New Moon in Pisces: Moving forward through Surrender

On March 20th there is a New Moon in the last degree of Pisces. New Moons are about beginnings, yet this New Moon, while still symbolic of beginnings has a number of factors that make it very unique. First of all it occurs at the last degree of Pisces, and Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. In Pisces we experience the energy of release. It is in Pisces that the boundaries of our experience dissolve away into the Oneness of Source Energy. We are very aware of the transient nature of reality as we surrender and let go
This New Moon is also a Total Solar Eclipse, meaning that that Moon blocks out the rays of the Sun, actually disrupting the magnetic field of the Earth. It is like a reset button on the computer. The Sun represents the present moment and the future, the Moon represents the past. With the Moon blocking out the Sun we come face to face with the past. The Moon is how we react and respond to life, it is our habitual patterns and our every shifting self image. It is through the Moon that we primarily experience our earth walk, as she waxes and wanes and reflects the light of Spirit (Sun).

Eclipses are powerful times, with long reaching consequences. They are often seen as ‘wild cards’. It is very difficult to determine how an eclipse will manifest in your life.

There are two eclipse seasons per year, always 6 months apart. There is a South Node Eclipse Season which require us to release old out worn habit patterns. And there are North Node Eclipse Seasons which require us to move forward into the unknown future. The Eclipses that occur this spring (there is a Lunar Eclipse in Aries on April 4th) are South Node Eclipses. So the theme of letting go is quite prominent with this New Moon.

So how do we begin something, if we are being required to let go?

Pisces is the Realm of the Unmanifest, the Great Cosmic Sea from which all things spring forth. It is a fertile place full of potential. There is a plasticity to this energy, waiting for an intention to be planted. Intentions planted in this fertile sea are birthed through the archetype of Aries Because the New Moon occurs so late in Pisces, the Sun’s ingress into Aries occurs on the same day as this New Moon. Bringing in even more energy to a highly energetic point in time.

Because the New Moon Solar Eclipse is a South Node Eclipse and we are brought face to face with our past, while given the opportunity to release out worn ways of being, this New Moon is the perfect time to release the past, surrender our egos and open up to Spirit. It is Spirit that will work through us to bring us the beginnings that best suit our evolution. Keeping your heart open to Source allows your highter spiritual self to be heard by the still small voice within.

We are now in the wave of transformation that is covering the planet and will continue to cover the planet for decades to come. We are creating as we go, more aware than ever that our thoughts, words and deeds have consequence. We are ready to release the past and to embrace a whole new way of being. Just days ago the 7th of 7 exact first quarter squares occurred between Pluto and Uranus, the Planet of Transmutation and the Planet of Transformation, respectively. We are building a New Paradigm from seeds planted in the mid sixties. Civil rights, equal rights, women’s rights, the ecology movement, organic farming, the natural health movement to name a few.

The time is now to build heaven on earth, for each of us to work towards a more fair and equitable future for all beings with whom we share this planet. The Age of Aquarius is here, so let the Sun(Spirit) Shine In!

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