New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Total Transformation!

On Sunday, November 3rd there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. New Moon’s are always seed times, times when we start a new cycle of manifestation. In Scorpio the issues that are in the spotlight are ones of shared resources, sex, death, money, power, and the evolution of the soul. Easy peasey right?

As if a new moon in Scorpio isn’t intense enough add a solar eclipse to the mix and a recent Uranus Pluto square (exact on November 1st) to further up the ante.

So what’s at stake? Well, everything.

Scorpio is the sign of Death and Rebirth and so with a New Moon in this sign we are talking about a complete letting go of some outworn energy so that something new can be seeded in it’s stead. Where this New Moon falls in your natal chart will determine what area of life this transformation will take place.

The chart for this New Moon is rife with intensity with specific aspects and aspect patterns that can give us further information as to the direction forward.

First of all this eclipse is a North Node eclipse. With eclipses of the North Node we are moving into an unknown future. Fear is the emotion of the future (guilt the emotion of the past). So if you are feeling more fearful than usual it is only natural. The disruptive energy of the Pluto (Scorpio’s ruling planet) Uranus square is destabilizing the structures that we have come to rely on. Our sense of reality is shifting.

Reality is ruled by Saturn, the planet of cause and effect, the Lord of Karma and the structure of our reality. Saturn has been in the sign of Scorpio since October 5th of 2012. With Saturn in Scorpio the structure of our reality is going through the same transformational process of death and rebirth.

This New Moon chart has the Sun, Moon, Mercury retrograde, Saturn and the North Node all in Scorpio. The transformation is one of our identity, life purpose, emotional responses, the way we process information and the structure of our reality. So as I said before, pretty much everything.

This plethora of Scorpio placements is making an opportunistic aspect (geometric relationship) to Mars in Virgo. The energy of Mars in Virgo is one of a persistent step by step movement further. So despite the intensity of Scorpio the direction forward is a measured one.

The sextile between Mars and all the planets and points in Scorpio is part of a larger pattern called a Yod or a finger of God pattern. The ‘business end’ of this Yod is Uranus in Aries. Uranus in Aries is the driving force toward freedom and self actualization that we see within our own lives and in the world in general. It is part of the Pluto Uranus square that is driving the sweeping cultural shifts we are witnessing. It is seeding us with new revolutionary ideas and ideals as it battles Pluto, the planet of rebirth, in Capricorn the sign of the structure of society. Most notably, patriarchal society.

Yods are difficult to navigate, there are many adjustments that need to be made both mental and emotional as we attempt to create a new structure of reality. Mars in Virgo reminds us of the necessity of being of service and not getting caught up in egocentric delusions of grandeur.

We are at a precipice, our toes at the edge of the abyss and a great wind at our backs. We will be going over that abyss one way or another. If we can focus on a sense of self love and compassion for ourselves and others we will find a kinder and gentler world on the other side of this worm hole. If we hold on to the fear, we may find more reasons to be fearful on the other side of things.

Be brave my fellow travelers it’s time to get aboard the space ship called the evolution revolution!

All Aboard!

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