meaning. All eclipses occur along the nodes of the Moon, points long the ecliptic where the Moon either moves north of the ecliptic (North Node) or south of the ecliptic (South Node). The North Node of the Moon is the direction of our collective evolution, while the South Node is concerned with releasing the ways of reacting and responding to life that no longer serve our evolution, Depending on what node of the Moon the eclipse happens on depends on whether we are at a time of release of the past (South Node) or at a time of walking toward uncharted territory (North Node). This Solar eclipse is a South Node or releasing eclipse. And in the sign of Pisces we are letting go of any psychic constructs that no longer serve us. These psychic constructs are generally seen in our relation to Spirit which can be deeply conditioned by society. What to believe about our relationship to the Divine. After 8000 years of patriarchal dominance, it isn’t hard to imagine that we have some pretty deeply ingrained patterns when it comes to our relationship to God.

This New Moon is also conjoined Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is the archetype of the unhealed wound and in Pisces it is the wound of separation from God. The separation of spirit and flesh as told to us in the Garden of Eden Myth as one example. In Judeo Christian thought the spirit is sacred and the body profane, hence the split of spirit from flesh. Even in the Eastern Religions Nirvana is about transcending the body and the desire nature. Yet we are made of both spirit and flesh and until we can bring harmony to these parts of ourselves we cannot become whole.

Opposite the New Moon and conjoin the North Node is Jupiter in Virgo. Virgo is an Earth Sign and is associated with physical health and well being. Making us aware that a healthy body must be in alignment with a healthy spirit. Square to both ends of the Nodes is Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is the way we construct our reality. In Sagittarius Saturn tests what we believe to be true and whether our beliefs work for us. Does the belief that that of the flesh is sinful and that of spirit holy work for us anymore?

The male side of the elemental equation is Fire and Air, both outward moving yang forces. The female side of the elemental equation is Earth and Water, both inward attractive forces. In the split between body/emotions and spirit/intellect it is the female side that is denigrated. And as a world our relationship to our emotions and our physical body, including our relationship to the planet is at issue. The idea that mind and spirit have dominion over body and soul (emotions) allows many of the atrocities 

we see to occur, especially those directed toward women and Mother Earth.

On this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces it is time to release those conditioned beliefs around these issues and instead embrace practical solutions (North Node & Jupiter in Virgo), while shifting the structure or our beliefs (Saturn) and aligning them with Natural Law (Saturn in Sagittarius). Spiritual and/or religious Ideals around martyrdom, the profanity of the body, the denigration of the feminine and dominion over the earth need to be released. The need for victims and victimizers as a mental/spiritual construct whose time has come to be expunged from our consciousness. As is the idea that a savior will come to fix things, whether that savior be in the guise of the second coming of Christ or the return of the Mother Ship and friendly aliens needs to be released. There are higher energies that can aide us in our task, yet we created this mess and it’s up to us to clean it up! (North Node in Virgo).

While conditioned beliefs are released we also need to plant seeds of unconditional love and acceptance. Forgiving ourselves and others and coming to understand we are all in this together. This is the greatest promise of Pisces and one we best move toward.

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