New Moon in Sagittarius: Planting the Seeds of Understanding

On Friday, December 11th, there is a New Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the archetype associated with our world view and our philosophy of life. As a extension Sagittarius also ‘rules’ religion, man’s attempt to understand the big picture. New Moons are opportunities to plant a seed for a new way of being. In Sagittarius it is about new ways of believing, understanding and the search for meaning.

This New Moon comes at a time when many are doing just that, searching for meaning. We find ourselves in a more random and shifting world. Countries are dissolving, shorelines and riverbeds disappearing as water levels rise. Simultaneous to this people are drawing deeper lines in the sand, closing down borders, putting whole cities under lock down, all in an attempt to stabilize that which cannot be stabilized.

We are attempting to make ourselves safer by pushing against something, fighting to the bitter end. Yet what would that serve? Or better yet, who would that serve. Certainly not the inhabitants of the earth, or the Earth herself.

The earth is telling us something. Boundaries are arbitrary, and if we want to survive and thrive we are going to have to start not only working together but working within the laws of nature. Sagittarius also rules Natural Law and with Saturn, the structure of our beliefs now in Sagittarius it is time to listen to mother nature and take her lead.

New Moons are about planting new seeds, and in the case of Sagittarius these are the seeds of understanding. Understanding each others situations, seeing the big picture and coming up with a philosophy of life that fosters life, not death. This New Moon seed is planted in some rich soil. The richness comes from the decay of the structures that no longer serve our evolution. This is seen in the last quarter square between Saturn (structure) and Neptune (dissolution) as the tried and true (Saturn) is no longer working and is certainly not true.This square is active now and through 2016. We are evolving and moving into the Aquarian Age, the age of the common good, the days of the hierarchical and pyramidal structure of existence are numbered. This will require a lot of break down and we are certainly seeing that everywhere we look. The New Moon in Sagittarius makes supportive aspect to Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries, the lines of communication are open and there are a lot of understanding and knowledge for us to use for the benefit of everyone. Yet the powers that be would rather keep us in fear. Don’t fall into that trap, it serves both sides of the ‘heap on one atrocity after the other’ old way of doing things.

In Europe and America we are seeing the rise of Fascism yet again. We’ve been here before folks, this is not the answer. Hate speeches are just a way for those who are afraid of loosing their power to create energy to feed off of. To truly move past this we must ‘hold the space for love’. This is also seen in the New Moon chart as Venus, the planet of love is in a trine of understanding with Neptune, the planet of compassion. Love is the only way we will make it through this time. And we are wired to love, not to hate. Like all things, it matters most when it’s hardest to do, so LOVE one another NOW. 

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