New Moon in Taurus: Creating Paradise!

This New Moon in Taurus that occurs on April 21st at 3:20 AM EDT is the start of the next lunar cycle. As the second sign of the natural zodiac it is Taurus’s ‘job’ to create the root system for the new life brought forth in Aries. Where as Aries speaks to us of pushing up out of the cold ground of Winter toward the growing light of Spring, Taurus speaks to us creating foundations for those ‘seedlings’ to grow upon. The energy of Taurus is one of consolidation & concentration. Taurus is in for the long haul, as anyone who knows a Taurus can attest.

Taurus is the sign of our essential needs (food, shelter, clothing) as well as our resources, both inner (self-reliance) and outer (money). We have had the opportunity over the last few years to really come to understand what is essential in our lives. Our resourcefulness has also been tested thanks in part to Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn back in 2008. We have had an opportunity to ’look behind the curtain’ of our ’Oz-like” banking system. What we thought was prosperity has been exposed for what it is, a cruel trick of smoke and mirrors fueled by unregulated debt. Yet there is money out there, it has just been systematically siphoned from the pockets of the middle class into the coffers of the rich. This trick is not new, 3rd World countries all over the globe understand how those in power take, while those without are left to scrape out meager existences. In those countries it is blatant in first world countries it’s much more ’under the radar’. So it takes longer for those of us living in the first world to see things for what they are. In a way the playing field is being leveled, almost…

In my New Moon report on the New Moon in Aries, I spoke of humanity moving into a new paradigm, a new awareness of our ability to co-create and the difference between co-creating unconsciously, where we re-create our reality based on our fears, and co-creating consciously. One reason the rich are rich is because they know whole-heartedly that they ‘can be’ rich. They understand The Secret of the Law of Attraction. The old adage; ‘the rich get richer and the poor get poorer’ needs to be struck from our consciousness. A possible alternative could be ‘we all get what we need‘. Figuring out what we need and getting what we need is a specialty of Taurus.

The new sprouts of awareness and understanding need a strong root system in order to flourish. This New Moon in Taurus asks us to look at our ideas and decide which to keep and which to pluck . As most gardeners understand, not all seeds planted can grow, only those we have the resources to nurture can survive and thrive. So what ideas do you wish to ‘grow’? Where do you want to put your energy & your resources?

In the chart of this New Moon there is a flowing trine to Mars in Virgo. Mars has just recently starting moving forward (April 14) after almost three month of moving retrograde (backwards) in the sign of Virgo. Over the last few months we have been re-evaluating how we expend our energy. Virgo is the sign of making adjustments so that things work better, it is also the sign famous for being fastidious. Cutting out the clutter in our lives, whether it be thoughts, things or people has been an ongoing process for months. For some, this lesson has been come through health challenges, as Virgo is the ruler of health and wellness and Mars our vital energy. So with Mars now moving forward in an ideally lean & unencumbered manner, we have the energy and the discernment as to what seedlings to nurture.

Opposite Mars in Virgo is Neptune in Pisces. Neptune moved into Pisces in February and will be there for 14 years. Neptune is very comfortable in Pisces and very powerful. Yet Neptune’s power is subtle. Neptune dissolves the boundaries that separate us fostering, on the positive pole, empathy & compassion, and on the negative pole, confusion and escapism. All oppositions connote awareness, and this one is no different. As we move forward with our actions we are constantly reminded that we are all in this together and what happens to the least of us, happens to all of us. For some this awareness may be too overwhelming and the danger of escapism is great, yet Neptune also makes an opportunistic sextile to the New Moon in Taurus, helping to stabilize Neptune and spiritualize Taurus which can sometimes be stubborn and hard to move.

Pluto, which recently started it’s 5 month retrograde cycle, also aspects this New Moon. There is great transformative power available to us, strength we may not realize we possess. We are stronger than we think, yet our strength comes from our connections to all of life. It is our compassion & kindness that will bring us treasure beyond measure. Nurturing the roots of love will bring heaven to earth and we can once again reside in paradise.

Taurus is a sign that moves slowly, one step at a time. There is great wisdom in that. As we face an unknown future it is this ‘one step in front of the other’ that will help us move through these uncertain and often scary times. If we follow the laws of nature, utilize what we have, never take more than we need and come to understand we are all in this together we can find the peace of heart and mind we all deserve and all want in the deepest parts of ourselves.



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