New Moon in Scorpio: Legends of the Fall

New Moon in Scorpio: Legends of the Fall

In the Northern Hemisphere Scorpio is the sign of Late Fall, the time when the days shorten and the air, at least here in the Northeast, becomes crisp and sharp. Much of the glory of the early Fall gives way to a more somber mood as the deciduous trees drop their remaining leaves and the pallet of nature moves away from the glorious golds and reds and more into the muted browns and dark greens. The trees once lush with their green canopies start to show the structure and grace of their bare branches. In a way, they are stripped down to the bare essentials as their sap moves from tips back to the center of the tree.

As children of nature, whether we recognize this in our lives or not, there is a drawing in of our energies, a subtle shift from the outward moving yang, to the more internal yin energy. It is natural for us to become more introspective during this time. When the Sun moves into Scorpio it heralds a more feeling time, a time of deep searching. When most of society was still agriculturally based, this would be this time that the herds would be culled. The resources for man and beast would be evaluated and the animals for which there were not enough resources to feed during the long winter would themselves become part of the larder of resources. So Scorpio is often associated with death and sacrifice as well as shared resources. We have, in our modern world become disconnected from the cycles of nature. The necessity for sacrifice for the good of all is not something most people are comfortable considering, and yet it is a necessary part of life.

On October 26 there is a New Moon in Scorpio at 3:56PM EDT. New Moons are seed times, and Scorpio is the sign of transformation, so in essence this New Moon deals with the Seeds of our Transformation. A sober look at our individual, shared and collective resources would be a apropos activity during this time. In the chart for the New Moon the Sun & Moon are in an opposition to Jupiter now retrograde in Taurus. When a planet is moving retrograde it is a time for re-evaluation. Taurus rules our essential needs, this includes our survival needs, food, water and shelter. It also rules our value systems, what is important to us once our essential needs are met. The planet Jupiter is the planet of beliefs, and so what do we believe our essential needs and values to be. In the opposition to the New Moon in Scorpio there is an awareness (opposition) of our needs and values (Taurus) and what we believe (Jupiter) them to be. The New Moon in Scorpio brings our emotions up around these issues. And so we must really come to terms with what is important to us. Often times we are emotionally attached to people, places and things that no longer serve us. Like the trees of the late Fall we are called to strip our lives bare so that we can come to terms what is truly essential. Do we need to hold onto our pain, our relationships, our things? What can be culled in our life that will ensure that we survive the ‘winter’.

Since Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, moved into the sign of Capricorn in 2008 many of us have had our very foundations shaken. Capricorn deals with authority, Pluto power, and so we have had to come to terms with our sense of personal power and authority. Many have felt powerless as the structures we could once count on, fall like houses of cards. Those things that define us, our careers, our family, our relationships, our self-image have been shifting. There are few people you can talk to who haven’t had one or more of these areas of life effected by the current state of the world. And it is in the sense of being powerless around those things that lie outside of ourselves that can nurture the seed of power from within.

In the New Moon Chart Pluto in Capricorn sits at the top of the chart in the 10th house symbolizing the ruling moneyed class. Planets in the 10th house are in the limelight, whether they like it or not. Pluto would rather work beneath the surface with as little fanfare as possible, yet there it sits in the most public of houses in the chart. There is no hiding from the masses. In a mundane chart the people are symbolizing by the Moon and the leaders of a country by the Sun. The people(Moon) and Leaders(Sun) are in the 8th house of the New Moon Chart. The house of transformation. We the people are waking up from our slumber, we are seeing things for how they are and it it changing and transforming us. Those intrepid souls who are occupying Wall Street and other cities around the country are coming to terms with the reality of our situation. Whether Wall Street will open their coffers is yet to be determined and ultimately that may not be the most important consequence of what is going on in Zuccotti Park and elsewhere. It is the coming together of people of all ages, races, nationalities, levels of education, socioeconomic classes to march and sit and sing and interact. To foster the awareness that what unites us, the need for fairness and equanimity is far stronger than that which divides us. We all share the same planet respect for one another and respect for Mother Earth (Taurus) can move us through our evolution into the Age of Aquarius.

The world is changing and so are we.

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