New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Flowing with the River of Change

At the New Moon the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree of the zodiac. We are at a time of new beginnings around the issues of the particular sign. On Thursday, October 23rd, the New Moon is at 1 degree of Scorpio. Scorpio is a deep and complex archetype that deals with the parts of ourselves that are often hidden from view.

It is in Scorpio that we face forces greater than ourselves. This is seen in Scorpio’s ruler-ship of death. No one, whether you be the most powerful person on the planet, or a beggar on the street, escapes the great equalizer known as death. Scorpio also is associated with rebirth, rising out of the ashes of what your life was, to a new, less encumbered and deeper, more soulful way of living. Having gone through the proverbial ‘hell fires’, you rise up to the heights, gaining perspective and another chance at life.

Scorpio also deals with sharing. Sharing of resources, both emotional and physical, sharing of bodily fluids, and sharing of energy. In Libra we become aware of the other, but it is in Scorpio that we merge with the other.

This New Moon is also conjoined Venus, also at 1 degree of Scorpio. Venus is the feminine principle, magnetic, beautiful, sensual. Venus is a planet of relationship; relationship to yourself and your relationship to others. When looking at a person’s natal chart any planet found in Scorpio, will undergo a total transformation in that life. So this New Moon heralds the beginning of that kind of transformation for the collective, in the way we identify ourselves, the way we react and respond to life and in what we value.

To add an extra dose of intensity to an already, intensity ridden New Moon, this New Moon is also a solar eclipse. Eclipses are times when we have access to higher vibrational energies. As the Sun Moon and Earth align, the magnetic field is rebooted, almost like a computer that is shut down and then turned on again. Historically these types of eclipses are associated with a change in the power structure. A king, or great statesman passes and a new era begins.

We can apply this idea to ourselves, as our old sensibilities around authority passes away and a new era begins. What will that new era look like for you? Where this New Moon falls in your natal chart will determine what area of life is effected for each individual.

This is also a North Node eclipse, as opposed to the eclipses of this past April which were eclipses of the South Node. Back in April we were required to let go of any baggage that we were holding onto. This month’s eclipse cycle is about stepping out into the unknown future. About doing things in a different way, about applying all you have learned over the last few years and bravely stepping forward.

Scorpio can be a scary specter, yet letting go of fear is exactly what is being required here. A leap of faith is needed and a trust that all is as it need be. If you find yourself in an untenable situation, it just may mean that this is exactly how much ‘untenable’ you needed to change direction. It is different for each person.

As the end of the year approaches and the 6th of the 7 exact Pluto /Uranus squares gets ready to inundate us with yet another wave of transformation, know it is time to let go of the shore and let the river of change take you on the journey of your Soul. There in the middle of that river you will find other intrepid souls, be grateful and open and enjoy the ride together!

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