New Moon in Pisces: The Alpha & the Omega

Pisces is the last sign of the natural zodiac, and within it’s waters it contains all that has come before it. All the archetypes from Aries to Aquarius are found within the inclusive realm of Pisces. Pisces ruler, Neptune, symbolizes the Collective Conscious Unconscious, which includes the consciousness of ‘All that Is’; from plants, to animals, to humans, to planets and everything in between. Oneness is the word that best describes the archetype of Pisces, Oneness with Source. It is through this Oneness that we let go and let God/Goddess. It is the energy of Pisces that dissolves the boundaries that separate us.

This New Moon, which occurs on February 21st at 5:35 PM EST (22:35 UT), occurs at 2 degrees 42 minutes of Pisces. The Sun/Moon is in a close conjunction of Neptune, Pisces ruler, at 0 degrees 41 minutes of Pisces, and Chiron at 5 degrees of Pisces. This is a very potent Pisces punch! Yet in inimitable Pisces fashion it is more of a dunk, than a punch! As we find ourselves “sleeping with the fishes” the quote the quintessential mafia hit man, it is of course our choice as to whether this is a healing experience or not. This depends greatly on our ability to let go and dissolve the ego constructs (mental/emotional attachments) that keep us bound to our wounds. No matter what evolutionary state you are in this New Moon heralds a time when we have access to and can experience an opening up to the universal flow of Source Energy and allow the healing waters of Pisces to renew us.

The conjunction of the New Moon to Neptune & Chiron, asks us to heal our pain and suffering through transcendence. To come to the understanding that it is our attachment to people, places, things, ideas and feelings that create the pain we want to move away from or escape. Escapism is the shadow side of this New Moon. The use of an intermediary to get us to a state of boundary-less-ness, drugs & alcohol being the ‘usual suspects’ is very dangerous at this time. And there are many forms of escapism not as obvious that need to be watched out for, such as loosing oneself in a relationship, work, friendships, the internet. These are all distractions that help us avoid our wounds and the necessity to heal them. Getting out of our heads and into our hearts will be one of the keys to healing. Mediation and walks in nature are two ways to access the healing this New Moon is offering.

This New Moon also aspects the two Social Planets in our solar system, Jupiter & Saturn. An opportunity to heal some of the wounds we incur by simply being part of society, the beliefs we hold and the social structure we are a part of.

A trine of the New Moon to Saturn, now retrograde in Libra, opens the channels to healing our relationships. What wounds connected to our relationships are we being asked to release? Hard feelings? expectations? issues of victimization? Trines are very powerful aspects, yet they are quiet, they flow like a mighty river in the background It isn’t until their innate power is harnessed via intention can their power be utilized. Due to the placement of the Sun and Moon in Pisces, this energy can be used to dissolve away all that stands in the way of love, including, in some cases, the relationship itself.

A sextile from the New Moon to Jupiter in Taurus allows open lines of communication so that we can talk to others about what is important to us. There is a golden opportunity to share our values and our relationship with our resources both inner and outer. This communication can occur with ourselves as well as with others, coming to understand what is our own bottom line concerning these matters is another helpful use of this aspect pattern and the energy it imbues.

This New Moon also aspects the Nodes of the Moon. The nodes are points along the elliptic where the Moon crosses to travel either north of the elliptic (North Node) or south of the elliptic (South Node). The North Node points in the direction of our common destiny and the South Node points to our shared past. This New Moon is square the nodal axis. Squares connote crisis and crisis requires action. The actions that we are called upon to take are to work towards a more viable and sustainable future that is in harmony with nature (NN in Sagittarius). This aspect also requires us to let go of all the lies (SN in Gemini) that we have been indoctrinated in via our social conditioning, The lies that perpetuates the idea that we are separate from each other and separate from our environment and our planet. The idea of separation is quickly losing hold on our consciousness. We are coming to understand that what happens to the least of us, happens to all of us. This New Moon cycle we will be shown just how connected we are & hopefully we will begin to include that understanding in all that we do.

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